The Unwanted Princess Chapter 8

8 Chapter 8: Kidnapped

[ Violence and blood ]

[This chapter is not suitable for sensitive people]

( You have been warned )




When she opened her eyes, she was in a cold cage. Her hands tied together with a thick rope. Her head was pounding, whatever drugs they used, her vision was blurred and her mind was unclear. She didn't know where she was or why she was taken. She just felt weak, she could barely sit up. She tried to lift herself up from the floor of the cold cage, but she was too weak...

She wanted to summon Loki, but she couldn't muster the strength to move her hands. She knew for a fact that they used some type of strong drug that limited her movement...

"Hey boss, I think she's awake!" A man's voice yelled out

Ivery heard chatter all around her, but she couldn't see anything clearly or anyone around her, just blurred silhouettes...

"Hello, Princess" The man held Ivery's chin in his hand and lifted her head up

"Don't stress yourself, you were given a paralyzation drug, it won't wear off anytime soon..." The man pulled Ivery's hair and dragged her out of the cage

To his confusion, she didn't make a sound...all girls usually scream and cry out when their hair is pulled, even with the slightest pull they'd at least show a sign of pain. He threw her on the ground, her white silk nightgown was dirtied in the process. She did not groan and did not whimper, he stepped on her back and pressed the heel of his shoe into the center of her back.

"Is she dead?!" The man angrily asked his men

They all shook their heads quickly with a no. He looked down at Ivery who was lying down on the ground, not moving an inch.

"She better not be, what good is a dead infinite attribute holder? We won't be able to sell her off if she's dead" The man bent down and roughly flipped Ivery around to lie on her back

His face was in front of hers, and when she felt his presence directly in her vicinity, she smashed her forehead into his with full force, she used her shield to cover her forehead and it decreased the damage done to her, but to him, he felt as if his skull cracked from the impact.

She struggled but got up in time to run away, her vision was slowly becoming more blurrier, she jumped into what looked like a forest. But unexpectedly she found herself tumbling down a grassy hill, as she rolled down the hill, she hit every rock and wooden log on the way down. The rope around her wrists loosened as it was continuously grazed by sharp rocks down the hill.

Ivery was met with another unexpected disaster when at the bottom of the hill was a giant pond, and she unfortunately rolled straight into it. Her body began to sink in the water, even though the water wasn't that deep, without the use of her hands she couldn't get up to the surface.

She wasn't going to die like this! She refused to die this way...her body lifted up out of the water and floated up in the air. With her vision still blurred , she landed on the ground. Her eyes tried to focus and saw what looked like a nearby piece of glass, she picked it up and cut at the rope around her wrists.

The rope fell from her wrists, with the use of her hands regained she summoned Loki. Loki appeared and looked at Ivery.

"Loki, I don't know what's happening..." Ivery squinted and tried to make her eyes focus on Loki

"I know the situation, I disabled your ability to feel pain, so no matter what happens won't hurt" Loki said

"Ivery, can you use your magic?" Loki asked

"I feel too weak...I can barely feel my magic" Ivery felt a headache come on

"That's..a bit problematic.." Loki didn't know what to do at this point

Ivery felt hopeless...she didn't want to be sold off and be used. She instantly remembered something that she thanked the gods for, her slimmest chance of hope. She felt her wrist and sighed in relief that the bracelet Luther gave her was still there.

"Ivery! That's a communication bracelet...!" Loki saw the black bracelet on Ivery's wrist and sensed powerful magic residing in it

"I know, Prince Luther gave it to me.." Ivery touched the bracelet

"That demon prince did!?" Loki had frozen up, stiff as a ice sculpture

"Yes, how do I use it..?" Ivery asked Loki

"You have to put magical energy into it, can you do it?" Loki asked

"I can..." Ivery focused on putting her magical energy into the communication bracelet

The purple gem on the bracelet glowed brightly.

"Inanna?" A comforting voice sounded in Ivery's ears

"Luther, I-I don't know where I am, I can't see anything..." Ivery tried to look around her and there was nothing but blurriness

"I'm coming, don't move" Luther said


"Where is she!?" The man yelled, walking hastily through the tall trees in the darkness

"We don't know boss..." Another man told him

"Find her!" The man yelled in his face

Ten men split up and ran into the forest, in search for Ivery.


Ivery heard the sounds of running nearby and had no choice but to move and she had to feel her way around the forest, as for everything was unclear in her eyes. She felt the hard wood of a tree and went around it to hide from her predators.

