Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 149

Volume 1 Chapter 149


A blue aura radiated from the Rapier.

But rather than the aura around her Rapier, Jae Hyuk Han focused on Ji YOo Kim instead.

" I thought you'd run away."

Jae Hyuk Han let out a laugh.

"I figured you were different ever since you didn't eat the item."

He continued.

"Whether you eat the item or not, Samchunkyo will take over the world. This has all been decided on. The title of the hero will be added to Samchunkyo. That's the reality."

Ji Yoo Kim shook her head.

"No, that's not true. Monsters with only greed can't win. Never."

She glared at Jae Hyuk Han with blue eyes.

In response, Jae Hyuk Han's face stiffened.

"You're so sentimental. Watch from above. You'll see how long it takes before the world is in the palm of Samchunkyo's hands."

Jae Hyuk Han's gaze turned cold.

Ji Yoo Kim gripped onto her Rapier and gathered her power.

The air around her turned hot.

Ji Yoo Kim attacked first.

After seeing that, Jae Hyuk Han secretly felt sad.

'How stupid. She should have run away.'

Ji Yoo Kim's thin but sharp Rapier was headed in Jae Hyuk Han's direction.

But Jae Hyuk Han blocked the Rapier with his sword.


It sounded sharp and powerful.

The defense made Ji Yoo Kim's rapier bounce off.

She didn't let go of the Rapier, but Ji Yoo Kim's guard opened up.

Ji Yoo Kim's pupils dilated, and the sword came in where the guard went down.

The strong aura from Jae Hyuk Han's sword hit Ji Yoo Kim.


Ji Yoo Kim's bullet-proof vest was ripped, and her blood splashed everywhere.

Her face turned pale as she stepped back.

When Jae Hyuk Han approached Ji Yoo Kim to finish her off.

Ji Yoo Kim fell off the cliff, disappearing from Jae Hyuk Han's line of vision.

Jae Hyuk Han walked over with a stiffened face and looked down over the cliff.


She sank into the water.

On top of the waves showed bloody water.

Jae Hyuk Han's eyes contained the sight of the waves mixed in with her blood.

Jae Hyuk Han, who was looking below, sighed and then looked over at the Black Tower.

The light was still on on the 50th floor.

Jae Hyuk Han put on his hood and walked off quickly.


Ji Yoo Kim's body sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Her body was losing blood, and it scattered all around her.

As Ji Yoo Kim sank within the ocean, she opened her eyes.

The excruciating pain began to subside.

'Is this how endorphin works before you die?'


She was dying.

She felt herself dying away.

She lost all senses.

It was a matter of time before her brain deteriorated at a rapid rate.

And what she saw before dying wasn't a panorama of the life she lived.

All she saw at the moment was Korea's future, her disappointment that she didn't protect her country properly, as well as the sadness that she didn't support Min Sung Kang as well as she could.

Her brain and heart were filled with regret.

When her pulse began to slow as she died away.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

She heard something entering the water.

She saw a few people swimming toward her as if she was looking at a noisy screen.

After seeing that, Ji Yoo Kim lost consciousness.


"Don't kill me?"

Min Sung laughed at the Devil.

Min Sung knew very much about these creatures.

Even their habits and their personalities.

When Devils were strained, they showed off various effects.

They became loyal to their instinct of loving blood and war, and their rage worsened to hatred.

Devils, who followed the commands of their leader, pounced while putting their lives at stake.

However, the leader's stance was different.

He had experienced it in the Demonic Realm before.

The Devil had a great deal of greed, and that led to a weakness.

They easily surrendered to great power.

Just like the many Devils that had made deals with their lives before, the one in front of him was just the same.

He surrendered to power.

" I want to live."

The Devil sighed with a sad-looking face as he said it.

As soon as Min Sung lifted his head, he continued,

"The truth is the fact that I was in charge of a test server means that I'm at a low rank for a Devil I don't want to die in the hands of Black Slaughterer after doing something as trivial as working on the test server"

Min Sung spoke without much strength while looking at the ground.

