Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 166

Volume 1 Chapter 166

Min Sung took off his elbows from the table. He straightened his back and caught his breath.

"The Black Tower I cleared was just the test server. That means the real game will begin soon. I'll probably bring down that tower too, but if those bastards pop out, we need a line of defense. So we need to set that up."

Min Sung's words were shocking.

How could such a difficult Black Tower be nothing but a test server?

That meant without Min Sung Kang, the world was easily going to come to an end.

"My condition is that while I build the defense line in Korea, you provide all of the supplies that we need. Everything that we need."

It was a rational proposal.

The cost of providing materials was going to be astronomical, but since that was also for the good of the world's peace, it was a plausible agreement.

The problem was that that wasn't the condition of the deal, but their future.

From this point forward, it wasn't a matter of greed, but a matter of survival.

The world hunters grew silent at the unexpected situation.

And the person who broke that silence was American master, Ethan.

"Are you saying providing materials to Korea's line of defense is the best strategy?"

Min Sung nodded.

"Is that all you want?"

"Each country must deposit 10% of its national defense budget into my account, and in return, I won't get involved in the war."

What Min Sung just proposed had nothing to do with the sedative.

The power that Min Sung had alone was the most powerful in the world.

For that reason, saying he wasn't going to be involved meant that he would take his foot out of the world's politics.

And the national defense budget was to be deposited in the case of a war.

Min Sung's revelation that he had no intention of having a war meant that he didn't want to disturb the world's peace, which meant that he was abandoning his greed to rule over the world.

Min Sung Kang not using his power was going to be exchanged for a tithe.

But this wasn't a matter that could be interpreted in such a simple manner.

This meant that it was still a possibility that Min Sung Kang would abandon his home country and step into a different path.

So this also meant that the person, Min Sung Kang, could be set up as its own country.

Since 10% of their national defense budget was a great sum of money even for America, the world hunters were unable to say anything.

"No negotiations. Take it or leave it," Min Sung stressed.

"Will you give us some time to discuss it?"

Min Sung asked.

"How long?"

"1 hour."

"Send me the decision via text, and if you decide to accept my conditions, prepare the contract by tomorrow. Let me repeat. No negotiations."

Min Sung loosened his necktie and walked out of the meeting room.

As soon as Min Sung left, the meeting room suffocated in silence.

A moment later, someone let out a sigh.


Min Sung rented out the entire dessert lounge.

He called Ji Yoo Kim by the window-covered wall and told her to meet him in the lounge, and then he looked out into the grass and trees beyond the glass.

Even if they set up a line of defense for when the Demonic Realm began showing itself for real, there was bound to be damage.

It was possible that the line of defense would be quickly defeated as well.

But even so.

Min Sung's eyes grew dark.

'I can't let this vibrant world go down because of those dirty bastards.'

'I'm going to make sure I kill every single one of them.'

Min Sung's eyes grew colder than ever before as he looked out at the grass and trees.


Ji Yoo Kim took a deep breath before knocking and then headed inside.

Min Sung was sitting in a chair with his legs crossed as he looked out the window.

Ji Yoo Kim watched him for a while, but when Min Sung looked back at her, she lowered her gaze and sat across from him.

Ji Yoo Kim quietly looked at Min Sung and waited for him to say something.

"You must be curious why I didn't call you to the meeting," Min Sung said.

Ji Yoo Kim smiled and shook her head.

"I don't know when."

Min Sung looked out the window and continued,

"But the ones from the Demonic Realm will come pouring out soon," Min Sung calmly explained.

Ji Yoo Kim's face stiffened.

"I'm going to set up a defense line, and the other hunter countries will provide us with the supplies we need."

Ji Yoo Kim continued to listen without a word.

"If the world hunters accept my proposal, that is. But they will. They have no other choice. They're probably discussing it as we speak."


"The Central Institute men will be dispatched to create a defense line against the devils."

"If we do, how long can we last?"

Ji Yoo Kim asked.

"It'll go down. But we don't know how long it'll be before it does," Min Sung replied.

Ji Yoo Kim showed a worried look on her face.

"They'll probably get through the defense line."

