The Unwanted Princess Chapter 9

9 Chapter 9: Her Pas

[ More Blood & Gore! ]

"I'm going to ask you something and I want you to answer honestly..." Luther looked serious again..

"What is it...?" Ivery asked


"Are you from another world?" Luther looked straight into Ivery's eyes...
for visiting.

Loki was frozen solid, he was as stiff as a statue, ready to crumble....

How the hell did this demon prince figure out that Ivery isn't from this world!?


"What?" Ivery thought she heard him wrong

"Are you from another world?" Luther asked again

"Why..would you think that?" Ivery didn't know how to respond to him, did he really figure out that she wasn't born in this world?

"I saw..strange memories other than you living Hollow's Castle..." Luther said

"And what if I am from another world..?" Ivery didn't know what he was going to do next...would he kill her after finding out that she really isn't Princess Inanna?

"If you are from another world..." Luther looked into Ivery's eyes

"Then tell me how you inhabited this girl's body..." Luther sat down on a wooden log and patted the other wooden log next to him, gesturing for her to sit

"You mean Inanna.." Ivery noticed that he didn't say Inanna's name...

"If you're someone else from another world, I never met Inanna, and that would mean..your name isn't 'Inanna'..." Luther smiled and continued to pat the log next to him

Ivery blushed, in a seemed as if he was trying to reassure her about something...

She sat down next to him and told him the truth...

"It's just as you said, I'm not from this world" Ivery bravely admitted

"Ivery! Why would you tell him!?" Loki ran over and hopped on Ivery's lap

"Ivery?...Is that your real name?" Luther asked her

"Uh, is" Ivery nodded

"I see..." Luther looked as if he was pondering about something

"So, tell me about how and why you're here?" Luther was intrigued by this situation


Ivery wasn't too sure she should tell him that he is a fictional character in a she decided to leave it out....

"This lady, no...a-a...Goddess...she came to me when I was sleeping in my room..she told me to change Princess Inanna's fate.." Ivery started off

"Change her fate? For what?" Luther asked

"Princess Inanna was fated to die at 18 just like all of the other children of the Hollow's Castle, but she snuck into the Lilith Palace to save two of her siblings who just turned 18....they were taken to their execution, she was found by the Emperor and since she was a child from the Hollow's Castle she was immediently sentenced to death by fire" Ivery told Luther

"...." Luther had no words to say, he didn't feel pity for the previous Inanna...but since Ivery is now Inanna...he felt his chest tighten just thinking about Ivery dying made him feel frustrated..

"And then..?" Luther wanted to know more

"After the Goddess told me to change Inanna's fate, I woke up in that room in the Hollow's Castle and that's where I met Loki.." Ivery rubbed Loki's head

"And that's why you're here? What happens if you do change her fate?" Luther wondered what would happen if she did finish what she came here for

"I was told I could go back to my world" Ivery answered

"Do you have to go back...?" Luther's face turned a dark shade...was she going to really leave him..?

"I's my world.." Ivery felt sad telling Luther all of this

"What would happen to Inanna's body after you go back to your original world?" Luther was hoping she wouldn't say what he thought she was going to say

"Inanna would return to her own body and do what she was destined to do..." A voice sounded behind them

They both were alarmed by the voice and turned around...

"It's you!" Ivery's eyes widened

"Hello Ivery.." Hecate smiled

"W-Why are you here?" Ivery asked

"We're both here.." A deep voice said

"Hades..." Luther looked at the God cloaked in black

"We're here to clarify something to the both of you.." Hecate floated down to the ground

"Luther come over here with me" Hecate floated away into the forest

Luther shrugged and got up from the log he was seated on and followed Hecate into the forest...


"Now that you know the truth about Ivery...I'll tell you the full truth.." Hecate looked down at Luther

"Go ahead" Luther was all ears



"It is true that I brought Ivery here to change Inanna's fate, but there was an unknown price she had to pay..." Hecate said

"A price?" Luther didn't know what she meant

"An infant cannot contain the power of a Infinite attribute...if I had gifted Inanna the full power of her infinite attribute then...she would've undoubtedly died from the overwhelming power.." Hecate told Luther

"But Empress Cassandra couldn't detect the smallest fragment of Golden Infinity and sent Inanna to the Hollow's Castle according to the Emperor's decree, Inanna suffered as a Hollow's Castle child, since the full power of her Infinite attribute was able to be unlocked when she turned twenty...but that went over the age of execution for the Emperor's decree.." Hecate looked saddened

"What age was she when she died?" Luther asked

"Thirteen.." Hecate answered his question

"I, what was the unknown price you were talking about before...?" Luther raised an eyebrow

"Since I had enabled her infinite attribute earlier than required...she can no longer return to her world.." Hecate said

"She can't go back.." Luther tried to fight a smile from appearing on his face..

