Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 160

Volume 1 Chapter 160

"Bring him here," Min Sung instructed.

From behind Min Sung, the sound of footsteps and metal clanging could be heard coming down the stairs.

And when Yoo Tae Jung heard that, he looked up in shock.

He listened carefully in nervousness.

He heard the sound of limping footsteps, as well as the metal clanging and getting dragged on the ground.

The man in a wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung, gulped wondering if it was who he was thinking of.

A moment later, the youngest of the 3 orphans, Min Ho Kim, appeared.

The man in the wheelchair looked up and his eyes were filled with tears.

The youngest, Min Ho Kim, had his eyes covered with a cloth, and around his body were chains made of magic.

The man in the wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung, bit down on his lip as he looked at his wobbling brother.

He didn't even have to ask to know what kind of pain he had endured.

"I'll erase his memory," Min Sung said.

The man in the wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung, quickly looked over at him.

"Is that possible?"

Min Sung called over Bowl.

Bowl squirmed out of his pocket, and once he was on the ground, he looked up at Min Sung and rubbed his eyes.

"Erase Min Ho Kim's memory," Min Sung instructed.

Bowl looked up at Min Ho Kim at the top of the stairs and then back at Min Sung.

"I can erase his memory from the last hour, but if that's not the case, I have to erase his entire memory," Bowl said with an unconfident voice.

"I don't care. Erase it all."

Min Sung looked at Yoo Tae Jung and continued,

"Do you agree with this?"

He asked.

Yoo Tae Jung nodded with a desperate look on his face.

"Of course. Thank you. I owe you my life!"

Yoo Tae Jung shouted with all his sincerity.

When he heard Yoo Tae Jung's voice, Min Ho Kim tried to wriggle out of his magic chains and ended up falling on the ground.

Although his body was tied up and his eyes were covered, he tried to look for his brother, Yoo Tae Jung.

"I can take off your blindfold, so you two can see each other for the last time," Min Sung offered.

However, the eldest of the 3 brothers, Yoo Tae Jung, shook his head.

"I just want him to rest in peace without any more pain."

Min Ho Kim broke out into tears through his blindfold.


In response to Min Sung's call.


The youngest brother, Min Ho Kim, was gagged, so all he could do was cry.

Bowl jumped up the stars toward Min Ho Kim, who was tied up with magic chains.

He then looked at him and took out his small cane from his back.

As soon as Bowl used his dark magic, dark energy was absorbed by Min Ho Kim's body.

And as soon as flames appeared in Bowl's eyes, Min Ho Kim lost his memory and dropped his head to the ground.

"Bowl, get rid of the magic chains and moved Min Ho Kim to the bedroom."

"Yes, Master."

Bowl bounced up the stairs. He broke the magic chains. He then put Min Ho Kim on his shadow board and headed out of Taehwajeon.

Min Sung stood in the middle of the stairs and took out a weapon from his item window.


Thunder and lightning struck from his Orichalc.u.m Sword.

" Thank you for this luxurious death," the man in the wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung, said in tears.

Min Sung swung his Orichalc.u.m Sword without a word.


The eldest brother, who never woke up as a hunter.

The man in the wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung, followed the second eldest brother, Jae Hyuk Han, to the afterlife.

Min Sung stared at the first brother in the wheelchair for a very long time.

And then...

After a moment of silence.

"Take out the leader," Min Sung said in a dark voice while looking down at Yoo Tae Jung's body.

Ho Sung Lee walked down the stairs. He bowed down to Min Sung and then went down to the hall.

He then opened a nearby casket and let the Samchunkyo leader out.

Around him wasn't a chain made of magic but a plain rope.

Ho Sung Lee made him kneel in front of the stairs.


Min Sung stared down at the Samchunkyo Leader with fierce eyes and continued,

"I'm going to ask you a question, and I don't care if it's the truth or a lie. But if I sense that it's a lie, you're going to have that painful nightmare again. And it'll be extra long this time."

The leader lifted his head and stared at Min Sung with fearful eyes.

He was about to say something but stopped himself.

