Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 157

Volume 1 Chapter 157

The Samchunkyo leader dropped his eyes to the ground.

"Stop insulting me The least you can do"

Min Sung ignored him completely.

"The magic spell you use. Your way of controlling your Aura. I feel like that has to do with your martial arts. You probably organized how to use it in a book, right? Where is it?"

Min Sung asked.

" I told you to stop insulting me."

"I think that'll be useful for slaying devils. It allows for maximum output of your strength."

Min Sung looked at the Samchunkyo leader with an intense gaze.

"So I need to take it."

The Samchunkyo leader's beard trembled.

"You arrogant little! Do you really think I'd leave something like that with Samchunkyo? Samchunkyo's records are everything to me as well as my life's work. Why would I ever pass along my life's work to you?"

The Samchunkyo leader shouted while spitting out blood.

"That's your problem, not mine."

"I might have lost to you, but I'm the leader of Samchunkyo and I intended to"

" Yet you have the courage to die?"

Min Sung asked.

The Samchunkyo leader laughed bitterly in response.

"Haha! I've lived my life as the King. If you think I'm afraid of death, you're mistaken! Why would I be afraid of death?"

The Samchunkyo leader yelled with a sharp look in his eyes.

Blood vessels began to pop out of his body.

His eyes showed his willingness to die.

And that will led to a strong force in the Samchunkyo leader's right hand.

He planned to put an end to his heart with his own hands.

In a short period of time, his journey as the Samchunkyo leader flashed through his mind.

The Samchunkyo leader widened his eyes and reached for his heart.

Before he reached it...

The Orichalc.u.m Sword sliced the Samchunkyo leader's right arm.


The Samchunkyo leader stared at his arm that had fallen off with shocked eyes.

Thick drops of blood dripped to the ground.

The Samchunkyo leader stared at Min Sung blankly with his jaw dropped.

He wanted to know what this was about.

"I didn't say you could die yet," Min Sung said with dry eyes.

Those words hurt the Samchunkyo leader's pride, making his heart sink.

The leader stared at the Orichalc.u.m Sword in front of him and clenched back on his teeth.

"What do you think you're doing? You're not even going to let me decide my fate?!"

The Samchunkyo leader asked without much energy.

He turned into a cripple in the hands of Min Sung Kang.

But what made him feel even sicker was the shame and humiliation he was going through.

His face turned pale, and he stared blankly into space.

His mind grew hazy.



The Samchunkyo leader's body underwent a transformation.

The Aura's form lost its direction causing his energy and blood to become distorted.

Life Extraction.

The Samchunkyo leader was undergoing Life Extraction, which was when a physical or mental hit led to the distortion of one's energy and blood, concluding in a fatal form.

The Samchunkyo leader bled out because of the noise, and his body became blue like a corpse.

His body was stiff.

His body was wasting away.

Min Sung knitted his brows at the sight and ran over to him to grab the Samchunkyo leader by the throat.



He was grabbed by the throat with great strength, but he had already lost half of his consciousness.

Min Sung unleashed his magic spell into the Samchunkyo leader's body.

Since he was able to control his magic spell, Min Sung used it to scan the Samchunkyo leader's entire body for problems to resolve.

His Aura, which was normally stable, was exploding in all directions.

Min Sung used his magic spell to control the Aura and relax the flow of the energy and blood.

As a result, the Aura's flow began to stabilize again.

The Sacmhunkyo leader's nose stopped bleeding, and his pupils also found its focus.

That was when Min Sung let go of him.

The Samchunkyo leader gasped into consciousness and began breathing heavily.

His already rough breathing turned even rougher due to his growing rage.

"I told you to kill me!"

The Samchunkyo leader yelled.

"Whether you die or not is up to me. You have no right to decide," Min Sung said with a dark look in his eyes.

"You little!"

"Most people turn the energy of nature into Aura, but it seemed like you form that Aura energy in your abdomen. I'm impressed. I've never thought of that before."


The Samchunkyo leader's pupils shook.

The astonishment about the ability that he had forgotten about made his heart sink.

'He had that kind of power without making a core inside his abdomen?'

"I'll get even stronger thanks to you."