Ji Yoo Kim gulped and stared at Min Sung.

Min Sung continued,

"But I won't just sit back and watch. The defense line is simply to buy us some time. But that alone has meaning."

Ji Yoo Kim stared at Min Sung.

"Thank you."

Min Sung, who looked at the scenery across the window smirked.

"Don't misunderstand me. I'm doing all of this for myself in the end."

"I know."

Min Sung looked back at Ji Yoo Kim.

She was smiling.

"But I'm still thankful. And I'm going to protect us. Like you said, we won't last long. But still. We'll do our best to protect this world."

Min Sung stared at Ji Yoo Kim and then looked down with a sigh.

"Well, I don't want to do this"

Min Sung closed his mouth for a moment and then looked at Ji Yoo Kim straight in the eyes.

"But I'll just have to trust you on this one."

In response, Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung with a warm gaze.

But Min Sung avoided her and got up.

"As soon as the world hunters decide, you'll get a call as well. Get moving as soon as you get the message. We don't know when they'll show up."

Ji Yoo Kim looked out the window with many emotions going through her mind.

"They might even appear before we come up with the defense line."

Min Sung also looked out the window with her.

After a moment of silence...

"That's the worst-case scenario. If that happens, we'll have to find another way to buy some time."

Ji Yoo Kim nodded at Min Sung.


Min Sung looked into space.

"If they appear before we have a defense line"

Min Sung grimaced.

"I'm afraid of that, too."

Min Sung turned around.

Ji Yoo Kim watched as Min Sung left the lounge and smiled bitterly.

That man was the only reason why this world still had hope.

Ji Yoo Kim slowly got up and looked up at the moon in the sky.

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect this world. We're weak compared to Min Sung, but still."

Ji Yoo Kim stared at the moon with determined dyes.

"We'll do our best so that you can fight with us backing you up."

Ji Yoo Kim let out a smile.

"I promise you that."

As soon as she said that.

Her phone rang.

Ji Yoo Kim took out her phone and checked her message.

The world hunters all agreed to Mr. Min Sung Kang's proposal. The hunter countries will all supply Korea with the materials they need. Prepare the defense line right away.

Ji Yoo Kim clenched her phone and ran out of the lounge.


Ho Sung Lee sniffled as he looked around him.

He was on the building's rooftop overlooking a spectacular view.

Min Sung was enjoying the scenery at the railing when Ho Sung Lee ran over in response to Min Sung's call.

Ho Sung Lee had no choice but to wait because Min Sung continued to look at the view without a word.

A moment later.

"Ho Sung," Min Sung finally called.

Ho Sung Lee gulped and took a few steps forward.

"Yes, Sir."

"Is there a problem with my personality?"

" Pardon?"

"Don't make me ask twice."

Min Sung looked back at Ho Sung Lee with a frightening look.

Ho Sung Lee gasped and broke out into cold sweat.

"That's such a weird question"

"I already know. For example, when I deal with you."

Ho Sung Lee scratched his head.

"So are you asking me if there's a problem with your personality when you deal with other average people?"

"Something like that."

'Just tell me straight up if that's right or not, damn it.'

'But should I tell him the truth about this?'

When Ho Sung Lee was having such thoughts.

"Just be honest."

"You won't like it though"

"The formal interview will start soon. I just don't want to do anything to delay the process with a useless issue, that's all."

"Oh I see."

Ho Sung Lee had also heard.

About Min Sung's plan.

Min Sung thought that they had to rush to create a defense line since they had no idea when the devils would invade.

He must have been anxious about dragging on time with small problems because he didn't want the devils to arrive before there was a line of defense.

'There's nothing fascinating about this though.'

'He just wants to protect the restaurants.'

'What else is new?'

"Tell me, Ho Sung," Min Sung pressed as he looked out into the scenery.

"I can be honest, right? You're not going to push me off the roof or beat me to death, right?"

"I promise I won't."

Ho Sung Lee fell into deep thought and then made a decision.

It was his duty to tell him the truth about his personality before letting him go to a formal meeting.

Ho Sung Lee breathed in and then opened his mouth.