Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 170

Volume 1 Chapter 170


Min Sung arrived at the new Black Tower situated in Korea.

The Black Tower was located on top of Mapo Bridge.

Min Sung knitted his brows while he looked up at the Black Tower with both hands in his pocket.

Ever since the region was taped off as a military zone, the reporters were no longer able to enter.

So the only ones around the tower were Central Institute hunters.

Drones were flying around the tower to capture good footage, and the hunters were busy checking various things.

While Min Sung was looking at the tower, Ji Yoo Kim, who was completely geared up, stood next to him.

"It's impossible to enter the tower," Ji Yoo Kim remarked.

Min Sung continued to stare at the tower with a stiff face.

This tower was a different kind from the one in Manhattan.

All 50 floors were lit up brightly.

"Any other information?"

Min Sung asked as he kept his eyes fixed on the tower.

"Look over there," Ji Yoo Kim said as she pointed toward the tower.

As soon as he looked in that direction, something that hadn't happened at the Manhattan Black Tower was taking place.

A dark light was shining from the Black Tower in all directions.

"What's that?"

Min Sung asked with a raized brow.

"This isn't just our Black Tower, but the ones in other regions as well. A dark light is getting longer and longer. Here's a satellite footage. Take a look."

Ji Yoo Kim passed him a printed photo.

Min Sung took a good look at the map that Ji Yoo Kim handed him.

"This is"

Min Sung knitted his brows.

"Do you know the technology called Blockchain?"

"Explain it to me."

"Blockchain is a combination of the words 'block' and 'chain.' It's a method that came about when cryptocurrency started being exchanged."

"I get the idea. So are you saying this is in the form of a Blockchain?"

"Something like that. Experts are saying that that dark light is what's connecting all of the Black Towers all over the world."

"So if those are connected"

Min Sung tailed off and Ji Yoo Kim nodded at Min Sung Kim.

"They might be able to enter the tower, or"

Min Sung smiled as he looked up at the new Black Tower on Mapo Bridge.

"They'll come pouring out."

In response to Min Sung's prediction, Ji Yoo Kim looked up at the tower and said,

"That's highly likely."

Min Sung folded the map in half and handed it back to Ji Yoo Kim.

"Luckily, we have a bit of time," Min Sung said as he turned around.

Ji Yoo Kim walked alongside Min Sung and smiled bitterly.

"Are we really lucky?"

"At least we have some time. How's the defense line coming along?"

"Korea is faster than the other countries. After all, you picked Korea as the top priority region. But the problem is."

Ji Yoo Kim sighed and continued,

"No matter how fast we go, seeing from the speed of the dark light, the devils might come out of the tower before the defense line is complete"

Ji Yoo Kim's face stiffened.

"Then something unimaginable will happen."

"Exactly," Min Sung said as he stopped in his tracks.


Ji Yoo Kim stopped as well and looked at Min Sung.

"We'll have to find out."

"Find out what?"

"How to slow down the connection of the Black Towers or speed up the completion of the defense line. We'll have to do one or the other."

"We'll try our best, but"

"That's not enough."

Min Sung looked back at the Black Tower with a cold gaze.

"We have to make it happen no matter what."

Ji Yoo Kim sighed and smiled.

"Yes, you're right."

Ji Yoo Kim also looked up at the Black Tower.

Time was running out.



Ho Sung Lee cursed as he hit the wall with his Death Knight Sword.

Ho Sung Lee's Death Knight Sword cut through the protective magic and stabbed it into the wall with a loud noise.

Ho Sung Lee grabbed onto the wall on his knees and trembled.

He had pent up anger inside him, and there was no way of making it go away.

Bowl was unable to reach Ho Sung Lee, so he patted him on his butt instead.

"Move, you little shit!"

Ho Sung Lee hit Bowl with his hand.

But Bowl swiftly dodged his hand and crossed his arms as he stared at Ho Sung Lee in frustration.

"What's wrong with you?"

Bowl asked.

Ho Sung Lee showed a look of stress and sadness on his face as he plopped down on his butt against the wall.

"I'm screwed."

Ho Sung Lee stared into space.

Bowl ran over to him and kicked Ho Sung Lee in the leg.



Ho Sung Lee grabbed his leg in pain and rolled on the ground.

