Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 155

Volume 1 Chapter 155


The explosive sound of air splitting could be heard.

When Min Sung looked back at the Samchunkyo hunter, an enchanted dagger flew toward the Samchunkyo hunter's neck.

Min Sung immediately dashed over. He caught the dagger and then threw it back in the opposite direction.


It made a thud sound as it hit a solid object.

One of the Heukrangdae hunters appeared from between the trees and plopped down on the ground.

Min Sung scanned his surroundings.

It seemed like there were a few more, but they couldn't be sensed with his radar.

They were good at hiding their trace as much as the devils.

Min Sung looked down at the dead Samchunkyo hunter and then walked through the front doors.

Ho Sung Lee glanced around and then took Ssol and the Samchunkyo hunter and followed behind Min Sung.

The Samchunkyo hunter kept his eyes wide at the expectation of his soon-to-come death, and his heart pounded at a very high speed.


The Samchunkyo leader changed his clothes in his luxurious room.

A slight smile remained on his lips and didn't think about going away.

The Samchunkyo leader finished getting changed.

The leader put his hands behind his back and looked at the art on the wall.

It was art that represented his accomplishments.

It was a mountain of bodies, and someone was standing on top of the mountain of bodies.

It was him.

He lived a life of luxury after becoming the Samchunkyo leader, but he didn't forget to keep to his studies.

He thought about adding another corpse to that work of art.

The Samchunkyo leader smiled at the art.

He hadn't felt this excited in a really long time.

The Samchunkyo leader turned around and left through the doors.

He then started running.

New magic.

The Samchunkyo leader ran at a very fast speed.

He almost teleported and arrived at the large square called Taehwajeon.

He stood in the middle of Taehwajeon and looked around him and at the sky.

The blue sky didn't have a single cloud in sight.

The Samchunkyo leader walked toward the fancy hall located at the center.

He walked up the stairs and sat down in the decorated bridge seat.

He then looked over the big square with a smile and awaited his guest.

His eyes were filled with excitement.


Min Sung's feet stepped into Taehwajeon Square.

Behind Min Sung was the Samchunkyo hunter, Ho Sung Lee, and the Gold Goblin, Ssol.

Min Sung stood at the center of Taehwajeon Square and looked at the man sitting in the bridge seat.

It was the Samchunkyo leader.

He was wearing a robe with a dragon on it.

The robe was red like blood, and the shape of the dragon glistened with gold color.

As soon as Min Sung appeared, the middle-aged leader, who looked to be around 50 years old, smiled softly.

"So it's you. The Korean hunter that cleared the Black Tower," the Samchunkyo leader said with a smile.

His voice rang and echoed through the square.

Min Sung looked at the Samchunkyo hunter and smirked.

"What a sight. The fact that you named this place Taehwajeon, and you playing the role of an emperor."

Min Sung's teasing didn't erase the smile off of the Samchunkyo leader's face.

"I want to check for myself to see if you have the skill to back up your arrogance."

As soon as the Samchunkyo leader said that, people began appearing in the square one by one.

And in no time, a large number of people surrounded Min Sung in the shape of a half-circle.

They were all wearing black shamanist costumes, and their eyes gave off piercing looks.

"Let's play," the Samchunkyo hunter said.

Someone hit the drums.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of the drums grew faster.

The Samchunkyo hunter smiled even wider.

The way Min Sung saw it, he was enjoying this as if he was holding a banquet.

Min Sung smirked.

'He's making me perform for him?'


Min Sung took out his Orichalc.u.m Sword from his item window and looked at the Samchunkyo leader.

The Samchunkyo leader continued to smile as he looked down at him.

Below the Samchunkyo leader were hundreds of men as well as Min Sung.

In the current situation, the Samchunkyo hunter, who followed from the assembly, dripped in sweat with a pale blue face.

"Go back," Min Sung instructed.

Ho Sung Lee pulled the Samchunkyo hunter and Ssol back.

Bowl also crawled out of Min Sung's pocket and ran toward Ho Sung Lee while shaking his big head back and forth.

After checking over his surroundings, Min Sung walked toward the hundreds of men who were ready with swords.

The eyes of the Samchunkyo men sparkled.

