Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 154

Volume 1 Chapter 154

The poster was of a restaurant located within the Warp Gate building.

The poster was featuring a limited time offer of "Special Fried Shrimp", which showed off impressive visuals.


He was hungry because he was too busy handling the Samchunkyo hunters.

Bowl poked his head of out Min Sung's pocket and looked up at him.

The Gold Goblin Ssol looked at Min Sung's belly and laughed.

Min Sung texted Ho Sung Lee and pressed the button to the 2nd floor restaurant.



Ho Sung Lee was in the VVIP room on the 1st floor right across from the last remaining Samchunkyo hunter.

Ho Sung Lee looked at his watch and then glanced at the Samchunkyo hunter.

His eyes lost their focus, making him look out of his mind.

Ho Sung Lee's heart sank.

He knew Min Sung Kang had a tough personality, but he still couldn't get used to it.

'I can't believe he just killed all of them.'

'But then again, he's been calm for a while.'


Ho Sung Lee sighed.

He got the chills.

He realized just how cold and scary he was.

'Wait, is he even human'

'Even a Devil begged him to spare him'

Ho Sung Lee was trembling at the thought of Min Sung when he felt his phone vibrating.

He got a message.

I'm going to have some fried shrimp before we go.

Ho Sung Lee stared at the message with blank eyes.

After staring blankly at the message, Ho Sung Lee looked for him at the restaurant located in the Warp Gate.

He saw an advertis.e.m.e.nt for fried shrimp at the new restaurant that opened at the Warp Gate in Manhattan.


Ho Sung Lee shook his head.

'He's going to eat fried shrimp right now?'

Ho Sung Lee showed an astonished face before putting away his phone and keeping an eye on the Samchunkyo hunter.

Even if he was focused on his meal, it wouldn't be weird if he was killed at any moment.

'I need to pay attention.'

Ho Sung Lee coughed and strengthened his eyes in order to look stronger.

Even if he was badly hurt by Min Sung Kang, he was still a Samchunkyo hunter.

A hunter more powerful than a word hunter.

He had to keep a close eye on him just as Min Sung Kang instructed.

Ho Sung Lee watched the Samchunkyo hunter as if he was a prison guard watching a prisoner.


One of the lunch specials, "Special Fried Shrimp", was placed on the table.

He was worried the shrimp wouldn't look as good as the one on the poster, but that wasn't necessary.

It was fried shrimp.

Fried shrimp of the same shape and size.

The huge fried shrimp were stacked into a pyramid.

The fried shrimp looked so beautiful that it had the power to make anyone stare blankly for a moment.

It looked like it would scratch the surface of one's tongue in a pleasurable way.

Food like this had to be eaten with bare hands.

Min Sung adjusted the temperature so that it could be properly appreciated before biting into the fried shrimp.


The first sensation he felt was the feeling of the fried batter falling apart.

After that, a beautiful sound of the fried shrimp blessed his ears.

The sound of crispness.

The beautiful sound penetrated his ears while the soft and bouncy shrimp meat danced around the inside of his mouth.


He didn't make that sound because it was hot.

Min Sung closed his eyes as if he was in pain and knitted his brows.

It was too good.

'I'm glad I decided to eat this.'

Min Sung opened his eyes and licked the oil off his lips.

Comparing this fried food to the one he had for lunch at the Black Tower was almost an insult to the fried shrimp.

The fresh fried shrimp needed to be respected.

It was its own entity.

Min Sung Looked down at the fried shrimp with a touched look on his face

'Wouldn't someone who hates shrimp like this, too?'

It was so good that he even got that idea.

When he disposed of the tail and picked up another shrimp, the waiter arrived with a plate of just fried heads.

Min Sung's eyes fixed on the shrimp heads, and they would not leave.

On the shrimps' heads were its whiskers as well.

It looked so alive that he thought it would move at any moment.

Min Sung picked up a fried shrimp head and put it into his mouth.


The shell of the head was a little hard, so it made a fairly loud sound.

