Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 147

Volume 1 Chapter 147

The Champion's target was Ho Sung Lee and Bowl.

He risked his life to make the party as small as possible.

As soon as he amplified his senses, a prey was caught into the spider web.

It was in the 1 o'clock direction.

Through the dust and smoke, he could see the Champion attempting to stab Ho Sung Lee with his weapon.

He then calculated inside his head how long it would take for Ho Sung Lee to die.

From Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword appeared thick magic spells that appeared to be dancing.

The magic spell then pierced through the dark and became light.


The Champion was unable to stab Ho Sung Lee, and his attack immediately transitioned into defense.

A shield appeared on the Champion's arm which was attacked by Min Sung's magic spell.


The Champion trembled as he resisted Min Sung's magic spell.

He was on the verge of defeat with only the shield protecting him.

Meanwhile, the Champion's devils charged toward Min Sung.

So Min Sung stopped his magic spell and turned his body.

In response to his two spins followed by an attack, the devils all toppled over like dominos.

At that moment...

The Champion went to attack Ho Sung Lee once again, but Bowl summoned the Shaman, allowing him to dodge the dangerous situation.

Even if he was able to transform into Berserker, severe damage could lead to death.

In front of special devils, Ho Sung Lee's Berserker ability was nothing but a bullet-proof vest.

Even so.

It was hard to say that these devils in front of them were that powerful.

Min Sung's eyes sparkled.

There was no need to drag on the time.

It was tiring to use this technique, but this was the best way to end it quickly.

Min Sung glared at the Champion as he showed off his swordsmanship.

The Orichalc.u.m Sword left Min Sung's hands.

The Orichalc.u.m Sword then teleported and stabbed the Champion right through the chest.

The tall Champion looked down on his chest.


The white magic spell began spreading around the stab wound.

The Champion's body then melted as if he was ice cream on a hot day.

"Bowl, eat it," Min Sung commanded.

Bowl's eyes lit up as he spread out his hands to use his reincarnation skill.

Right before the reincarnation skill took effect...


Ho Sung Lee swung his Death Knight Sword.


He cut off the Champion's waist.

And the Death Knight Sword activated its Hell Fire ability, despite its low probability for activation.


Along with great heat, large fireworks went off.


The Champion shrieked as it broke into little pieces and disappeared.

Items had dropped on top of the Champion's blood.

Ho Sung Lee saw this and showed a bright smile.

"Sir! I ate the special devil! I got the experience points! Hahaha! Wow, Bowl"

Ho Sung Lee couldn't contain his excitement, but he froze up as soon as he saw Min Sung's face.

Min Sung stared back at him coldly.

"I told Bowl to eat the special devil."

Ho Sung Lee dripped in cold sweat and attempted to avoid Min Sung's eyes.

"R-r-really? I didn't hear that. I'm sorry. I really didn't I apologize, Sir."

Min Sung walked toward Ho Sung Lee.

"Ho Sung."

"Y-yes, Sir."

Ho Sung Lee gulped and answered while still looking away.

"From now on, only Bowl will eat the Special devils."

"Yes, Sir."

"Why do you think that is?"

"Because the more special devils Bowl eats, the wider the bounds will get in which we can fight."

"Don't forget that."

" Yes, Sir."

Min Sung looked around him.

He remembered there being more devils around the Champion, but they had disappeared already.

They didn't have to kill all the devils to move on to the next floor.

There were times when it opened when they all died, but there were cases as well where it would open even though they didn't wipe out the devils.

Min Sung walked through the blood toward the entrance to the next floor.

This was after Ssol had collected all of the items, and Bowl continued to glare at Ho Sung Lee with flames in his eyes.

Ho Sung Lee coughed and avoided Bowl's gaze.


Ho Sung Lee apologized, but Bowl still looked angry.

"I said I'm sorry. I really didn't know!"

In response, Bowl looked away and ran over to his owner.

After seeing this, Ssol walked over to Ho Sung Lee and looked up at him in confusion.

Ho Sung Lee sighed and then looked back.

The fish cake soup and bowls made a mess everywhere.

He had prepared many bowls and spoons.

Ho Sung Lee realized he needed to prepare even more in the future just in case as he began walking next to Ssol with a sad look on his face.


Following a long search, they were able to find the entrance to the next floor.

But the shape of the stairs was different from what they had seen before.

