Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 159

Volume 1 Chapter 159


The door opened, followed by Ho Sung Lee and the Samchunkyo leader and behind them were Samchunkyo employees bringing in food.

Min Sung got up and pushed his book aside.

As soon as the food arrived, the book became unimportant.

Min Sung's focus was solely on the cooks who were bringing in food.

The food appeared in front of Min Sung.

Min Sung looked down at the food with sparkling eyes.

One of the dishes that came out was the famous Beijing Kaoya.

Beijing Kaoya was known as one of the best dishes in China, and it was composed of a whole duck.

It almost looked like the roast chicken they sold on Korean streets, but the color was completely different.

The Beijing Kaoya received so much light that it was pale, making it look almost s.e.xy.

Like a woman who was tanned in all the right ways.

The chef approached to cut it up for him, and Min Sung allowed it.

The chef began cutting the Beijing Kaoya in front of Min Sung.

Seeing how he was separating the skin from the meat in bite-size pieces, it must have been a dish where the two parts were eaten separately.

Just looking at him made him feel satisfied.

He was fascinated.

It didn't look too different from the roast chicken in Korea, but it somehow looked more luxurious.

Min Sung stared at the Beijing Kaoya with great anticipation.

Min Sung picked up his chopsticks and started with the skin.

Om nom!


'It's crispy and savory!'

Min Sung appreciated the savory flavors of the skin and compared it to Bossam that he ate in Korea.

He dipped a piece of the Beijing Kaoya in soy sauce and wrapped it in cuc.u.mber-based vegetables before taking another bite.

Om nom!

The flavors in his mouth were a work of art.

'So good!'

He knitted his brow and appreciated the flavor.

This was what they called Beijing Kaoya in China.


Min Sung felt a sense of harmony from the soft meat, vegetables, and Baobing.

He felt like the inside of his mouth was on a yacht, enjoying the nice ocean breeze.

'This is amazing.'

Min Sung enjoyed the Beijing Kaoya.

The more he ate, the more he understood why people of the Ching Dynasty enjoyed this dish so much.

Once Min Sung finished the main dish, he moved on to the next.

It was another famous dish in China called Kungpao Chicken.

Despite being a chicken dish, it smelled very spicy.

Min Sung looked down at the food in awe.

This was one of the dishes that originated from the Qing Dynasty, and it was fried to be crispy.

It was a dish made of chicken, peanuts, peppers, cuc.u.mbers, carrots, onions, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar.

It was oily like most Chinese dishes were.

Before the memory of the Beijing Kaoya disappeared from his head, Min Sung immediately tasted the Kungpao Chicken.

Om nom, om nom!

The soft flavors of the chicken accompanied by spiciness stimulated his nostrils, and the sweet and salty flavour triggered his mind.

'Is this the depth of China's flavors?'

The movements of Min Sung's chopsticks grew faster.

'This is good.'

It was spicy, making it addictive.

Min Sung's speed grew faster after every bite.


The Samchunkyo leader blankly stared as Min Sung ate his food.

The Samchunkyo leader knitted his brows and dropped his jaw as his eyes stared far into space

' How does he make it look so good?'

When comparing to himself, who wanted to dominate the world, it was shocking to see Min Sung focusing on just one meal.

When he looked back on it, he had spent most of his time trying to get stronger.

And as a result, he was unable to enjoy the small things.

He was obsessed with power, authority, and the desire to take over the world.

'But what's the point'

In the end, he was defeated and humiliated by someone stronger, and he was now unable to enjoy a meal like the one Min Sung was eating.

The Samchunkyo leader realized how useless everything had been and shut his eyes tight.

"Hey, Leader."

In response to Min Sung's calling, the Samchunkyo leader opened his eyes.

He had already finished his meal.

Min Sung wiped his mouth with a napkin and pointed a the empty plates and bowls.

"Do the dishes. And Ho Sung, watch him."

"Yes, Sir."

Min Sung then took his book and left the room.

The Samchunkyo leader watched as Min Sung left.

He felt a surge of emotions.

