Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 162

Volume 1 Chapter 162

"I was really worried about you. I'm glad you're back safe."

Ji Yoo Kim greeted Min Sung with a bright smile on his face.

She was dressed in a white suit and seemed to have fully recovered from her injuries.

But her face was a little pale as if she wore too much makeup or the aftereffects were still there.

While the camera shutters continued to flash, Min Sung scanned the reporters.

Ji Yoo Kim stood closer to Min Sung.

"The media are all talking about you in their headlines. It might get uncomfortable, but you'll be the center of attention for a while."

"Was it your idea to put up the barricades?"

Min Sung asked.

Ji Yoo Kim smiled softly.

"You'll have no choice but to get attention, but we'll do our best at the Central Institute so that it doesn't get in the way of your life."

There were guards lining the barricades.

As soon as Ji Yoo Kim gave a signal, the guards pushed the reporters back to make way.

At the end of the path was a large luxury car.

"We'll take you to your home."

Min Sung looked at the car and guards and smirked.

"It doesn't feel like I went and killed people," Min Sung said as he walked.

Ji Yoo Kim caught her breath and followed Min Sung.

Ho Sung Lee, Ssol, and Min Ho Kim followed behind them.

On their way to the car, Ji Yoo Kim approached Min Ho Kim, who was nervous, and made sure he was comfortable.


"We prepared a party hall. You can have your meeting with the world hunters there. The time is tomorrow at 6. I sent the location to Ho Sung, and the Central Institute will make sure you get there comfortably."

Ji Yoo Kim smiled at Min Sung, who was looking out the window.

"Will you be able to hold a formal interview there?"


In response, Ho Sung Lee immediately looked back at Min Sung.

Ji Yoo Kim was also surprised at the response she wasn't expecting.

But Min Sung continued to look out the window.

And then.

"Ho Sung."


"Did you find a blowfish restaurant?"

"Oh! I'm sorry. I looked into it. I felt like it would be uncomfortable for you to eat outside given the current circ.u.mstances, so I asked the restaurant if they could come to us, and they said they could make an exception as long as you give them the go-ahead. What should we do?"

"What else? Tell them to come over. Make them come right away."

"Yes, Sir. Then I'll tell them to go to your house and prepare the meal immediately."

Ho Sung immediately gave the blowfish restaurant a call.


After dropping off Min Sung's party, Ji Yoo Kim took off with Min Ho Kim.

In order to make sure that no reporters or strangers went near Min Sung's house, the Central Institute stationed hunters in the area.

Meanwhile, Min Sung went inside his house.

His personal chef, Woong Jang greeted them with a smile.

As for Woong Jang's granddaughter, she just stared at Min Sung with a blank look on her face.

Ever since she heard about Min Sung on the news, her attitude with him completely changed.

She wasn't scared of him, but she looked at him as if he was royalty.

"Your jaw looks like it might fall off."

Ho Sung Lee grumped at Sia Jang in jealousy.

On the other hand, Min Sung had no interest and just passed Sia Jang...

And just greeted Woong Jang with an 'I'm back'.

Woong Jang smiled and nodded.

Sia Jang couldn't take her eyes off of Min Sung as if she was a little kid obsessed with an idol.

And then...


The golden goblin, Ssol, looked at up Sia Jang, and in response, she screamed. She plopped on her butt and burst into tears.

When Sia Jang cried, Ssol cried with her but without a sound.

Woong Jang looked at Ssol with a surprised look as well.

"This is our new family member."

Ho Sung Lee patted the golden goblin, Ssol, as if he was praising him.

Woong Jang looked closely in fascination.

Meanwhile, Sia Jang ran back to her room.

Woong Jang laughed at his granddaughter, while Ho Sung Lee stuck out his tongue as Sia Jang went up the stairs.

"What about his meal?"

Woong Jang asked.

"Oh, the cooks at a blowfish restaurant are bringing the materials right now."

Ho Sung Lee checked his watch and continued.

"They'll probably get here in 10 minutes."

Woong Jang nodded.

"Then I'd better set it up so that they can get started."

Woong Jang rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands at the sink.

"Then I guess I'll wait outside for the team."

Ho Sung Lee headed to the front door with a cigarette in his mouth.

He lit his cigarette as soon as he passed the yard, and when he peeked through the gates, it was so quiet out there that he wondered if Min Sung was actually famous.

But Ho Sung Lee understood once he found out that the Central Institute hunters were keeping guard.