"That is correct" Hecate nodded

"So, technically speaking...she's not really changing Inanna's fate...she's living as Inanna and making a new one?" Luther thought about it...and Ivery won't be happy about this when she finds out about her current predicament

"Precisely..I didn't intend on having Ivery change Princess Inanna's fate...I just wanted her to have her own fate...a better life than the one she lived before.." Hecate frowned

"What do you mean?" Luther didn't understand

"That girl...Ivery, her biological mother died and her father filled with depression over the loss of Ivery's mother and he became mentally ill and he was ultimately sent to a prison for hitting Ivery everyday because she reminded him of his wife....and at the age of nine she was put into a foster home and when she was ten she was adopted and ended up being put in a terrible family, they mistreated her and underfed her...her sisters tormented her at home and outside..." Hecate said

"Something good finally happened to her when she was accepted into a special school where she could live there, away from her adoptive family. She moved into her room there and had a good start and she finally felt freed from them...until her sisters also enrolled in the same school and ended up sharing a room with her."

"Her sisters continued to harass her and even ruined her reputation at the school by spreading deceitful lies about her, she was then shunned and oppressed by her peers at the school...they physically and mentally hurt her no matter where she went....she was soon told that she would have to leave the school because of the lies said about her"

"That's when I intervened and gave her the information she needed, to know what happened to Inanna so she could have a new life...she believes it was just a book she found, but I wrote a portion of what Inanna's life was and dropped it down into her world for her to find...and when she finally read it..that's when everything was set into motion.." Hecate clapped her hands together and a light flash blinded Luther


All of the memories of Ivery flooded into his brain, even the memories she didn't remember herself....he now knew everything. He felt tense now knowing the truth about Ivery, and he knew what he learned today...was all confidential..

"Luther Vandell...I need you to protect Ivery at all costs, guide her, be her strength...I want you to be her strongest ally.." Hecate hoped Luther would agree to this request of hers..

"I'll be more than just her protector, her guide, her strength, and her ally...I'm going to be her husband...and I'll do what every single one of her family member's couldn't, even the ones she has now.." Luther wasn't going to let her be hurt anymore, the last thing he wanted was to see her cry, no one will ridicule her anymore in this life or the next or the next...he'll make sure to be reincarnated at her side so she doesn't have to suffer again...

"It seems you're not so bad after all, Luther" Hecate smiled at this boy



"Can you do me a favor...?" Luther smiled at Hecate

"What is your request?" Hecate asked

"It it possible for you to take me to Ivery's adoptive family...?" Luther devilishly smirked

"I shall be done..." Hecate clapped her hands together again and a bright purple light flashed

"You have exactly an hour to do what you want, and then I will bring you back..." Hecate's voice echoed within the light



Luther opened his eyes and he was in what appeared like a dining room...


"Who the hell are you?" A long red haired older than twenty stood in front of Luther

"Do you know..Ivery?" Luther smiled at her

"...." She took a minute and her eyes enlarged when she looked at Luther's impeccable face...

"Y-Yes..." She blushed

"Who is she to you?" Luther asked

"I guess you could say she's a long lost sister, if you're looking for her then don't bother...she skipped town" The girl smirked

"Where is the rest of your family?" Luther asked

"Upstairs..why?" She asked

"Wait! Are you a model? If you're here for my mother, she's not taking any photoshoots today" She figured that Luther was a model...he had to be, he was wearing purple contacts and his hair was exceedingly long, right down to his back ..and don't get her started on his gorgeous face...

"A model..?" Luther didn't understand but it didn't matter...

"Your sister, your father and your mother is up the stairs, correct?" Luther looked at her

"Yeah, but they're busy, you can come back later"

"I won't be back later" Luther smiled at her

"Huh?" She looked at Luther and suddenly all of the lights in the house started to flicker...

"You don't deserve another life.." Within Luther's hand a black rod materialized and quickly hooked into the form of a scythe..the scythe was dripping with a black substance

"Wha-!?" She screamed and stepped backwards

"Ivery hopes you enjoy the's all you'll be seeing for an eternity..."