Min Sung stopped at an appropriate distance.

The Samchunkyo hunters held their swords next to their faces and charged toward Min Sung.

Despite that fact, Min Sung didn't look at the men coming toward him.

Min Sung's eyes remained fixed on the Samchunkyo hunter, who was sitting on the bench.

One of the Samchunkyo hunter's sword stabbed Min Sung.

Or so he thought, but Min Sung disappeared into thin air.

And at that moment.

Loud thunder and bright lightning lit up their surroundings.

Slash! Slash!

The bodies of slain Samchunkyo hunters fell like dominos.

In order to overcome their fear, the Samchunkyo men clenched their teeth and charged toward Min Sung with their swords.

Swords charged in from all directions.

However, none of them could get past Min Sung's Aura.

Min Sung moved like a ghost, and every time he swung his Orichalc.u.m Sword, another Samchunkyo man fell.

Kaboom! Kaboom!

Every time the Orichalc.u.m Sword made a thunderous sound, there was another death.

The magic power that came from Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword wasn't something the Samchunkyo men could handle.


The Samchunkyo hunters became dead bodies and filled the hall with a rotting smell.

After seeing that, the Samchunkyo leader wiped the smile off his face. He got up from his bench and looked at Min Sung.

It was just for 16 seconds.

Not even 20 seconds afterward, the hundreds of Samchunkyo men were reduced to just over 30.

The Samchunkyo hunters could no longer approach Min Sung and rather stepped back while holding their swords.

Their swords were shaking.

Blood dripped from Min Sung's Orichalc.u.m Sword and soaked the ground.

Beyond Min Sung were hundreds of bodies of Samchunkyo hunters covering the ground.

Min Sung looked at the Samchunkyo leader and gestured for him to come down with a smile.

"Stop fooling around and come down here."

The air around them turned cold.

Min Sung's eyes met the eyes of the Samchunkyo leader.

The Samchunkyo leader laughed bitterly and nodded.

"Well, they're not Samchunkyo's main force, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too different with them either. Your skills are surprising," the Samchunkyo hunters said as he got up.

He was 2 meters tall.

He also had broad shoulders and a strong physique.

The large Samchunkyo leader didn't take out a weapon from his item window and slowly walked down the stairs toward Min Sung.

"Back off," the Samchunkyo leader commanded.

In response, the remaining 30 men bowed and disappeared.

Min Sung, who was standing in front of countless bodies, was faced with the Samchunkyo leader, who came down the stairs.

"Just because my underlings died doesn't mean you can get me so easily. You'll have to give it everything you've got. Our capabilities are completely different."

Min Sung swung his Orichalc.u.m Sword with a straight face.


Min Sung's white magic power flew toward the Samchunkyo leader.


The Samchunkyo leader blocked Min Sung's magic power with the palm of his hands.

White smoke slipped through his hand.

There was no injury to be seen.

"You were arrogant just because of this?"

The Samchunkyo leader laughed at Min Sung.

Min Sung looked at his hands.

It didn't look like he used any kind of weapon.

His weapon was his own body.

He used the martial arts of his fist.

'His shielding is no joke.'

'Auras aren't the only things he can block.'

'He uses Auras to his advantage.'

'How surprising.'

The Samchunkyo hunter laughed while Min Sung was deep in thought.

"Why aren't you talking? Are you scared?"

The Samchunkyo leader widened his eyes.


The Samchunkyo leader's palm charged toward Min Sung as if it was going to eat him alive.

Wind strike.

A powerful Aura radiated from the palm of the Samchunkyo leader's hand.

Min Sung tried to dodge it with his body, but the Samchunkyo hunter's hand chased him.

The way the Samchunkyo hunter's hand chased down Min Sung's body almost made it look like he was stretching long and hard.

Min Sung struck the Sacmhunkyo leader's hand with his Orichalc.u.m Sword.


The noise tore through his eardrums.

It was a strong explosion.

Min Sung stepped back and looked down at his right arm.

It throbbed.

Min Sung looked at the Samchunkyo leader with curiosity.

The Samchunkyo leader stared at him with ghost-like eyes as white air radiated from his body.

Just as he said, he was different from all of the other Samchunkyo hunters he had met.