Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 164

Volume 1 Chapter 164

How much mustard or vinegar one puts in cold noodles was very important.

But for Min Sung, who was very bad at cooking, the question of how much to add was a difficult one.

Luckily at this restaurant, the cold noodles already came with the mustard and vinegar added.

Ho Sung Lee might have recommended this restaurant particularly with that in mind.

After all, Ho Sung Lee's recommendations were always great.

'Time to try it.'

Min Sung cut the cold noodles in half with scissors and then grabbed some cold noodles with his chopsticks.

People had different opinions about what was the most important in cold noodles, but it was definitely the broth and the noodles.

In that sense, this restaurant's cold noodles were near perfection.

The noodles were firm yet soft to the bite.

And the broth had sweet and sour flavors of the perfect degree.

Min Sung continued to chew the noodles while drinking the broth by the bowl.


Gulp, gulp, gulp!

He made a very refreshing sound.

The broth filled with ice was so refreshing that he felt like he was standing under a waterfall.

'This is delicious.'

It was more delicious the more he ate it.

The cold noodles made him almost lose his mind.

It actually made him focus even more.

And he naturally sped up as he continued eating.

'This is so good.'

He focused on the cold noodles solely with that thought in mind.

Min Sung emptied the bowl in no time.

The portion was a little small, but as Ho Sung Lee said, there would be food at the party, so it was unnecessary to fill his stomach to the brim.

Min Sung wiped his mouth with a tissue and got up.

When he gave the owner his credit card, she laughed.

"How was your meal?"

"It was delicious," Min Sung said with a dry yet brighter tone.

"I'll take your money next time. You saved the world, for Christ's sake. This is the least I can do."

When Min Sung hesitated with his card in his hand, the owner laughed and pushed his hand back.

"Get going. It was an honor to meet you, Sir."

The owner bowed so deeply that he could see the top of her head.

Min Sung stared at the owner and then bowed before leaving the shop.


The Korea Grand Party attended by Min Sung Kang and the world hunters took place in the most luxurious building in Gangnam.

There was a red carpet at the entrance of the building, and around the barricade were countless reporters.

The reporters were allowed to enter the party at 10.

That meant they could only capture Min Sung for a short while before 10, but the reporters gathered around the building anyway.

As the time approached closer to 6, the reporters learned that the famous people were about to arrive.

They hurriedly checked their cameras and fought over the best spots.

There were just 30 minutes left before 6 o'clock.

A black sedan arrived in front of the red carpet, and the guest got out.

It was a famous announcer who would host today's event.

As soon as she got out of the car and walked the red carpet, the camera flashes continuously went off.

She almost made the place look like a film festival.

After that, the VIP Korea Grand Party guests arrived one by one.

People from all over the world attended, making it hard to believe it was a Korean event.

Celebrities from all over the world with money and authority attended.

Celebrities from both Korea and other countries could be seen.

Amongst them were really famous celebrities who were invited to the great party.

Even famous Victoria X models walked the red carpet toward the party hall.

Countless celebrities appeared one after the other, followed by the world hunters.

Flashes went off everywhere.

Unlike celebrities, the world hunters didn't show off happy facial expressions.

Since they were about to be criticized by the media, the world hunters looked as if they were getting dragged to their deaths.

For that reason, they didn't enjoy the cameras and headed over to the party hall in a hurry.

A moment later, when most of the VVIP members had stepped on the red carpet.

There were just 5 minutes until 6 o'clock

The Central Institute general, Ji Yoo Kim, and Ho Sung Lee got out of their car.

The reporters showed great interest.

The person of biggest interest was Min Sung Kang, but the Central Institute and Ho Sung Lee were also hot topics of conversation.

For that reason, Ji Yoo Kim and Ho Sung Lee's appearance elicited a hot reaction.

The reporters even fought for the best spots so that they could take good photos.

Meanwhile, Ji Yoo Kim and Ho Sung Lee waited for Min Sung to arrive.