He couldn't help himself to say what was on his mind.

He knew he wouldn't listen anyway.

The Samchunkyo leader picked up the bowls with a face that looked like he lost a country.

He was so out of it that a bowl slipped from his hands.

When the bowl fell, a piece of Kung Pao chicken fell on his robe.

The Sacmhunkyo leader stared at the oil that got on his robe.

And then.

"Sob Sob."

The Samchunkyo leader covered his eyes with his hands and cried.


But he then burst into laughter.

Ho Sung Lee watched anxiously.

"What's wrong?"

The Samchunkyo leader ignored him and continued to laugh.

Once he was finished, he picked up the bowl from the ground with a clearer look in his eyes.

He took the rest of the plates and bowls and quietly left.

Ho Sung Lee followed with a confused look on his face.


Since they were in the middle of the mountains, the sound of birds and crickets could be clearly heard, the sun was bright, and the air was fresh.

Min Sung sat in the middle of a long staircase and read his books as if they were comic books.

While he was reading, he heard someone approaching.

Min Sung looked to the direction of the noise.

He saw a man in a wheelchair approaching through the hall.

Min Sung put down his book and looked at him.

He didn't feel any kind of hidden intentions.

He stopped in front of the stairs and looked up at Min Sung.

He was a man with glasses and a fierce look on his face, but his eyes were filled with pain.

"Hello. I'm Yoo Tae Jung."

The man introduced himself as Yoo Tae Jung and bowed so low that he could see the top of his head.

Min Sung looked down at him without a word.

Yoo Tae Jung lifted his head back up and cautiously looked at Min Sung.

There was no hostility in his eyes.

Min Sung waited for him to get to the point.

Yoo Tae Jung had no hostility, but he had no fear either.

All he experienced was great pain.

The man in the wheelchair, Yoon Tae Jung came down from his wheelchair.

He was unable to move the bottom half of his body, so he plopped down onto the ground as soon as he got off.

Yoo Tae Jung kept his head on the ground as if he was bowing down to Min Sung.

"I just have one request for you."

Min Sung watched without a single ounce of interest in his eyes.

Yoo Tae Jung lifted his head and looked at Min Sung.

Min Sung and Yoo Tae Jung met eyes.

A moment of silence then ensued.

"What is it?"

Min Sung asked.

Yoo Tae Jung gulped and began speaking with a stiffened face.


Before the monster break began, there were three boys who grew up in an orphanage together.

Once they left the orphanage, they continued to endure difficult circ.u.mstances, so they relied on each other quite a bit.

That was when the monster break began

Rousers began appearing, and the second eldest and the youngest of the three boys became a rouser with the qualifications of a hunter.

They were able to defeat monsters with their strength, and because they were more powerful than the rest, they were able to advance quickly.

A few years after that, an organization called Samchunkyo came about.

The leader of Samchunkyo commanded to find more skilled hunters in order to make Samchunkyo grow.

And among them, there were two boys that stood out.

They were the robed man, Jae Hyuk Han, and his little brother, Min Ho Kim.

The Samchunkyo leader knew they had a deep affection for each other, so he kidnapped the youngest so that the second-eldest could be his puppet.

And then he used the youngest to threaten him.

What started as an attempt to save his little brother continued until now.

That was the story that Yoo Jae Jung, who was the eldest among the three boys, told Min Sung.

"I'll do whatever you ask. Just please free my brother"

Min Sung looked down at Yoo Tae Jung and then laughed.

"Did you try to kill me as well as countless other people just to save your brother?"

The man in the wheelchair, Yoon Tae Jung didn't answer and dropped his forehead on the ground.

"I'll do anything. So please"

"Why should I trust you?"

"There's a thing called a magic contract. If we sign a contract with a rare item from the dungeon, I'll have no choice but to obey you."

"But you don't look that useful to me. I killed your brother, Jae Hyuk Han. But you still want to follow me?"

"I won't resent you for what happened while I was looking for my brother."

The man in the wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung looked up at Min Sung with sincerity in his eyes.

Min Sung slowly looked away.