Just thinking about the pain he endured last time made the Samchunkyo leader's body stiffen up.

He was no longer able to look at Min Sung and dropped his head.

"First question," Min Sung started with a low voice.

"Where's the recipe for the sedative that represses the item's side effects?"

Min Sung asked the Samchunkyo leader with a glare.

"It's in the library!"

The leader trembled as he quickly answered.

He was scared as if he was faced with the god of devils.

"And what's the way to get rid of the side effects once and for all without the sedative?"

The Samchunkyo leader knitted his brows and gulped.

"That's not possible. Inside the item is an insect, and once it enters a human body, it stays in there until the human is dead."

"Is it contagious?"

The Samchunkyo leader shook his head.

Min Sung nodded and slowly got up.

He then slowly walked down the steps while looking down upon the Samchunkyo leader.

"Gasp! I didn't lie! It's the truth! I promise!"

The Samchunkyo leader plopped down on his bottom.

But he didn't think to run and remained stiff as he peed himself.

Meanwhile, Min Sung walked off the stairs and stood in front of the Samchunkyo leader.

He then stared down at him.

"Huff! Huff! Huff!"

The Samchunkyo leader panted because of Min Sung's stare.

Min Sung kneeled in front of the Samchunkyo leader and met eyes with him.

The Samchunkyo leader shook as if he was convulsing.

"Kill me now. Just kill me!"

The Samchunkyo leader shouted with more strength in his body.

"I learned something interesting thanks to your books. You use a unique method to acquire magic... For example"

When Min Sung lifted his hand, the Samchunkyo leader flinched and lifted his head up high.

Min Sung then slowly clenched his hand.

At that moment.



The Samchunkyo leader's two legs began to break due to the pressure Min Sung applied.

Despite not being able to use his Aura, the Samchunkyo leader was able to endure it due to his long training.

As a result, he didn't faint and withstood the pain.

That was also a benefit that allowed him to stay alive as well as a disadvantage of not being able to die.

But compared to the nightmare that Min Sung showed him, this pain was nothing.

The Samchunkyo leader panted because of the pain while staring at Min Sung.

Min Sung's mouth opened.

"I read the books, and there's no problem with me reading them even without your help. It's been interpreted so well."

The Samchunkyo leader widened his eyes with shock.

It must have been a lie.

He had devoted his whole life to make those books.

And they weren't made to be easily understood.

But that wasn't important considering the situation he was in.

" Then?"

The Samchunkyo leader looked at Min Sung with anticipation.

Min Sung pointed at the first brother of the 3.

It was the man in the wheelchair, Yoo Tae Jung, who recently died.

"Look at what you did."

The Samchunkyo leader grimaced at the sight.

"What is it that you want to say?"

"What do you think?"

"Who cares about that sc.u.m? If you've interpreted the books, you don't need my help! So just kill me!"

The Samchunkyo leader said with bloodshot eyes.

Min Sung grabbed him by the throat.

"Gasp?! Cough! I-I told you to kill me! I did your dishes, and I even cooperated with you for the books! This isn't what we agreed on!"

The Samchunkyo leader wriggled in fear.

"Yeah. But the pain you caused them, using them as puppets, and trying to kill me. Considering all of those things you did, killing you wouldn't be enough. There's no need to waste time with someone useless."

"Then why are you doing this?"

The Samchunkyo leader screamed in frustration.

"Because of you, I have a lot more on my plate. And more importantly"

Min Sung's hands radiated with magic, and his eyes flashed like that of a ghost.

"You shouldn't have messed with the restaurants and the cooks."

"Ugh! W-what?!"

The nightmare began.

The Smachunkyo leader's face shriveled up and lost all of its fat.

Even his long hair fell off of his head.

In no time, his body aged and his body began to deteriorate. He then went into the process of regeneration.

His damaged body regenerated and repeated for every section.

"Ho Sung, bring the sedative recipe."

Min Sung spoke as he continued to drown the Samchunkyo leader with his magic.

In response, Ho Sung Lee immediately fan over to the library.