Ho Sung Lee looked uncomfortable about the interest he was getting from reporters, but Ji Yoo Kim had more experience, so she smiled in a comfortable manner.

While Ho Sung Lee waited for Min Sung to arrive, an exhaust sound could be heard from somewhere nearby.

It sounded like the exhaust sound from a supercar.

In response, the reporters tensed up and kept their focus.

A moment later, a flat supercarR12arrived in front of the red carpet while letting out loud exhaust noises.

As soon as the car stopped, the flashes went off even before he got out of the car.

The way the reporters captured him proved that they were willing to waste film just to get the best shot.

Snap- Snap! Snap! Snap!

The spotlight flashed continuously.

And when Min Sung got out from the driver's seat, the flashes went over at an even faster pace.

Min Sung walked to the red carpet underneath the overwhelming flashes.

Min Sung looked so good in his black suit that he almost looked like a living God.

The people who were gathered there stared at Min Sung, who flaunted a thin physique, a tall height, and a handsome face.

Min Sung didn't mind the people around him as he stepped onto the red carpet.

Ji Yoo Kim and Ho Sung Lee followed Min Sung's lead.

Min Sung walked toward the party hall confidently while the reporters showered him with interest.


Min Sung continued to walk the red carpet regardless of all the attention.

The countless flashes lit Min Sung as he walked into the party hall.

As soon as Min Sung entered, the famous celebrities smiled at Min Sung and clapped.

The applause came from all four directions.

It was fascinating.

He had returned from the Demonic Realm after 100 years.

The world had gone mad and living on despite the possibility that he was mad too could have caused an imbalance in the ecosystem, but the reality was different.

This hilarious world was treating him like a hero.

He simply didn't want anyone to disturb his relationship with food, but it escalated to this extent.

And what was about to happen next all started from his hopes that he could live on in a world that he enjoyed living in.

If that was the case...

He had no choice but to use them to some extent.

That was the most convenient way.

And humans only saw what they wanted to see.

That was how the mad world was still functioning.

Min Sung continued to walk.

The celebrities, who were watching, Min Sung, made way for him to walk through.

Min Sung stood in front of the long table.

While countless famous celebrities watched, Min Sung opened a champagne bottle with a straight face and poured himself a glass.

And when he lifted his glass, the celebrities also filled their glasses.

The celebrities focused their eyes on Min Sung while holding their breath.

Min Sung lifted his glass even higher and then chugged the whole glass.

The celebrities smiled brightly and drank after him.

The most famous celebrities in the world began following Min Sung's lead.

Just like that, Min Sung Kang's party began


Ho Sung Lee rubbed his eyes with both his hands.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

'Is that really Min Sung Kang?'

He asked himself over and over inside his head.

Min Sung Kang had greeted many famous people and was now surrounded by Korean celebrities, Victoria underwear models, and Hollywood actors.

To Ho Sung Lee, Min Sung surrounded by the most successful women made him look like a God.

'Why are there so many incredible women around that sterile man?!'

He was jealous beyond belief.

On top of that, Min Sung hid his cold personality and showed off a soft and likable facial expression.

It was just slight, but to Ho Sung Lee, it looked extreme.

After all, Ho Sung Lee knew Min Sung Kang better than anyone.

'Why is he letting his guard down around women?'

'I thought that was the reason why he got so strong!'

' Oh!'

Ho Sung Lee was shocked for a moment.

'Oh yeah'

'That's what Min Sung meant.'

When he thought about it further, he realized that that was just the process of how he became strong.

Min Sung Kang was already strong.

He was so strong that no one could mess with him.

Especially now that the Black Tower and the dungeons were gone, Min Sung had no one to be afraid of.

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung with a pale face and sighed in jealousy.

He was a man who had everything.

That was Min Sung Kang.

Ho Sung Lee drank Tequila straight from the bottle out of jealousy and coughed it all out.