The whiskers were sharp, so he felt them poking his mouth, but he was capable of overlooking that part.

The inside of the head spread throughout his mouth with a decadent flavor along with oil that lubricated his tongue.

The chewy shrimp heads showed off another charm from the shrimp body.

And they were so filling that he could get full off of fried shrimp alone.

But he still felt like something was missing.

So Min Sung ordered 500cc of beer.

A glass of foamy beer arrived at Min Sung's table.

Min Sung picked up the beer glass and brought it to his lips.

Gulp-! Gulp-! Gulp-!

The refreshing beer washed down his throat.


He breathed out. He put down the beer glass and then picked up another fried shrimp.

The crispiness of the outside together with the soft meat on the inside put him in a trance.

Min Sung bit into the crispy fried shrimp with a smile on his face.



Following his satisfying meal, Min Sung left the restaurant.

He then took Ssol and went to the VVIP room where Ho Sung Lee was waiting with the Samchunkyo hunter.

As soon as Min Sung appeared, the Samchunkyo hunter flinched.

He didn't look at Min Sung and stared at the ground.

The Samchunkyo hunter was hunched over with no strength in his shoulders.

"Let's go."

In response, Ho Sung Lee dragged the Samchunkyo hunter out.

His legs wobbled due to the lack of energy, so Ho Sung Lee kept him upright.


On his way to the gate room, the people who previously evacuated Manhattan were returning.

People began to fill Manhattan, which was empty for a while.

They were anxious that their buildings tumbled down, their houses disappeared, or the base flew away, so they were happy that the city remained intact.

The people returned to their homes with relief, which meant countless citizens were crowding into Manhattan.

The media officially reported that the Black Tower had been destroyed.

The sky, which used to be filled with thunder and lightning, was now clear with the bright sun shining down.

The citizens were still slightly uneasy, but they made an effort to adjust to their lives in Manhattan all over again.


The Samchunkyo leader, who was admiring some works of art by famous artists, paused his movements and looked behind him.

"How's it going?"

The Samchunkyo leader asked into the empty space.

At that moment.

Men in black robes appeared out of nowhere and bowed.

It was Heukrangdae who were monitoring the Samchunkyo and world hunters.

"The Korean hunter, Min Sung Kang is coming to find you. Only one Samchunkyo hunter is alive now. He's leading the way."

In response, the leader snickered toward the ceiling.

"Please give us a command."

The Samchunkyo hunter turned to Heukrangdae and smiled.

"You don't stand a chance against him. Just make it so that he can comfortably arrive."

Heukrangdae received his order and disappeared.

Once they left, the Samchunkyo leader looked into the distance and let out a laugh.


Hyungsan, which was located in Hunan, Hengyang.

Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol followed the Samchunkyo hunter up the steep path.

The view of the mountains was breathtaking, but it was only Ssol who was admiring the sight.

He looked at all sorts of wildflowers that grew there, and it was up to Ho Sung Lee to drag him along.

Bowl traveled comfortably in Min Sung's pocket.

As for Min Sung, he quietly climbed the mountain following the Samchunkyo hunter's lead.

The sound of the fresh breeze, as well as the sound of birds, could be heard endlessly.

Since all of them were not average people, they climbed the mountain at a very quick speed.

They could have gone even faster, but Min Sung didn't press the Samchunkyo hunter to strain himself.

He just climbed quietly.

After a long trip.

They arrived at the front doors of Samchunkyo in the deep mountains.

"Phew, here we are."

Ho Sung Lee looked up at the Samchunkyo sign with his hands on his h.i.p.s.

Ho Sung Lee's face was filled with tension.

This was where the Samchunkyo leader was situated.

The words written on the Samchunkyo sign showed off an unusual power.

Min Sung glanced at the sign and looked over at the Samchunkyo hunter.

His face was frozen and blue.

He appeared to be ready to accept his fate, which was to die.

The Samchunkyo hunter stood in front of the front doors without moving for a bit.

As Min Sung went ahead and proceeded to pass through the front doors...