Luther swung the scythe straight down, A red vertical line was visible for a split second until, from head down, her body was vertically split. The left half of her body fell on the floor with a splat as blood soaked the white rug underneath her and the right half of her body fell on the white couch. The lights flicked back on and she was cut in a vertical half...from her brain to her organs were seen and gushing out of her split body.



Luther coldy blinked at the scene and grabbed the left part of her half a body by the hair off from the floor and dragged it with him as he walked away,

He headed upstairs and opened a door that said 'Don't Enter' in bold pink letters.

A short red haired girl was standing by her window talking on the phone with somebody.

"I miss you, I want to see you tomorrow...let's meet at your house this time..I had a hard time sneaking you out last night to get past my dad" She giggled

"I love yo-" The phone dropped out of her hand and cracked on the black wooden floor, blood dripped onto the cracked screen





"Bleggrh!" Blood poured out of mouth and tears ran down her face


"You knew her right?" Luther gently smiled at her as he pierced his scythe right into her back and the sharp tip that was dripping with a black substance went straight through her chest

She looked behind her and saw half of her sister in his hand...

"Sis..." More tears came out of her eyes as she saw her dead sister right in front of her eyes

Luther pulled the scythe out of her back and blood oozed out of the gaping slit in her body that the scythe entered. She collapsed on the floor, her vision blurred and her whole body felt cold...she then felt as if her insides were being cooked....blood came out of her nose and she coughed out blood and as she cried her tears turned into blood. Blood trickled down out of her ears and she was soon lying in a pool of her own blood.

"Ivery hopes you have fun in the darkness..." Luther

"Iver...." She remembered that name instantly....her last words were

"S-So....that b-bitch to assassin..." She coughed up more blood

"I'm not an assassin...and Ivery didn't send me here, but this is my version of revenge.." Luther maniacally laughed and twirled his scythe in his right hand

Before she could die from being stabbed and blood loss, Luther slid the sharp tip of his scythe across the floor, cutting a deep line in the wood and soon enough the scythe cut into her neck and he slid the scythe further across and smoothly separated her head from her neck.

Her freshly decapitated head floated up in the air and followed Luther as he exited the room with the half corpse of the older sister. He heard talking in another room, the door in front of him suddenly dissolved into dust and he stepped into the room ever so gracefully.

"What the hell!?" A woman with long bright red hair and light green emerald eyes looked at Luther in shock

"Who are you and why are you in our house!?" A tall man with short pitch black hair and his dark brown eyes looked at Luther in confusion

"A gift for the parents.." Luther threw the head of their youngest daughter in the middle of the floor, he then tossed over a half of their oldest daughter on the big bed

They both stared in horror at their dead daughters...the woman screamed and cried her eyes out and fell to the floor.

"You mother fucking bastard!" The tears of the man fell on the floor and he shouted as he pulled two guns out of the shoulder gun-holster that he was wearing

The guns clicked and he unhesitantly pulled the triggers, the bullet's went straight for Luther's head.

The bullet's stopped in mid air before they could reach Luther's head. The bullet's fell to the wooden floor and clinked as they made impact with the floor. The man swore he was seeing things...

"It's sad that Ivery had to be raised by you incompetent fools, I'll undo all of the lives you were mistakenly given.." Luther narrowed his eyes, the air around them suddenly made them feel like they were suffocating

"Ivery..?! That little bitch! Is she behind all of this! Did she hire you to kill us bastard!?" The man pointed his guns at Luther

"She didn't..but this is what karma is for insects like you, you'll suffer for eternity after what you and your disgusting, parasitic offsprings did to Ivery" Luther wanted to drain every bit of blood from his body and then flatten his body and put him on a pole and make him into a flag, but he had limited time...

He then heard his wife screams become louder as if she was in pain...

Luther held out his hand towards her, she clutched at her abdomen and screamed, she screamed as if she was being brutally murdered.


Her uterus ripped out of its place and seemed as if it was pulled straight out of her, it flew into Luther's hand. He gripped it and squeezed it until it rotted in his hand.

"Your two dirty parasites were born from this thing..." Luther let the remainder of it fall on the floor

She cried harder as she held onto the bleeding hole in her abdomen.

"How about we make that something to really cry about.." Luther grinned widely

Luther threw his scythe at her and it went straight into her stomach. Blood spilled out of her mouth and gushed out of the new fatal wound, The scythe ripped itself out of her body and boomeranged back into his hand.

Luther looked at her with disgust, her constant crying and screaming were irritating him to the extent of wanting to silencing it, her hand immediently caught on fire, the black flames burned fast up her arm and spreaded up her body. She screamed as the black fire began to consume her.