She peaked behind the tree and tried to focus her eyes on two blurry figures no too far away from where she was hiding. Without a sound, a hand suddenly covered her mouth and pulled her back. She struggled in attempt to get away.



"It's me" Luther leaned in and said into ear

"Luther..." Ivery turned around and tried to look at his handsome face but couldn't see his beautiful features clearly

Luther looked at Ivery and noticed scratches and cuts all around her body and he noticed how dirty her clothes were, he swore to make everyone who did this to her die in the painfullest way possible.

"Are you in pain?" Luther calmly asked her, trying to suppress his rage

"No" Ivery said

"Who took you?" Luther asked

"I don't know, but I can't see anything clearly right now" Ivery felt like she was about to faint

"Ivery, trust me and go along with what's going to happen.." Luther said to Ivery as he looked at the appearance of two of the bandit's

In an instant with just a single glare from Luther, the two bandit's bodies were cut into several chunks of meat from their heads to their toes. Before they had any realization of what happened, they were dead within seconds.

Luther's body suddenly changed and he took the same appearance of the bandits! Luther grabbed Ivery and took her through the forest. He spotted three other bandit's standing by a few trees.

"I found her" Luther reported to three bandit's

"Take her to the boss" One of the bandit's responded

"Where is he...?" Luther tried to suppress his bloodlust

"He went back to the base" The bandit said

"...." Luther had no clue where the base he had to use a different method

When the bandit's blinked, Luther was gone. They had no clue where he had gone in such a short amount of time...and without any of them noticing. Without a sound, Luther had appeared behind one of the bandits, Luther's fingers sunk into the bandit's head and blood ran down the bandit's face, the bandit yelled in pain as Luther's fingers dug in deeper.

Luther went deep into the bandit's mind and searched for the location of the 'base' that was mentioned. When he found what he was looking for, the bandit yelled louder as under Luther's bare hands, his skin started to melt, the excruciating pain of feeling your skin and bones and organs melt was unimaginable. In a matter of minutes the bandit had been reduced to a steaming blob of bloody goo.

The other two bandits were sweating pinballs when they not only saw one of their comrades being melt alive, before their eyes, the person who they thought was a fellow bandit of their group, transformed into a handsome youthful boy, long silky hair just as black as the night sky, his skin unblemished and fair, his jawline perfected in every way imaginable, he was the god's masterpiece!

"W-Who are you?!" The two bandit's backed away from Luther, his aura and his presence made them feel like they were suffocating

"My identity will be of no use to you..." Luther's purple eyes glowed brightly in the darkness of the forest

"Why is that...?" One of the bandit's asked

"Because you're already dead" Luther smiled at him


Just looking into Luther's dangerous eyes, one of the bandit's collapsed on the ground, he was squirming and rolling around on the ground, clutching his chest tightly. The other bandit screamed when she saw long black worms crawling out of her partner's mouth, ears and nostrils. She threw up at the sight of it, it was so disgusting to look at, it gave her constant shivers.

The worms ate through his stomach and internally, they began to eat at his brain. He was miraculously still alive and he was gasping for air as the black worms went back into his mouth and into his throat, traveling inside him windpipe, making their way into his lungs. Blood started pouring out of the holes in his body as the worms ate through him.

"And as for you..." Luther looked at the other bandit

"Please...spare me..." She dropped to her knees and pled for her life, she was trapped and paralyzed with fear

"Why should I?" Luther's smile remained still on his face

"I-I'm pregnant!" She cried, tears rolled down her face

"You're pregnant..?" Luther had a hard time believing her

"Y-Yes so please! Have mercy on me and my unborn child!" She cried

"Erebus.." Luther called out

"Hm?" Erebus floated beside Luther

"Is she telling the truth?" Luther asked

"...." Erebus looked at the sobbing woman and sensed something living inside of her

"She is" Erebus replied

"I see..." Luther crossed his arms and looked down at her pitiful face

"May I ask who got you pregnant?" Luther had a suspicion and wanted to know if he was correct, if he was correct...he'll have no choice but to do what he planned

"My leader..." She didn't know why it mattered who got her pregnant, now she could use this baby inside of her as not only a way to become the bosses wife but now a leverage to have her life spared, this baby was just a pawn in her schemes to win the full affection of the boss but now she leaped at the chance to use her baby as a shield for her own life

"Just as I thought.." Luther evilly smiled and walked gracefully over to the female bandit

Luther forcefully grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her to the base camp. She struggled and tried to break free, each time she tried she'd feel a painful stabbing sensation that went straight into her scalp and into her head.

