Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 150

Volume 1 Chapter 150

Min Sung looked up at the Devil that grew in size.

The Devil's small horns were now so big that it was bigger than a human body, and his entire body was covered in hard scales.

His body looked like that of a dragon, and his thick and long tail reminded him of a snake.

The human face he previously had, transformed into a skull and around it was all sorts of decoration made of bones.

He flaunted the visuals of a devil that appropriately suited his name.

The Devil looked so threatening that if a normal person saw him, they would have had a heart attack.

For that reason, Bowl ran into a corner and trembled while Ho Sung Lee also trembled and fell on his butt.

Ssol cried without making a sound and hid behind Ho Sung Lee.

But Min Sung looked at the Devil without changing his expression.

"Even if I go, I'll make sure to at least eat one of your arms"

The Devil growled.

"Are you sure you can do that?"

Min Sung spoke as if he thought he was pathetic and began running toward the Devil.

And at the same time, he swung the Orichalc.u.m Sword.


The Orichalc.u.m Sword made a thunderous sound and the magical Aura flew toward the Devil.

In response, the Devil blocked Min Sung's attack with his shielded hand.


The strong Aura exploded.

But Min Sung ignored his shielding abilities and continued to attack.

He approached him even closer.

A strong light formed on the sword held by the Devil's monstrous hands.


The strong light engulfed the dark spell and the sword attacked Min Sung.

However, Min Sung dodged it lightly. He passed by the Devil and swung his weapon behind the Devil's back.


He cut one of the Devil's legs.


The Devil screamed with pain and lost his balance.

" You damned human son of a b*tch!"

He got overexcited and swung his snake tail toward Min Sung.

Min Sung stabbed the tail with his Orichalc.u.m Sword.



After getting stabbed, Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword sliced off the Devil's tail.

Despite getting hit by blood, Min Sung didn't close his eyes and proceeded to give off a strong Aura toward the Devil.

When the Devil looked back at Min Sung in fear.


The magic within Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword exploded, causing it to attack the Devil.


As the magic unleashed, a thunderous sound rang loudly.

And that power...


Cut through the Devil's body.

Despite how powerful the Devil was, his body was sliced in half.

"Black Slaughter!"

Without being able to finish his sentence.


He shed a crazy amount of blood as he was cut in half.


His body parts dropped on the ground with a bulky sound.


Min Sung continued to hold onto his shining Orichalc.u.m Sword and watched the Devil's final moments.

[Top floor of Black Tower has been cleared.]

[The Black Tower will be destroyed in 120 seconds.]


Ji Yoo Kim blinked her eyes.

Her hazy sight came back into focus.

As soon as she regained consciousness, she was hit with great pain.

When Ji Yoo tried to get up, she realized how difficult that was, and she breathed heavily as she looked around her.

It was a private hospital room.

There was a needle in her hand, and her chest was covered in bandages.

She then remembered what happened.

The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han.

She fell off a cliff because of him.

Ji Yoo Kim squeezed her eyes tightly and sighed.

At that moment, the door opened.

It was a 5-star commander from the Central Hunter Institute.

The commander bowed in respect and entered the room.

"What happened?"

Ji Yoo Kim asked while still laying in bed.

The commander looked at Ji Yoo Kim with pity and answered,

"Do you remember calling the Central Institute men back to Manhattan saying something was suspicious at the assembly?"

Ji Yoo Kim blinked in thought and nodded.

"I do Did you save me?"

Ji Yoo asked.

She thought he would say yes, but the commander's face seemed strange.

"When we reached the assembly, something strange appeared."

"A monster?"

"No, not a monster. Or maybe you could call it that It was something unknown. It looked like a ghost. In the form of a slime."

The commander continued with a confused look on his face.

"The driver was so shocked that he stopped the car, and we immediately prepared for battle just in case it was a monster from the Black Tower"


"But that ghost stretched out into a monitor and showed us a video. It was you and a Samchunkyo hunter facing off."


Ji Yoo Kim showed a confused expression.

"By the time we arrived, you had already been defeated, so we focused on saving you first."

"Did the Samchunkyo hunter"

The commander shook his head.

"Rest assured. He didn't notice us."

Ji Yoo Kim sighed out of relief and closed her eyes.

She then opened her eyes again and gulped.

"He's going to try to get rid of Min Sung Kang at the assembly."

In response, the commander looked shocked.

"Oh no!"

"Commander, I don't want to ask you of this but please take the Central Institute men and go to Min Sung Kang."

The commander's face grew dark.

"But we don't even know if we can be of help, and that could lead to a big sacrifice on our part"

Ji Yoo Kim smiled.

"We mustn't lose him. This is for our citizens as well as the world. Although I'm sure he won't lose to those Samchunkyo hunters."

The commander thought for a moment with a stiffened face before looking back at Ji Yoo Kim.

"What should we do?"

In response, Ji Yoo Kim gave the orders as the general of the Central Institute.

As soon as he received his orders, the commander bowed and left the hospital room.

Ji Yoo Kim watched him leave while clenching her teeth.

She prayed that not a single person got hurt in the process.


[120 seconds]

[119 seconds]

[118 seconds]

[117 seconds]


When the letters appeared in the air, the Devil disappeared and dropped his items.


The Black Tower shook as if it was about to tumble down.

As soon as the tower shook, Ssol flinched and immediately began picking up the fallen items.

Bowl quickly ran into Min Sung's pocket, and Ho Sung Lee scanned the shaking tower with nervous eyes.

Meanwhile, Min sung looked into space and went deep into thought.

'How is it that even the devils and the head Devil were affected by such a system?'

He had no idea how this was possible.

When he was in the Demonic Realm, such a system didn't even exist.

The system only appeared as soon as he returned to this world.

'Maybe it's because this place is the human world, and that's why they're affected by the system.'

That was the easiest way to think about it. But wondering why the system existed in the first place gave him an even bigger headache.

He was then reminded of a young man that he met when he was asleep for a really long time.

Min Sung sighed deeply and shook his head free of the thoughts.


[The Black Tower will be destroyed in 10 seconds.]

Ho Sung Lee and Ssol stood right next to Min Sung with great anxiousness.

When Min Sung elbowed Ho Sung Lee and Ssol out of annoyance-

There was 0 second left.


The Black Tower blew up and exploded as if the pieces were in outer space.

Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol dropped from the air into the ocean water below.


The Samchunkyo hunters and the world hunters watched as the Black Tower blew up into little pieces.

That moment was one for the books, and this was the point when another historical event was about to begin.

They watched the sight of the Black Tower being destroyed with nervous looks on their faces.

"Get ready for the mission," said the robed man, Jae Hyuk Han.

In response, the Samchunkyo hunters and the world hunters got ready to face off against Min Sung Kang.

The air around the assembly felt heavy.



Ho Sung Lee dove into the ocean water first.

On the other hand, Min Sung held onto Ssol as he used his powers to pull the boat toward him.

The boat flew over faster than the speed of the motor itself and landed right in front of Min Sung's feet.

Min Sung got into the boat like a feather.

As soon as he put down Ssol, he watched the destroyed Black Tower in awe and expressed his excitement.

As for Bowl, he rode his shadow board like a skilled surfer and circled Min Sung's boat.

"Get on," Min Sung said to Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee got into the boat with a bright smile.

"Phew! Thank you, Sir."

Ho Sung Lee bowed in gratitude and squeezed out the excess water from his hair and clothes from inside the boat.