Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 151

Volume 1 Chapter 151

Ho Sung Lee squeezed out all the water before starting the boat.


The motorboat took off.

Min Sung sat on the railing and enjoyed the fresh air.

While he admired the view, Ho Sung Lee quietly took out a cigarette from the item window and lit it.

The wind was strong.

And it was blowing in the opposite direction.

So he was worried the smell of his cigarette might blow in Min Sung's face.

Just in case, he minded Min Sung as he smoked.

At the same time, he quietly watched as the large Black Tower broke up into a million pieces.

The loud thunder subsided, and the heavy clouds began to clear.


Ho Sung Lee expressed his awe while watching the view.

The sun started to shine over a place that was overcast for a very long time.

It was a sight to see.

Ho Sung Lee threw his cigarette into the ocean and sighed at the view of the Black Tower.

"I thought it was going to be a very long adventure, and I was afraid I was going to die. Haha, but you're so strong that we were able to end it pretty quickly," Ho Sung said.

"Like the Devil said, that was just a test. The real thing will be here soon enough. And you'll die for sure," Min Sung said while enjoying the breeze.

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung with a bitter look on his face and smacked his lips.

He wanted to say, 'You might as well just curse me yourself', but he held back.

Tap, tap!

" Hm?"

Someone tapped him on the shoulder.

He looked beside him to see the Gold Goblin, Ssol.


In response, the Gold Goblin, Ssol, pointed at the Black Tower tumbling down in front of their eyes.

Ho Sung Lee looked in that direction and smirked.

"Do you like it?"

Ssol didn't look back at Ho Sung Lee and smiled at the ashes that fell like cherry blossoms.

Ho Sung Lee smiled at Ssol and then tilted his head in a different direction.

Dozens of boats were headed toward them at a high speed.

They were far away, but since hunters had good eyesight, Ho Sung Lee was able to see the Korean Central Institute badges on their chests.

Around a central boat, the rest of the boats followed its lead as they headed toward them.

"Sir, that's the Central Institute," Ho Sung Lee said.

Min Sung, who was looking far into the distance, looked toward the direction Ho Sung Lee was talking about.

"Didn't the Korean Central Institute already go back to Korea?"

"Yes My thoughts exactly. What's happening? Why is the Central Institute here? I'll ask them as soon as they get here."

A moment later, a boat of the Central Insitute hunters arrived.

Among the Korean Central Institute hunters, the one standing in the center greeted Min Sung with respect.

"I'm the head commander of the Central Institute. I came to report something to you as General Kim ordered."

The commander glanced toward the assembly and then briefed Min Sung on the contents that he prepared.

"It sounds like Samchunkyo is telling everyone to get rid of you. They thought General Kim could be a threat and tried to kill her as well. That means it's very likely that Samchunkyo will target you"

"By attempt, do you mean Ji Yoo Kim is still alive?"

"Yes, Sir."

The commander explained how they saved Ji Yoo Kim.

"A ghost?"

In response to Min Sung's confused face, Bowl snickered.

Min Sung looked down at Bowl.

"Was that you?"

Min Sung asked.

Bowl looked up at Min Sung as if he was expecting a praise.

"Why did you do something I didn't even ask?"

In response, Bowl showed a sad face and shoved his face into Min Sung's pocket.

"Oh So that was you. I see! Thank you! Thank you so much!"

The commander bowed deeply.

"Not me. It was Bowl."

" Pardon?"

The commander lifted his head and asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Forget it Are you saying Samchunkyo tried to eliminate Ji Yoo Kim just in case she would get in the way?"

"Yes, Sir."

Min Sung nodded.

"Just go back," Min Sung said.

The commander looked taken aback, but he did as he was told.

" Yes, Sir."

The commander showed his greetings and turned to leave.

At that moment.

"Let's go," Min Sung ordered in the direction of the assembly.

Ho Sung Lee also looked in the same direction and started the boat's engine.


The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, frowned.

He had no idea the Korean Central Institute soldiers would come back to the assembly and notify Min Sung Kang of his plans.

' I'd better step it up a notch.'

But the only chance was right now while Min Sung Kang was out of energy.

The situation got more difficult, but he had no other choice.

He couldn't expect things to always be easy.

There was no second chance.


Jae Hyuk Han thought.