But Min Sung didn't perceive him as pathetic.

That was because he knew them better than anyone.

They all sought after opportunity.

That was the role of a leader, and as much as he was from a ruling tribe, he cherished his own life.

Both Devils and their devil subordinates were like c.o.c.kroaches.

That belief was deep-rooted within Min Sung's mind.

"You shouldn't play so many games when you already know I'm Black Slaughterer. Do you think I'll really let you live?"

The Devil's sad face quickly turned into that of an evil being.

"You're so stubborn. All you are is a human"

"I know. But so are you."

Min Sung lifted his sword.

In response to the challenge, the Devil swung his nails with a grimacing face.


He cut into the space with the sound of paper ripping.

The Devil propped his feet up on that space and smirked.

"You're mistaken if you think I'll fight you. I'm not stupid. Why would I fight you? I have no intention to fight. I'm going to come back. You might be able to survive, but not the human world. Humans will cry amongst the bodies, blood, and chaos. See you again, Black Slaughterer."

The Devil disappeared into the space he created and turned around.

"Who said you could do that?"

Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword left his hand.

A technique of his.

The Orichalc.u.m Sword flew at an incredible speed toward the Devil.

It then went through the Devil's back through his chest.


Blood poured out of the Devil's mouth.

He wobbled and fell over the space that he created.

His wound started to heal, but Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword was enchanted with a spell.

As a result, the Devil's ability to regenerate slowed down.

When Bowl showed flames in his eyes and tried to attack the Devil on his shadow board, Min Sung stopped him.

"Don't. The Devil shouldn't be turned into the Undead."

In response to Min Sung's command, Bowl stepped back.

Min Sung walked toward the Devil, who was hanging over the rip he created in the space.

Step, step.

The Devil looked at Min Sung and grimaced while clenching down on his teeth.

"You damned human You're still so strong"

Min Sung pulled on the Devil's horns.

The Devil got dragged out in the hands of Min Sung.

"You damned Black Slaughterer! How are you so strong when you're only human?"

Min Sung held on tightly to the Devil's horns and sighed.

"Shut up and show your true self."

Min Sung's eyes flashed with white light.


Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword made a loud thunderous sound.

The Orichalc.u.m Sword then went right into the Devil's heart.


The Devil spat out blood and plopped on the ground.

Ho Sung Lee approached cautiously and stuck out his head.

"Back off."

In response, Ho Sung Lee immediately stepped back.

It wasn't over yet.

Min Sung was alert.

He knew that this was just the beginning.

The Devil flipped over and dragged himself on the floor.

And as he crawled, a dark trail of blood was left behind.


The Devil spat out more blood.

But Min Sung simply watched with a bored look in his eyes.

"Ugh, damn it"

The Devil stopped crawling and dropped his forehead hard on the floor.

"Damn it. Why did it have to be the Black Slaughterer Ugh."

The Devil looked back at Min Sung with his black eyes and smiled showing his gums.

"Even if I have to go, it won't be easy. Your future will be filled with blood, bodies, cries, rage, and hatred."

The Devil began changing in form.

The horns in his head began to disappear, and his body began trembling as he grew in size.

The Devil, who wasn't that much bigger than Min Sung, suddenly grew to a very large size.

Min Sung watched the process.

During a transformation process, any kind of material attack wouldn't produce results.

For that reason, it was much easier to kill him after he had transformed.

On top of that, this place was fixed unlike in the Demonic Realm, and since there was only one of him, he didn't feel pressured.

But in order to make enough damage all at once as soon as he transformed, he began adding more Aura power to his Orichalc.u.m Sword.

Min Sung's sword acquired great magical power.

And the Devil completed his transformation.

The tower shook as if it could tumble down at any moment.

Cracks formed in the walls and floor, and gravity intensified due to the magic spell, and all of the grand halls became covered in magic words written in red blood.