On the right wall were pieces of devils, and on top of that was an arched Tympanum.

And on the door were semi-transparent words written in magical language.

Min Sung touched the door with his hands.

In response, the words 'last floor' appeared in the air.


Although they had yet to pass through the door, everything grew dark.

He sensed the space around him becoming distorted.

The shaking vision made Ho Sung Lee dizzy, which made him grab his head and wobble around.

Bowl and Ssol were also struggling to keep balance.

Min Sung was the only one who stayed still without shaking.

A moment later, a light shined from the darkness.

A wide hallway.

It was a space that reminded him of a grand hall from the Middle Ages.

Following a long black carpet was a throne made of skulls.

And someone was sitting in that throne.

Ho Sung Lee glanced around, and as soon as he saw the person sitting on the throne, he flinched.

Bowl stared on with flames in his eyes, and Ssol took a look around with a smile on his face.

"It looks amazing. And I'm surprised we're on the last floor already."

In response, Min Sung just stared at the throne.

The one sitting on the throne was a monster that Min Sung was all too familiar with.

It looked a little different from devils.

He had short horns on his head, skin paler than that of Caucasians, long and dark fingernails, scales all over his arms and legs.

One of the ruling tribes of the Demonic Realm.

He was The Devil.


The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, looked up at the Black Tower from the assembly with his one eye.

47 48 49 50.

The 50th floor finally lit up.

There were no more floors above that.

That meant they were on the final floor.

This meant that Min Sung Kang opened the doors to the final floor.

Jae Hyuk Han stared at the Black Tower and then turned around.

He then went into the meeting tent.

As soon as the Samchunkyo hunters saw Jae Hyuk Han enter, they immediately got up from their slouching positions.

In response to Samchunkyo's questioning gazes, Jae Hyuk Han looked back at them and said,

"Min Sung Kang has reached the final floor."

The Samchunkyo hunters responded in various ways.

One looked surprised, another looked like he saw it coming, while another looked uncomfortable.

But they all felt the same way.


He cleared the tower and reached the final floor by himself.

No matter how experienced the Samchunkyo hunters were, they thought it was impossible for a human to clear the tower on their own, and for that reason, they naturally felt anxious.

This also proved just how scary experience could be.

Although they were scared and anxious, they had to fulfill their duties and produce results.

The more difficult a problem got, the more they focused.

The Samchunkyo hunters grew wild as if they were eagles.

Their eyes looked calm while also containing attacking instincts.

"We should start getting ready," one of the Samchunkyo hunters remarked.

In response, Jae Hyuk Han took out his sword from his item window and stabbed it right into the table.

The thick table made of wood cracked and then toppled down.


The Samchunkyo hunters got up with wide eyes.

"Whether he clears the tower or dies on the last floor, we have to get moving. If Min Sung Kang clears the tower, we have to immediately assassinate him, and if Min Sung Kang dies, we have to be there to finish off the rest."

"Yes, Sir," the Samchunkyo hunters chanted simultaneously as if they were soldiers.

"Call Ethan."

One of the Samchunkyo hunters left the meeting room in order to find Commander Ethan.

Not long afterward, they returned.

Ethan bowed down to Jae Hyuk Han.

"Ethan, you heard the plan, right?"

Ethan nodded.

"Deliver my order to your subordinates."

"Are you talking about the plan from the other day?"


Ethan looked at Jae Hyuk Han with questioning eyes.

"If Min Sung Kang clears the tower and arrives at the assembly, Team A of the world hunters must separate the puppets from Min Sung Kang, and Team B must limit Min Sung Kang's view and distract him."

"Is that all we have to do? We don't have to fight?"

"That's all you need to do."

"Yes, Sir."

Ethan left the meeting room.

Once one of the Samchunkyo hunters confirmed that Ethan was far enough, he looked back at Jae Hyuk Han.

"Are we abandoning the world hunters?"

"He cleared the Black Tower on his own. I don't care if you use the world hunters as shields. If we don't attack at the right time, things could get difficult."

No one protested against Jae Hyuk Han.

"Keep a close eye on the Black Tower."

In response, the Samchunkyo hunters left the tent with disturbed looks in their eyes.

Jae Hyuk Han looked down at his sword with cold eyes.

The gold light on the ceiling allowed the thick sword to shine extra bright.