Ivery was behind Luther, she was mounted on Loki's back. Loki figured since she can't see clearly at the moment, he'll be generous for this time only and carry her on his back, so he grew larger and transformed into a snow white panther so he could be able to carry Ivery.


They arrived at the base camp. Luther saw tents and campfires all around the area. Several bandit's were all around the base, chatting away. The female bandit decided to kick at Luther's leg....

Even though it didn't hurt, who was she to think that she could kick him? Such audacity...

Instantly the same leg that kicked Luther, had twisted around completely and a loud crack sounded out. She screamed in pain and cried desperately for attention, she wanted to get away from this insane kid!

"What's going on!?" A tall, and muscular man came out of the group of bandit's

"Are you the leader of this bandit group?" Luther bluntly asked

"And what if I am?" The man looked down at Luther smugly

"Then you'll be the last one to die.." Luther's smile widened

"Me? Die?! You must be joking! What can a kid like you do against me and my people?!" The boss laughed loudly, after the bosses laughter was heard, everyone else began laughing after him

"You'll regret taking me too lightly..." Luther's eyes glowed brighter

"Someone, put him in a cage, and make sure to torture him with the sharpest weapons you can find, if he dies...then that's too bad" The boss laughed, three men approached Luther and was about to grab him

"Don't do it!" The female bandit shouted

The three men stopped and looked at her, they saw that Luther's hand had a tight hold of his hair.

"Mia? Why the hell did you let a little boy beat you?" The boss laughed

"Don't underestimate him! He'll kill you!" Mia cried as she panicked, they were all definitely going to die at this rate!


"Oh yeah, she says she's pregnant with your child" Luther casually said to the boss

"She's pregnant?" The boss looked at Mia

"I's your's!" Mia looked at the boss, tears endlessly flowing out of her eyes

"Let her go.." The boss demanded

"You're very gutsy for a dirty commoner that lives off of selling and stealing things that aren't yours" Luther pulled Mia's hair and she screamed in pain

"I said let her go you bastard!" The boss raised his voice

The three men charged at Luther, in a flash, the three men's head's spiraled away from their bodies, blood shot up from their necks and their bodies fell on the ground, lifeless.

"What the hell!?" The boss's face turned pale

"Now...let's get rid of any further interruptions.." A dark cloud appeared in the sky, black mist covered the ground and gave off a sense of doom and death

The dark clouds rumbling and lightning flashing and rain poured down from the clouds. The rain didn't start of light, it instantly came pouring down, like a rainstorm, a powerful rainstorm...

Loki ran out of hiding and ran up to Luther who was looking like his usually evil self...The rain seeped into Loki's fur and Ivery who still couldn't see anything clearly, felt the intense rain pouring down on her, drenching her clothes and her hair was deeply soaked with the water.

Unexpectedly, all the bandit's in the camp screamed as their skin was being eaten away by the rain, the rain penetrated into their skin and melted into their bodies, slowly the rain turned their skin into a dark black color and their bones were the only things that remained...

"Acid rain.." Loki noticed that the rain here wasn't natural in the slightest, as soon as that rain touches the intending target, the water will turn into a deadly corroding acid that eats away at the flesh and severely burns it away until it reaches the bone.

"Acid...?" Ivery didn't feel anything else but the rain hitting her skin, it just felt like water, she felt her wet arms and it was still just water...

Mia and the boss looked all around him and everyone...was dead. Everything and everyone gone to waste, the acid rain burned through everything in the camp, but how come they were spared by this deadly rain?

"I know what you two are thinking...and I already have something special planned for the two of you.." Luther laughed out loud

Luther raised his hand and a black chain shot out of his palm, it wrapped around the boss and tightly restrained him, the black chains felt like hot coals against his skin.

"Now watch" Luther let go of Mia's hair

Luther bent down and placed his hands on Mia's shoulders. Mia felt like she was burning up, she felt as if she was thrown into a burning furnace, she started sweating...and to her unexpected surprise... blood ran down her nose, she covered her nose with her hand and blood dripped and ran out of her nose, not stopping as it continuously flowed out. Blood ran down out of her eyes, blood came out of her ears and she suddenly started coughing...she kept coughing until she coughed up blood, more and more blood kept coming out of her mouth.