"I'll help you put it out" Luther smiled and the giant window behind her flew open

With just a single glare from Luther, her burning body was sent flying backwards out of the window, she fell from the top of the three story house and her body splattered on the ground with extreme force, crushing her skull in the process, each one of her bones were either broken, dislocated and shattered. The black flames died down and her charred disfigured body laid dead on the ground.

"Since I have one last person to take care of, I'll make sure you suffer but slowly and painfully" Luther smiled and narrowed his eyes at the man who was supposed to take care of Ivery and replace the biological father who abused her but instead he was worse...

The man's nose started bleeding, he had a pounding headache and he threw up on the floor, blood, blood and more blood, he kept throwing up blood....his heart slowed down drastically, it's regular beats were skipping and slowed down and he felt like he was going to die any time soon.

Internally what was happening was, his own blood was poisoning his organs and everything vital. His heart kept slowly pumping poison throughout his body, his arms and legs started to shut down, the poison killed the veins, muscles and it started to seep into his bones. Soon his spine was being attacked by the poisonous blood, and it flowed into his brain and his skin cells started to die, his skin turned a pale bluish color and his whole body was permanently paralyzed, his legs were dead, his arms were dead, his organs were dying and he had a splitting headache, it was so painful he thought his head was going to burst open.

"Don't die yet...not before the finale...." Luther dropped his scythe down and it pierced right into the man's chest

Luther pulled his scythe out of his chest and blood leaked out of the open wound. With his brain dying, he couldn't scream or respond or even react, but he certainly felt the agonizing pain. He was fine with dying right now, at least he could see his family again in the afterlife...and he'll hopefully be reincarnated with his wife....

The wound in his chest closed and healed as if he wasn't stabbed. His blood regulated and his heart even though it was still slow, the beats were improving...but the one thing that didn't change was his dead limbs, organs and his half dead brain...

"When you do die...enjoy the darkness.." Luther laughed and walked away, out of the room, never to be seen again



"Hecate..take me to him.." Luther held his scythe that was dripping with blood in his hand

"It shall be done" A voice sounded out

Luther suddenly found himself in a jail cell...the cell highly smelled of urine..

"When did you get in here? And how do you have a weapon?" A middle aged man got up from his bed and looked at Luther with a giant scythe in his hand

"Do you know Ivery?" Luther straightforwardly asked

Ivery?...Don't say that name....ever again!" The man punched the wall behind him upon hearing Ivery's name

"So you are her father...." Luther narrowed his eyes

"So what if I am..?" The man gritted his teeth

"You're going to have to die" Luther smiled

"What?" Ivery's father had no clue who this delusional boy was or how he got into his cell and what nonsense he was saying

"You're the reason Ivery was sent to that parasitic hurt made her cry..and have to die" Luther swung his scythe down and cleanly cut off both of his legs

He screamed out in pain, he fell on the floor with his legs severed and the blood he was continuously losing was making him feel dizzy.

"Just remember this is all happening because you hurt'll regret and have time to think about it when you spend an eternity in the darkness.." Luther laughed

Luther slowly and horizontally cut his body from his thighs to his shoulders, making sure he felt intense pain as he was cut up into several pieces...while he was alive. Luther kept cutting until he reached the head.

Blood was everywhere on the floor, Luther loved the smell of fresh blood from his enemies. He basked in the scent of it. The scythe in his hand shrunk back into a rod and disappeared from Luther's hand. Just as Luther finished his bloody deeds, he found himself back inside the forest of his own world.



Luther walked back to the remains of the bandit camp and saw Ivery talking to Hades..

"Luther..what happened..?" Ivery saw Luther walking up to them, under the bright moonlight he had a hand soaked in red

"I had some things to take care of, are you okay?" Luther pulled Ivery into his embrace

"Y-Yeah" Ivery blushed hard in his arms

"No one will hurt you again...I promise..." Luther held her small, soft hand in his

Ivery felt a small sting in the center of her hand, when he released her hand...there was a purple dot on the center of her palm...

"It's a curse mark...but think of it more as a protection marking...this is to connect my eyes with yours, I'll be able to see what your seeing when it's activated...along with the communication bracelet, I'll always be by your side....if not physically, it'll be this way" Luther bent his head down and sealed their lips together

She pushed herself up as she stood on the tip of her toes and claimed dominance of the kiss, she held the back of his head with her hand and kissed him deeper than he kissed her.


They lost themselves under the stars of the night sky..