"That hurts! You damned skeleton!"

Ho Sung Lee screamed with all his might.

"Ugh! You loser! It hasn't even been that long since Master told you to train! Don't try to get out of it!"

Bowl spoke with black flames blazing within his eyes.

Ho Sung Lee rubbed his injured area and grimaced.

"Hey, I still don't stand a chance against those devils. My Berserker duration only increased by 2 minutes to a total of 10 minutes, and even as the Berserker, I can't catch a single devil. If the Black Tower opens and the game begins, I'm done for," Ho Sung Lee said with sad eyes.

"So you're giving up?"

Bowl looked up at Ho Sung and asked.

"I don't know. F.u.c.k."

Ho Sung Lee took out a cigarette from his item window and put it into his mouth.

"Just die, you son of a bitch."

Bowl stabbed Ho Sung Lee in the stomach in anger.


Ho Sung Lee spat out his cigarette and fell over while grabbing onto his stomach.

[Leveling up.]

[Leveling up.]

Ho Sung Lee began snickering while still laying on the cold ground.

"Haha Here I am, still leveling up for getting hit"

Ho Sung Lee took out a cigarette from his item window and put it into his mouth.


Ho Sung Lee was smoking lying down when he suddenly thought of Min Sung.

"Hey, Bowl."

Ho Sung Lee called Bowl while thinking of Min Sung, but he didn't get a response, so he looked beside him.

Bowl was sitting down facing away from him.

"Are you mad?"

Ho Sung Lee asked while nibbling on his cigarette.

Bowl didn't answer as if he was really mad.

Ho Sung Lee stared at Bowl and then looked up at the ceiling with a tilted head.

"About Min Sung."

Ho Sung Lee threw his cigarette away and knitted his brows.

"How do you think he survived that horrible Demonic Realm? He might be super powerful now, but he couldn't have been that strong since the beginning. He must have been weak at first. Don't you think?"

"I don't' know," Bowl said with his back still turned toward him.

"How did he survive all of those powerful devils and become so strong?"

Ho Sung Lee fell into deep thought.

Bowl then turned around and walked toward Ho Sung Lee before stopping in front of his face.

"I know why," Bowl answered.

Ho Sung Lee opened his eyes wide and sprung up from the ground.

"You do? Really?"

Bowl nodded back at Ho Sung Lee.

"What is it? How did he get so strong?"

Ho Sung Lee asked with widened eyes.

"He ate devils."

" What?"

Ho Sung Lee asked as if he couldn't believe it.

"Master ate devils in the Demonic Realm."

Ho Sung Lee stared at Bowl with a blank look on his face."

"Does that make you stronger?"

"Probably. You end up consuming a lot of magic energy."

"Why didn't you tell me this? Both you and Min Sung kept it from me."

"Do you want to eat them?"

"If I can get stronger Ugh!"

Ho Sung Lee was unable to finish what he was saying.

He almost vomited at the thought of eating devils, which look very much like humans.

Ho Sung Lee's face grew pale at just the thought of eating devils.

"You can't handle it. Your mentality isn't as strong as Master's. And if something goes wrong, you could really get sick."

"M-maybe I can do it. Give me that Shaman devil's arm."

"Are you crazy?"

Bowl screamed.

Ho Sung Lee blocked both his ears and closed his eyes.


While Ho Sung Lee and Bowl were training hard at the hunter training center, the gold goblin, Ssol, was watching the rain in the yard.

Seeing rain coming down from the sky was something that made Ssol happy.

Ssol was watching the rain in the garden when he suddenly tilted his head.

He had watched the garden a lot, so he knew exactly which trees were there and what kind of flowers were there.

But Ssol saw a sprout that he had never seen before.

He definitely didn't see it yesterday.

After seeing that, Ssol opened the window and ran out into the wet yard.

Ssol crouched down to get a closer look at the new sprout.

It was greener than an average sprout, and it was as big as his fist, making him even more fascinated.

It was growing so fast that he could see it growing.

Ssol had never seen a plant grow so quickly before.

While getting hit by the rain, Ssol couldn't take his eyes off of the mysterious sprout.

Boom, boom!

The sky was filled with thunder and lightning, but Ssol was so entranced by the new sprout that he wasn't even scared.