He thought about whether to go through with the order to attack immediately or go according to the original plan.

He didn't have time to think for long.

The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, decided to go through with the original plan.

In response, the men around him began moving in perfect order.


As soon as Ji Yoo Kim stepped down from her bed with a groan, the door to her hospital room opened.

It was the 5-star commander.

Ji Yoo Kim looked at him in anxiousness.

"What happened?!"

The commander greeted her with respect first.

"The timing worked out, so I delivered the message."

Ji Yoo Kim sighed out of relief.

"Is it okay that you start walking?"

Ji Yoo Kim smiled.

"I talked to the doctor. The surgery went well. Thank you for saving me earlier, Commander."

In response to Ji Yoo Kim's gratitude, the commander scratched his head.

"Um, about that"


The commander trailed off to which Ji Yoo Kim responded with a suspicious face.

"I think Min Sung Kang helped."

" What do you mean?"

"That skill that's in Min Sung Kang's possession."

"Are you talking about Bowl?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Bowl. I think he was responsible. The ghost you talked about must have been Bowl's skill. That's how we were able to locate you."

Ji Yoo Kim couldn't hide her surprise.

Bowl was inside the Black Tower with Min Sung Kang.

'So how?'

'Does that mean he has the power to monitor me even when he's far away?'

Ji Yoo Kim was impressed by Bowl's abilities.

"Anyway... It sounds like I owe him another one," JI Yoo Kim said with a smile.

In response, the commander smiled back and shook his head.

"That's not true."

Ji Yoo Kim lifted her head and looked at the commander.

The commander continued,

"You're doing a good job. Thanks to you, Min Sung Kang caught on to Samchunkyo's plan. You helped him."

Ji Yoo Kim looked into the space.

"I wanted to apologize to him in a lot of ways."


"As a fellow hunter, I've given him too many responsibilities. And I don't feel like I'm much help"

Ji Yoo Kim's eyes filled with sadness.

"You've done your best. It's just that the environment is making things a little more difficult."

Ji Yoo Kim looked to the ground and smiled.

"You've always put the country first, treasured the citizens, and you kept your own beliefs without being swayed by others. You put the country and citizens before your own pride"

The commander continued with warmth in his eyes,

" I respect you. Cheer up, General Kim."

Ji Yoo Kim wiped off the sadness on her face and flashed him a smile.

"Thank you. I'm so lucky to have you."

"That's because you're good to me. Haha," the commander replied.

Ji Yoo Kim sighed and nodded.

"I should cheer up."

In the afternoon when the warm sun shined into the hospital room.

Ji Yoo Kim closed her eyes and put a lock on her heart that felt the temptation to grow weak.


Ho Sung Lee glanced at Min Sung.

Min Sung looked relaxed.

Although the head commander of the Central Institute notified him of Samchunkyo's plans, he looked relaxed as if he wasn't bothered by it even by a bit.

It almost looked like he was going somewhere for a nice stroll.

Ho Sung Lee wondered what Min Sung was thinking.

He just heard that Samchunkyo and the world hunters wanted to kill him, but he wasn't getting worked up at all.

He looked like a peaceful lake.

'I never know when he'll get mad'

'That's why he's even scarier.'

'Considering his personality, he could kill all of the Samchunkyo and world hunters at once, but maybe he cares about the justification.'

'Or is he worried that killing everyone would make mankind go extinct?'

'I don't know.'

He figured it was best to stay quiet.

Ho Sung Lee shut his lips.


"You're impressive!"

"I can't believe you cleared the tower on your own."

"You're such a great man!'

"How strong do you have to be to clear that tower on your own? I'm amazed!"


The world hunters surrounded Min Sung and applauded.

Min Sung kept his hands in his pockets while staring at the Samchunkyo and world hunters.

In response to Min Sung's silence, the assembly grew quiet.

The world hunters started glancing at each other.

"Make way," Min Sung commanded to the wold hunters around him.

"We set up a meal with the Michelin chef you liked before. Right this way," one world hunter told Min Sung.

"Stop messing around and make way. Or you'll all die," Min Sung said coldly.

As a result, the air at the assembly grew cold.

Min Sung took his first steps to which the world hunters moved aside.

When the world hunters made way, he was faced with 6 Samchunkyo hunters in front of him.

Min Sung kept his hands in his pocket and walked ahead slowly.