Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 167

Volume 1 Chapter 167

"You're egomaniac, selfish, cold, and scary. Above all, you don't consider anyone but yourself, and I think that's your biggest problem."

"For example?"

"Hm From what I've heard, the interview will be broadcasted all over the world. So speaking in an informal manner could cause an issue. You always use informal speech no matter who you're talking to. But when you do that to strangers, they feel insulted. No matter what their age is."


When Min Sung didn't react, Ho Sung Lee glanced over at him.

He felt anxious that he might have crossed the line.

"Haha But that's just in Korea. It's not like foreign countries care about that. And you're powerful enough to not care for such a thing. I'm just telling you because you asked. Hahaha"

Ho Sung Lee spoke while minding Min Sung.

"Tell me more."

Ho Sung Lee wiped the sweat off his hands and glanced over at Min Sung again.

"Pardon? More?"


"There's no more."

"Tell me."

"You're just kind of like a robot."

"A robot?"

"Yes. You don't smile, and you don't even show much emotion when you're angry. Haha, so you don't seem human at times. But that also means you look perfect. Haha Most perfectionists give off that kind of vibe.

"Anything else?"

Ho Sung Lee sighed with a tired look on his face in response.

"Sir, I'll be honest since it doesn't seem like you're understanding me. But I'll only say it if you promise you won't hit me or throw me off the building."

"I promise."

"You're just a jerk. People like that don't really change. So don't make a lot of effort, and just be yourself"

Min Sung began walking.

Step, step-

Ho Sung Lee saw Min Sung approach, so he flinched and trembled.

'Oh, no!'

He was so tired that he ended up speaking his mind.

Ho Sung Lee's heart began pounding in worry that he might get hit or thrown over.

Ho Sung Lee closed his eyes shut and cowered with his arms covering his head.

He braced himself for horrifying pain, but thankfully, Min Sung simply tapped Ho Sung Lee on the shoulder and then left the roof.


Once Ho Sung Lee confirmed that Min Sung was gone, he felt relieved both inside and out.

"Phew My heart almost stopped back there."

Ho Sung Lee broke out in cold sweat and let out a sigh.

He then tilted his head.

"Why didn't he hit me?"

Ho Sung Lee felt like something was wrong because Min Sung didn't act as he usually did.


The setting for the interview was set up on top of the stage.

On top of the stage were two red sofas.

A Korean woman was going to carry out the interview, and the questions were composed of what the media from all over the world were curious about.

A crazy number of reporters were gathered in front of the stage to the point that none of them could move.

They all had cameras in their hands, and they waited for Min Sung with the same kind of anticipation.

The Central Insitute hunters set up the barricade and checked that the reporters weren't fighting.

A moment later, the host click-clacked her high heels across the stage.

The host smiled and greeted the camera.

She then sat in her seat and checked her cue cards.

While people were getting ready for the interview, the screen behind the stage zoomed in on the host's face.

Min Sung's interview was going to be broadcasted all over the world.

Standby came to an end and the cameras began rolling.

The host introduced Min Sung with some music in the background.

When Min Sung appeared on stage, the reporters began to snap photos.

Since they were indoors, they kept the flashes on the down-low.

The invited celebrities, who were watching from behind, clapped and cheered.

The host smiled brightly and offered a handshake.

Min Sung accepted the handshake and sat down on the sofa.

As soon as Min Sung took a seat, the sounds of clapping and cheering quieted down.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm So Yeon Choi, and I'm here to conduct your interview today. First, please introduce yourself."

The host asked with a smile.

"I'm Min Sung Kang."


Min Sung's very short introduction made the hall grow silent.

The host was taken aback, but in order to change the mood around, she smiled and began her interview.

"Haha, what a short introduction. But then again, who doesn't know Min Sung Kang nowadays? You've done something unbelievable for this world, so everybody knows your name now."


Min Sung didn't answer.

The host quickly understood Min Sung's personality.

"So everyone in the world including myself is very thankful to you."

She kept her cool and quickly proceeded into her first question.

"Let's begin the interview. Hm Min Sung, although you're the best hunter, not many people knew about you until recently. Why haven't you been revealed to the media when you were such a skilled hunter? Did you purposely hide yourself?"

"It's too bothersome to explain. Let's pass through all the unimportant questions," Min Sung replied.

It wasn't unimportant, but Min Sung didn't see the point in saying anything that could be used for controversy.

The host was taken aback by this and was at a loss for words.

"The hunter organization will give you all the details you need."

The host gulped and let out a cough.

"Yes, I see."

The host shuffled through her cue cards with trembling hands and looked for her next question.

"The world hunters made a formal announcement just an hour ago. They said the construction for a defense line will begin tomorrow. Does that mean a dungeon or a tower could appear again?"

"I'm not sure, but that is likely."

In response, the reporters, as well as the celebrities, began mumbling amongst each other.

The host gasped and gulped.

Despite So Yeon Choi being an experienced host, she was shaken up by the shocking news.

But she quickly got a hold of herself.

"If you set up a defense line, the citizens will be safe, right?"

"The defense line will go down," Min Sung replied.

In response, the host widened her eyes and dropped her jaw.

The reporters stopped typing and stared at each other.

" H-how are you so sure? The dungeons are gone now, and so is the tower. Nothing has begun yet."

"When I cleared the tower, I learned that that tower was just a test, so the real thing will appear sooner or later."


Everyone inside the hall was shocked and speechless as they stared at Min Sung.

"Do you know what will happen if that defense line goes down?"

The host asked.

"Many people will die," Min Sung said as he looked into space

Chaos ensued.

The hall immediately got noisy.

The host opened her mouth with a stiffened face

"Why did you decide to reveal such a shocking fact during a formal interview?"

The host asked with the last bit of hope she had left.

"There will be some damage"

Min Sung continued with a cold look in his eyes.

" But I'll do my best to reduce it as much as possible."

Min Sung gave off an unmatched pose.

The hall, which was shaken up with chaos, quickly grew silent as if someone poured cold water on them.

The reporters stopped their movements, and the celebrities stared at Min Sung.

A mysterious sensation was taking over their bodies.


Min Sung continued,

"The reason why I decided to have this formal interview."

The host stared at Min Sung while gulping and putting strength into her entire body.

The same went for everybody else in the hall and the viewers who were watching the interview.

"... Is because I thought you should know. I was concerned that someone would find telling the public as bothersome and inconvenient. So I thought it'd be easier to tell you myself."

Min Sung was honest.

He told the truth without hiding anything.

"Why did you think we had to know? People all over the world are probably scared," the host asked.

Min Sung stared back at the host as if she asked an obvious question.

But the host didn't back down and kept her gaze on his.

"I'm sure everybody wants to hear it. Some probably don't understand why the truth is so important."

"Just eat what you like and do what you want because some of you might not have much time left," Min Sung calmly answered.

The party hall grew so silent that it looked like a funeral hall.

But the fear didn't last long.

When it came to humans, the most extreme situations gave them a surprising amount of strength.

Realizing the truth was more important than fear.

Min Sung Kang was a man who cleared the tower on his own and dealt with Samchunkyo.

And a man like that announced that he would get rid of anything that threatened the planet.

So the truth that he just revealed caused a ripple inside the hearts of everybody who were watching.

To those who were watching Min Sung, he was like a living 'myth'. The only hero they could rely on, and the only one they could trust.

That truth took root in the hearts of the people who were keeping an eye on Min Sung.