"Stop it..! Stop it!" The boss yelled out

"How does it feel? Seeing someone you care about in pain, suffering...just like all of the people and children you sold for money.." Luther sadistically smiled at the boss's expression

"Inanna, come here" Luther looked over at Ivery who was sitting on Loki's back

Ivery was alarmed at the sudden request...she nodded and Loki bent down and let her off of his back. She still couldn't see much of anything, so she just followed Luther's scent...she slowly walked over and followed the scent she was deeply attracted to...

Ivery reached out her hands and felt his arm, even though she couldn't see him..she felt comforted with the fact that he was save her and get revenge for her...

"Hello.." Luther grabbed Ivery by her waist and pulled her closer to him

"Hello" Ivery smiled at him


"Now, depending on what my beautiful fiance had to endure, is what will determine your fates" Luther looked at the boss

Luther's left hand covered Ivery's eyes and she felt a strong force coming from his hand...Luther entered her mind and discovered what happened to her after he left her in her room to sleep, everything unfolded, when they broke into her room, drugged her, kidnapped her, she was temporarily blinded, she was dragged her out of a cage by her hair, she was stepped on, kicked and she fell down a hill and sustained multiple injuries, she rolled into a pond and almost drowned....

Luther also discovered something else....interesting...his eyes widened when he learned this new truth...he pulled his hand away from her eyes and smiled at her. When she opened her eyes, her vision was fully restored...! She blinked her eyes and rubbed them, she looked around and saw the devastating remains of the bandit camp and the blackened bones of the deceased bandits all around the camp.

Her eyes then fell on the boss and Mia...

"Any last words you'd like to say?" Luther asked Ivery

"Why did you kidnap me?" Ivery asked the boss

"Everyone now knows about the Crowned Princess of the Lilith Kingdom...the second infinite attribute holder...people are willing to pay big bucks for you girly...." The boss chuckled to himself

"What's wrong with the first infinite attribute holder, Prince Luther?" Luther asked the boss with a smirk

"Why the hell would we mess with that devil kid!? He's a maniac! Everyone that tried to get a hold of him all died in the process! I never want to meet that demonic Prince!" The boss sweated just thinking about Crown Prince Luther

"Unfortunately for you, you've already met him..." Luther's smile grew even wider

"What...?" The boss looked at Luther and his eyes widened as he realized who this kid really was...

"Y-You're!" The boss sweated so much, he could've sweated an ocean for a desert

"You're a quick one, but regardless you still have to die.." Luther looked down at the boss

"I'll let you kill me! But please...spare Mia and my unborn child!" The boss cried

"Since when did I need your permission to kill you?" Luther released Ivery from his arms and walked over to the boss, Luther wasted no time and kicked the boss straight in his chest, he coughed up blood as a result from the blow

"Now watch karma at its highest point" Luther turned around to face Mia

"!" Mia tried to crawl away

Luther grabbed Mia's head and in a matter of seconds...Mia's body exploded into a burst of red powdery mist. The boss watched his girlfriend explode into red dust, he screamed and cried when he saw her die in front of him and he was too powerless and weak to do anything about it...

"You monster!" The boss shouted at Luther, a trail of snot ran down his nose and his eyes were bloodshot from crying, veins were visible on his forehead and veins bulged out of his neck

"I've been called far worse than that Luther slowly approached the boss

Luther stretched out his arm and in his hand a long rod materialized in his hand and the rod continued to grow until it took the form of a scythe. The black scythe dripped with a black substance and a black mist surrounded it. Luther swung it down and sliced the boss in half, his upper body flew back and his lower body fell on the ground.

The boss smiled at the thought of reuniting with Mia again in the after life....


"Sorry, but you're not going wherever your precious girlfriend went...." Luther squatted down and said to the half alive boss

"Wha...?" The boss tried to speak but couldn't muster the strength to talk as blood was gushing from his separated body

"My scythe...this is a God rank S weapon, it's able to cut through anyone and anything and if used on a person it severs the soul and destroys the soul and making the soul incapable of moving on, so after you'll just be eternal darkness and you'll never reincarnate again because the scythe will consume your soul after your enjoy the endless darkness for eternity" Luther laughed when the boss shed a single tear and his eyes lost all form of life, and he finally took his last breath and died


The scythe disappeared from Luther's hand and he walked over to Ivery....

"I'm going to ask you something and I want you to answer honestly..." Luther looked serious again..

"What is it...?" Ivery asked


"Are you from another world?" Luther looked straight into Ivery's eyes...

Loki was frozen solid, he was as stiff as a statue, ready to crumble....

How the hell did this demon prince figure out that Ivery isn't from this world!?