Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 158

Volume 1 Chapter 158


The wind blew inside the library.

" Food?"

The Samchunkyo leader wondered if he heard him wrong.

"Yeah. I'm hungry. I'm sure you make pretty decent food. It's all about quality. It doesn't have to be much. Including this person beside me, make enough food for 2 people."

Min Sung then grabbed another book that was lying on the table.

The Samchunkyo leader blankly stared at Min Sung and then looked at the ground with concern.

Min Sung closed the book again and then walked toward the Samchunkyo leader, who was in nothing but his white panties.

The leader instinctively flinched and trembled.

"Hurry up and make the best thing you can make here," Min Sung said right in front of the Samchunkyo leader's face.

The Samchunkyo leader pointed at the red robe that was folded away.

"Can I please put on my clothes first?"

The Samchunkyo leader looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Ho Sung."

In response, Ho Sung Lee lifted his head in the middle of reading a book.

"Yes, Sir!"

"Keep your eye on him. Check that he's not putting poison into the food."

"Yes, Sir. Is it okay that I go alone?"

Ho Sung Lee asked with an anxious face.

"Yeah. You can beat him."

In response to Min Sung's remark, the Samchunkyo leader opened his eyes wide as if he was hurt.

Ho Sung Lee looked at the Samchunkyo leader in pity.

And when the Samchunkyo leader noticed Ho Sung Lee's glance, he looked even more hurt as he put on his clothes.


The Samchunkyo leader walked out of the library with Ho Sung Lee.

He normally would have been able to call someone over, but since he was no longer able to use his Aura, he had to look for the people in person.

In addition, there were also guards standing by, but they had all left.

The only ones remaining were those who got paid.

The Samchunkyo leader smiled bitterly.

It wasn't long ago that he lived a life of luxury like an emperor.

But after he met that Korean hunter, he lost all the authority that he previously had.

'Life is a joke.'

The Samchunkyo leader wanted to die as soon as possible.

Just the thought of the humiliation he endured with his clothes off made him furious inside.

He wanted to vomit blood and die.

When he refused to help him with the books of martial arts, he used an alternative and cruel method.

'Ugh Damn it.'

He thought he was capable of withstanding most tortures, but this was way too cruel.

When he grabbed him by the throat and unleashed his magic spell, a nightmare ensued.

He experienced pain that he had never felt before.

Rather than doing something that would make him lose consciousness, he made sure he stayed present And the thought of that gave him chills.

The nightmare planted inside his head caused pain all over his body.

Complete darkness.

The Samchunkyo leader struggled within that darkness.

The devil's laughter didn't stop, and it continued to ring from all directions.

The sound of the devil's laughter dug through his eardrums, and the dirty and sticky hands of the devil touched him all over his body and began to eat him alive.

The most shocking part of all was the fact that he could never wake from it.

It was a darkness that couldn't be compared to physical pain.

This was more than just torture. He was being pushed down into Hell.

When the Samchunkyo leader thought back on those memories, his face grew pale, his eyes darkened, and he felt his skin dry up.

And his memory of standing in just his underwear during his so-called punishment made him feel so humiliated that death would have been better.

But why wasn't he going crazy?

That was the most painful question of all.

The Samchunkyo leader shook those thoughts out of his head.

At that moment.

"Cheer up," Ho Sung Lee said.

Th Samchunkyo leader looked at Ho Sung Lee and sighed deeply.

'I can't believe I'm hearing this from that thing.'

He no longer had the energy to even look angry, as he was now nothing but a tiger without its fangs.

" What's his favorite food?"

The Samchunkyo leader asked with an exhausted voice.

"You don't have to worry about making it healthy. It just has to taste good."

The Samchunkyo leader thought of all the food he had tried in the past.

But he had always been so obsessed with martial arts that he never had a particular interest in food.

Furthermore, he felt heavy when he ate so much, so he never ate much, and in order to grow his muscles, he mostly ate meat along with nutritional supplements.