'Oh! It's because of Central Institute.'

Ho Sung Lee realized what he had forgotten and laughed quietly.

"Well, they already know Min Sung is going to be at the party tomorrow. So they have no reason to be in a rush."

Ho Sung Lee smoked his cigarette as he mumbled.

He then thought about the party that would be held tomorrow.

It was going to be splendid.

There was going to be a seat for Min Sung Kang, and Min Sung Kang would probably intimidate the world hunters with his great presence.

It was going to be a historical moment when Korea finally got to dominate over the rest of the world.

Ho Sung Lee wasn't particularly a patriot, but he was excited for tomorrow to come as a fellow Korean.

While he was laughing, he heard the sound of a car.

It was the blowfish team.

Ho Sung Lee threw out his cigarette and lifted his arms above his head.

"Over here!"

Ho Sung Lee screamed with his hands in the air.


A fancy feast was being prepared.

A long wooden table was set up in the yard, covered in a table cloth.

Clean plates and utensils were set up, and the smell of the food cooking filled the air.

Various wines were set up in wooden boxes, and soju bottles were kept in bins filled with ice cubes.

The atmosphere was almost perfect for their upcoming meal.

"Call him," Woong Jang instructed.

"Yes, Sir!"

Ho Sung Lee, who was watching TV in the living room, immediately got up and knocked on Min Sung's door.


After the knock, Min Sung came out of his room soon afterward.

"Let's go."

Ho Sung Lee pointed ahead of them.

Min Sung led the way while Ho Sung Lee followed behind them.

When they arrived in the yard, it almost looked like a garden party.

The cooks from the blowfish restaurant greeted Min Sung with a smile.

Min Sung gave them a nod and then sat down at the long wooden table.

Sia Jang also ran out to the yard and sat next to Min Sung.

"Why are you sitting there when he's about to enjoy his meal?"

Ho Sung Lee stuck out his lip and glared.

At that moment-

"Sit down, everyone. Let's eat."

In response to Min Sung's instructions, Ho Sung Lee showed a surprised look on his face, and Woong Jang smiled as he sat next to Sia Jang.

So Ho Sung Lee also sat down, and Bowl crawled out of Min Sung's pocket and sat on top of the table like a mascot.

As for the golden goblin, Ssol, he was just surprised that he could see trees in the yard.

Meanwhile, the blowfish team confirmed that everyone was seated before delivering the dishes.


Since he hadn't eaten a single meal during his journey back to Korea, Min Sung was starving.


His stomach made it clear.

However, Min Sung patiently waited for the food to arrive.

Since this was a Tiger Puffer, it was going to be different from the standard blowfish.

Min Sung gulped as his stomach urged him to eat.

His body wanted this pain to go away.

Min Sung breathed in and out and waited patiently.

"Should we prepare your drinks beforehand?"

One of the blowfish cooks asked.

"I'll have white wine."

The cook nodded. The cook opened a bottle of white wine and began pouring white wine into Min Sung's glass followed by the rest of the party.

When Min Sung lifted his glass as he waited, Ho Sung Lee, Woong Jang, and Sia Jang also raised their glasses, and Bowl raised his water glass.

Although they were waiting for him to make a toast, Min Sung drank his wine without a word and enjoyed the flavors.


All of Min Sung's senses were focused on this meal.

The white wine that he had just tasted was clean.

As an American white wine, there was no fishy scent. It was sweet, and it was overall very clean and easy to drink.

He felt as though the glass of wine helped his blood flow better when the first course of his long-awaited blowfish meal came out.

The first dish was the skin of the Tiger Puffer.

It was mostly made of collagen, meaning it was good for the skin and body.

Min Sung put the peel in his mouth and chewed it.

'It's good.'

The chewiness was pleasant and eating it with the salad made it taste fresh while also boosting his appetite.

The Tiger Puffer's peel was, how could he describe it?

'Okay! I'm ready, so let's go for it!'

That was what it was saying.

Once Min Sung finished his Tiger Puffer peel, the next dish that came out was fried soft tofu, which was originally from Japan.


When he chewed on the fried soft tofu, it was crispy but soft like the clouds at the same time.

The entrancing course meal continued.

The blowfish sushi went down smoothly.

As for the fried blowfish, the skin was crispy and could be chewed off like rubs, and it went so perfectly with beer that he couldn't resist.

He immediately ordered a beer and gulped it down.