The Samchunkyo leader looked at Min Sung as if he had seen a monster.


Min Sung whispered something in the Samchunkyo leader's ears that he never wanted to hear.

"I cast a simple curse on you. You'll like it."

"A curse?"

The Samchunkyo leader asked.

"I had to calm down the inside of your body, and in that process, I touched a few parts of the system that allows you to use nature's energy as your core."

The Samchunkyo leader's eyes were filled with fear.

"Y-you're saying"

The Samchunkyo leader stared back at Min Sung as if he didn't want to believe what he was hearing.

"Yeah, you now have an average, yet not so average body. When you use your Aura, you'll experience great pain. But you won't die. And as long as you can't use your Aura, you won't be able to hurt yourself with any weapon."

Min Sung laughed bitterly.

"Your passive skill. Because of your shielding ability"

Min Sung's eyes sank low.

" You won't be able to kill yourself."

Min Sung continued,

"So now, you're in a state where you can't live or die."

The Samchunkyo leader felt as though the devil was speaking in front of him.

He was so mentally shocked that he plopped down on his knees.

"What do you think? Do you like it?"

Min Sung asked.

The Samchunkyo leader's eyes shed tears.

He lost his worth as a fighter.

And that meant Samchunkyo was nothing now.

'I can't even die even if I wanted to'

'How am I supposed to live on when I lost everything?'

For a fighter, losing their Aura meant losing everything.

'But on top of that, I'm forced to keep on living?'

The Samchunkyo leader looked up at Min Sung with teary eyes.

"I-I'm sorry. Please kill me. Please I'm getting you. It's hell to stay alive like this! Please kill me!"

The Samchunkyo leader pleaded.

"Then give me the book and explain what I don't understand. Then I'll kill you."

The Samchunkyo leader covered his face with despair at the thought that he had no other choice.

The leader lifted his head and shook as if he was convulsing.

"Do you really think I'll listen to you? I'm the leader of Samchunkyo!"


Inside the library of Samchunkyo.

Ho Sung Lee was fanning Min Sung as he read the book of combat.

Bowl was wriggling in Min Sung's pocket while sleeping, and the gold goblin, Ssol, massaged Min Sung's shoulders from behind.

In contrast to Min Sung, who was sitting comfortably as if he was the owner of the house, the Samchunkyo leader was standing with his hands up in the air wearing just his underwear.

"How fascinating. I didn't know you could use the Aura this way."

Min Sung continued to read the book of combat.

The principles of Samchunkyo's book were more groundbreaking the more he read.

Unlike simply borrowing nature's energy to use it temporarily, their standard was to form a core within them where they would collect the Aura and later use them in combat.

The abdomen, which would become the core, was connected to an alveolar vein, which meant that just by collecting magic energy inside, the power of the Aura was capable of boosting one's power exponentially.

This was exactly why the Chinese hunters were superior to the rest.

But he only later found out that he had plenty of Aura within his own abdomen.

And magic energy was flowing through his alveolar vein, which meant that the book that he just read was useless.

"Ho Sung."

"Yes, Sir."

Ho Sung Lee bowed down and stuck out his neck in response.

"Stop fanning me and read this."

Min Sung threw the book that he was just reading.

The Samchunkyo leader grimaced at the sight of Min Sung treating his book like trash, but he simply bit down on his lip and held it in.

No good would come out of expressing his rage, and he would only be humiliated as a result.

The Samchunkyo leader sighed at his own state.

It was only a few hours ago that he lived as the great leader of Samchunkyo.


In response to the Samchunkyo leader's sigh.

"Stop sighing. I don't want to hear it."

Min Sung glared.

The Samchunkyo leader held in his next sigh. He dropped his head and grimaced.

He really wanted to go to the afterlife.

'I should look on the bright side.'

'At least there will be a descendant to Samchunkyo.'

The leader continued to comfort himself with such thoughts.

He didn't think he could endure this otherwise.

On the other hand, he just wanted to go crazy.

At that moment...

"Hey, Leader."

In response to Min Sung's calling, the Samchunkyo leader gulped and lifted his stiff face.

"Bring me food."