For that reason, the Samchunkyo leader had no idea what kind of food was considered delicious or satisfying.

"Oh, you don't' have to worry about the menu. You have me."

Ho Sung Lee caught on and got rid of the Samchunkyo leader's worries.

In response, the leader sighed.

"Stop sighing. You might get beat up by my master again."

The Samchunkyo leader was about to sigh once more, but he swallowed it back.


They reached the kitchen.

The Sachunkyo leader called upon another person.

He told him he had to prepare delicious food, and that Ho Sung Lee would watch over the process.

In response, the employee asked for just a moment and returned to the kitchen in order to prepare the materials.

Luckily, the soldiers had all left Samchunkyo, but the cooks, who got paid to work, were still there.

Meanwhile, Ho Sung Lee saw all of the employees dressed in modern clothes and sighed at the Samchunkyo leader.

"Hey, Mister."

In response, the Samchunkyo leader flinched and looked at Ho Sung Lee.

He felt rage within him, but his original vigor had died down due to his recent circ.u.mstances.

Since Min Sung Kang prevented him from being able to use his Aura, he was nothing more than just a regular person.

"What are you glaring at? And what's with that outfit?"

Ho Sung Lee scanned the Samchunkyo leader's outfit in pity.

Ho Sung Lee knitted his brows at the bright red and silky robe.

"I mean, everyone else is wearing modern clothes. Why are you dressed like that? So embarrassing."

The Samchunkyo leader stared into space.

When he saw his blank face, Ho Sung Lee coughed thinking he might have crossed the line.

"Well, I respect your taste, but I feel like you're going overboard Sorry if I offended you."

The Samchunkyo leader plopped down on his knees. He grabbed his head and began screaming.


Ho Sung Lee flinched in response.

"Huh? What's wrong, Mister? I said I'm sorry! Okay, fine. It looks good on you. You look cool!"

Ho Sung Lee tried to comfort him, but there was no use.

The Samchunlyo leader screamed and rolled around on the ground like a crazy person.

Ho Sung Lee sighed and stared at him with discomfort.


The sight made him feel bad for him.


Ho Sung Lee looked around the kitchen where the food was made in Samchunkyo.

Everyone was busy cooking.

Many people worked in this kitchen, and it was full of cooks who were very talented.

Samchunkyo had so much money that they employed the best chefs.

But it wasn't all about skill.

To Min Sung Kang, it was all about a proper meal more than a meal that was served in a classy manner.

Ho Sung Lee watched over the cooks inside the kitchen.

He instructed them on what to make and how to make it.

Ho Sung Lee made his orders very clear.

And then he watched over them as they prepared it.

He almost looked like he had been working as the head of that kitchen for years, which made everyone feel taken aback.

And as for the Samchunkyo leader, he simply stood near the door covered in dirt as if he was a dirty and abandoned broom.


Min Sung read the books and memorized all of the technical skills.

What he read, in the beginning, were just basics that were unnecessary, but these detailed skills were things he could make use of.

He was able to use all sorts of abilities even with the weakest force.

The information he read was impressive.

After much contemplation, he acknowledged that this was compiled through extensive research.

He quickly read through the book and went on to the average as well as the advanced books.

The advanced books focused mostly on revelations.

There was a limit to martial arts.

And the only way to surpass that limit was to approach it with a new mindset and method.

There was one thing in particular that Min Sung realized while reading the books, which was that he had only been focusing on increasing the force of his magic spells.

The reason why he was able to increase the force was because he ate a lot of monsters in the Demonic Realm.

He literally swallowed them whole, allowing him to absorb their magic power as well.

However, the speed of advancement was low when one only focused on the output.

In order to claim new territory and become stronger, he had to do things completely differently.

He needed to change his mindset.

While Min Sung thought about that.

Knock, knock-

He heard someone knock.

"Come in," Min Sung replied.