Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 152

Volume 1 Chapter 152


The world hunter that spoke to Min Sung glanced around before giving up on Min Sung and trying his luck on Ho Sung Lee.

"Ho Sung, come with us. Slender and beautiful women will pour you alcohol."

Ho Sung Lee realized just how clueless they were and sighed.

He strongly wanted to ask them, 'Do you even have a brain?'

But being noisy could get him in trouble with Min Sung, so he waved his hand and ran after Min Sung.

When things didn't go as planned, the air between the Samchunkyo and world hunters turned strange, but it was quickly resolved by the robed man, Jae Hyuk Han.

The world hunters quickly stepped back to stay out of the battle, and at the same time, the Samchunkyo hunters took out their weapons from their item windows.

Since their plan was exposed, they had to make sure they caught Min Sung Kang while he was still tired.

But Min Sung didn't bat an eye at their movements.

The 6 Samchunkyo hunters surrounded Min Sung.

Min Sung took out his Orichalc.u.m Sword from his item window without even taking out his hands from his pocket.


The Samchunkyo hunters flinched at the sound of thunder, but they had no intention of backing down.

6 Samchunkyo hunters.

They charged toward Min Sung.

As Min Sung watched then attack, he thought it was quite fascinating.

He sensed this before when he killed a Samchunkyo hunter last time. The form of their attacks were significantly different from what he had seen before.

It almost looked like attacks made in martial arts novels.

'Is that how the Aura was invented?'

It was a new form of attack that couldn't be called a simple skill.

Min Sung found that interesting.

The attacks being made from 360 degrees around him were vibrant.

The 20 meters of ground in front of him cracked as an Aura of light flashed toward him.

Min Sung dodged all of their attacks by contorting his body.

The weapons of the 6 Samchunkyo hunters hit each other.


Min Sung pushed out the strength of the Aura around the 6 weapons with his own power.


As a result of Min Sung's power, the Samchunkyo hunters stepped back, and once they established their balance again, they attacked once more.

Min Sung thought of their attacks as quite elaborate.

Rather than just swinging them around, they all had their own ways of working their weapons.

That meant they learned it properly.

Min Sung saw that they were taught techniques of how to fight.

And he found that interesting.

He was fascinated, and seeing them use their weapons in such an educated manner reminded him of himself in the Demonic Realm.

But what made him more interested was how different their methods were from his.

The ultimate textbook way to kill an opponent.


Min Sung lost interest as soon as their limits were revealed.

No matter how good their techniques were, there was no use if there wasn't enough output.

Min Sung's gaze cooled down.

He was hoping that the Chinese hunters were more impressive.

Min Sung clicked his tongue.


'Who is this monster?!'

'He cleared the Black Tower on his own. He should be out of energy by now. He should look tired'

'Damn it!'

'He's beating us.'

The Samchunkyo hunters frowned as they attacked.

They had already unleashed their full potential, but they were the ones getting tired.

On the other hand, Min Sung continued to dodge freely as if he was air itself.

In addition, Min Sung didn't attack but only dodged.

At this point, only one thought crossed the Samchunkyo hunters' heads.

Once he put his mind to it, he would kill them.

The fear made their whole body shiver.

And that fear quickly turned into reality.

Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword slashed through the Samchunkyo hunters' shoulders, waists, and backs.

His relaxed swing made the Samchunkyo hunters pour out with blood.

They clenched their teeth and attempted another attack, but they were slow due to their recent damage.

While the world hunters watched, Min Sung began putting the Samchunkyo hunters through one-sided pain.

Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword made shallow cuts through the Samchunkyo hunters' bodies.

The number of cuts increased, and they continuously shed more and more blood.

After seeing that, the world hunters held their breath.

They felt it too.

That Min Sung Kang was doing this to show them.

The fact that the Samchunkyo hunters were slowly dying.



Groans could be heard in all directions.

Min Sung dodged their attacks while putting the Samchunkyo hunters through endless humiliation.

The more humiliation, shame, loss, and despair washed over them, the more frustrated they got.

A moment later.

The Samchunkyo hunters stopped their attacks due to their tired arms.

The clothes the Samchunkyo hunters were wearing were ripped apart everywhere, and their bodies were dripping with blood.

"Huff huff! Huff!"

"Huff. Ugh."


The Samchunkyo hunters breathed heavily.

Their eyes lost focus, and their shoulders and chests pumped up and down due to their heavy breathing.

On the other hand, Min Sung seemed just fine.

The sight of Min Sung having killed the devils as well as the Samchunkyo hunters bleeding due to Min Sung attacks sent the world hunters a very strong message.

The realization of Min Sung Kang's power absorbed through their skin.

The world hunters felt it strongly, and the Samchunkyo hunters did their best to put strength in their knees so that they could keep standing.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard.


The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, made the Samchunkyo hunters move aside.

Min Sung looked at Jae Hyuk Han.

He was holding his big weapon in his right hand.

As soon as he took off his hood, he revealed the scar over his eye as well as the coldness in his other eye.

His gaze looked empty.

Those were the eyes of someone who couldn't feel fear.

He wasn't the type to be arrogant about his own power.

From the look in his eyes, he didn't fear death at all.


The air around them blew due to the new Aura.

Everything stood still for a moment.

The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, was the one to make the first move.

He walked toward him at a speed that was quite average.

Min Sung threw his Orichalc.u.m Sword into his item window.

The robed man, Jae Hyuk Han's face, which previously showed no expression, turned into a grin out of pure confidence.

His sword made swooshing sounds as it gave off a blue Aura.

Min Sung saw that Jae Hyuk Han's performance showed off potential for strong output, but he still didn't take out his left hand from his pocket.

Jae Hyuk Han's sword flew through the air and went down on Min Sung's head at a very high speed.

Min Sung kicked the ground and dodged back.

The sword hit the ground.

As a result, the ground shook.


What sounded like an earthquake created a crack, making the ground very uneven.

At the same time, Jae Hyuk Han charged toward Min Sung at high speed.

He swung his sword, aiming to slice off Min Sung's neck.

After seeing that, Min Sung charged toward Jae Hyuk Han's body.

He pushed off Jae Hyuk Han's swinging arm and tried to elbow his chin, but...


Jae Hyuk Han situated himself behind Min Sung.

His sword then swung down toward Min Sung's back.

There was an opportunity, and he thought he had it, but...

Min Sung displayed an even faster dysmorphism as if he was mocking Jae Hyuk Han.

In no time, Min Sung stuck right by Jae Hyuk Han's side and struck his gut with his hand.


Jae Hyuk Han's pupils shook.

He coughed out blood. He flew through the air and rolled onto the ground.

Jae Hyuk Han immediately got up, but he stumbled backward and wobbled from side to side.

Jae Hyuk Han then covered his mouth.


More blood poured out.

Min Sung walked toward Jae Hyuk Han with a gaze that didn't contain much emotion.

In response, Jae Hyuk Han clenched down on his bloody teeth and charged toward Min Sung once more.

The air around them became distorted.

The Aura light spread everywhere.

The large force of the sword was targeted toward Min Sung.

Min Sung twisted his shoulder and dodged quickly.

Jae Hyuk Han's sword, which missed Min Sung...


Split the ocean in two.

Min Sung looked behind him.

He saw the ocean water rippling from side to side as a result of Jae Hyuk Han's sword.


A surprising force.

Min Sung looked back at Jae Hyuk Han.

'Maybe he hasn't shown his full potential yet.'

His body seemed to shake for a moment, but he reappeared like a ghost and swung his swor.d

Min Sung took out his left hand from his pocket and punched him with his right fist.

It was hard to believe that such a sound could come from punching a human being.

His body was hard, but the shock was so powerful that Jae Hyuk Han landed on his knees and coughed out blood.

Min Sung looked down at his own left hand.

But what he was surprised by was the fact that he made him use his left hand in the first place.

Min Sung looked back at Jae Hyuk Han.

He then walked toward Jae Hyuk Han, who was still on his knees, and stretched out his right wrist.

Min Sung tilted his head.

His eyes still didn't show any fear of death.

'Is he that loyal to Samchunkyo?'