Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 171

Volume 1 Chapter 171


As soon as the Black Tower appeared, the formation of the defense line sped up significantly.

Despite the heavy rain, everyone was working hard in making the defense line.

And due to how much they lacked, the site of the defense line was more sensitive than ever.

It wasn't easy using magical equipment to create a protective wall.

They might have had enough resources, but that didn't mean they had enough manpower to do the job.

On top of that, they were pressed for time, so no matter how much they hurried, they just felt like they weren't moving fast enough.

The first defense line was to make a dome-shaped wall around the Black Tower.

And the second defense line was to form a magical wall that would extend from Incheon to Ulleungdo.

And as a last resort, a dome-shaped magical wall was going to be set up in Daegu as well.

But according to the experts' analysis, it was impossible to form those three defense lines before the Black Towers connected to each other in a Blockchain form.

But if they could buy at least a few days with the first defense line, it could be possible to form the third one in time.

For that reason, the site was busy and sensitive.

"We were worried that the dark light coming from the Black Tower was causing friction with the magical wall, but luckily, there was no problem. The light from the tower is just a process before the connection is complete. So all we're worried about now is how long the first defense line will hold," Ji Yoo Kim said to Min Sung at the site.

"What about an underground escape?"

Min Sung asked.

"We've already completed that in all districts. We got a head start on that one. The problem is"

Ji Yoo Kim showed Min Sung her tablet.

"The citizens are anxious."

Min Sung looked at the screen with a calm look on his face.

The screen showed citizens in Daegu causing problems in the safe zones.

Too many people had gathered in Daegu.

And as soon as Daegu announced that they would no longer take in any more people, the citizens grew even more anxious.

The vibe was completely different from before the Black Tower appeared.

Min Sung looked away from the tablet screen and scanned the construction site.

"When do you think the Black Towers will all be connected?"

Min Sung asked.

"It's getting faster and faster. At this rate, it could be complete this Sunday," Ji Yoo Kim said with a stiffened face.

A week was not a long time.

If all of the Black Towers connected and devils flooded out from them, it was hard to predict how many humans would end up dying all over the world.

He used Bowl to try to possess as many devils as possible, but there was a limit to how many Bowl could keep.

And it was difficult for Bowl to turn all of the devils into the Undead.

Min Sung stared at the Black Tower on Mapo Bridge with a displeased face.

There was nothing Min Sung could do before the Black Towers all over the world finished connecting to one another.


A civilian group for the construction of the defense lines came about.

As soon as the routes to Daegu and Jejudo got blocked, the citizens tried to calm their anxiety by volunteering to help at the construction site.

They felt that in order to protect themselves or their family, the best thing they could do was speed up the process of building the defense lines.

As soon as the civilians arrived in groups, it grew chaotic due to the lack of regulations, but it quickly calmed down.

Many of them were experts in the field of installing magical walls, so the process certainly sped up.

And the hunters, who specialized in healing, used their powers to make sure the experts never go tired.

The buff hunters also used their abilities to keep them strong.

As a result of the additional help, it seemed like they could get it done sooner than expected.

That sight was captured on the drone camera, and civilians in Jejudo and Daegu also volunteered to head up to Seoul for the cause.

The numbers were surprising.

The civilians who were scared of not being able to enter the safe zones gathered up their courage and volunteered to help with the defense lines.

The area around Mapo Bridge soon became bustling with people.

Those who wanted to protect the country and mankind all gathered.


Min Sung arrived at his second home, the penthouse at the Grand World Tower.

He took out a carbonated beverage from the fridge; he chugged it and then took the penthouse elevator up to the roof.

Min Sung got into his helicopter and called Ho Sung Lee.

After a short ring, Ho Sung Lee answered.

Yes, Sir.

"Restaurant in Daegu," Min Sung remarked.

"Daegu? Oh, one moment. I just need 1 minute."

After exactly 46 seconds.

"If you're going to go to Daegu, you should try Chinese Bibimbap."

Min Sung hung up and started his helicopter.

Du, du, du, du, du, du, du!

The propellers began to spin and sped up very quickly.

The helicopter rose into the air.

Min Sung put on his sunglasses and piloted the helicopter.

The helicopter flew through the skies.


Min Sung found piloting a helicopter quite enjoyable.

When it came to getting to a destination, just running there was the fastest for him, but he felt bothered by that method.

Driving a machine suited his interests, so Min Sung leisurely rode in the helicopter and enjoyed the view as if he was on vacation.

Min Sung enjoyed the scenery while thinking about the Chinese Bibimbap that Ho Sung Lee recommended.

When he went to the spot last time, there was no such thing as a Chinese Bibimbap.

'What kind of food is it?'

Min Sung sped up the helicopter with great anticipation.


As soon as he landed the helicopter and came down from the building, an employee spotted Min Sung and quickly hurried over.

He told him that the car was ready and handed him the keys.

Ho Sung Lee must have arranged this ahead of time.

Min Sung accepted the keys and walked out of the building.

There was a car parked in the parking lot.

It was a yellow Porsche.

Min Sung greeted the employee. He got in the car and drove out into the road.

As soon as he did, Min Sung already saw many people bustling around the safety zone near the third defense line.

They had blocked off the roads so that no cars could pass.

They were controlling the cars so that many people wouldn't get hurt.

As a result, a hunter spotted Min Sung's car and ran over to the window and tapped on it.

Min Sung lowered the window to see a sensitive-looking hunter who was staring at him, who was wearing sunglasses.

"You son of a bitch. Don't you know these roads are closed? And why are you wearing sunglasses?"

The hunter was unable to finish.

That was because a superior hunter ran over to the subordinate hunter who was glaring at Min Sung and kicked him hard.

The hunter rolled on the ground.

Meanwhile, the superior hunter bowed his head to Min Sung.

"I apologize, Sir! We'll move the barricades for you. I've sent your license plate number to all of the men, so they won't bother you anymore."

"Ugh, Sir?"

The subordinate hunter grabbed his shoulder and wobbled up only to jot his eyes open.

"This is Min Sung Kang. Apologize right now."


The subordinate hunter looked like he was about to faint, but he immediately ran over and bowed at a 90-degree angle.

"I'm so sorry, Sir! I didn't see you!"

The subordinate hunter apologized while trembling.

"Forget it," Min Sung replied before rolling up his window.

The barricades were soon removed, and Min Sung's Porche let out a loud roar as it raced down the road toward the Chinese Bibimbap.

The subordinate hunter stared at Min Sung's supercar with a blank look on his face.

And the superior hunter just clicked his tongue and looked over at him.

"You could've died without me, you bastard. How could you not recognize Min Sung Kang of all people?"

The superior hunter talked as if he was boasting.

"You're right, Sir. I almost got into big trouble," the subordinate hunter said as he continued to look in the direction that Min Sung left.

The superior hunter smirked.

"Why do you look so out of it?"

"That was Min Sung Kang. My heart almost exploded."

"Yeah, that was pretty surprising. Haha!"

The superior hunter said in understanding.

"But why do you think a man like that came here?"

The subordinate hunter asked.

"Who knows? But one thing's for sure."

The superior hunter looked in the same direction and smiled as he continued,

"It's probably for a very important matter."

"Probably. Sigh I still can't believe it. I just met such a great man. And to think I was rude to him."

"Yeah, I get it. I didn't think I'd ever meet him either."

"So he really exists. I thought he was just a myth."

The superior hit the subordinate hunter over the head.

"Get a hold of yourself. Let's get back to work. We're busy. We need to stay loyal to our work," the superior hunter said as he turned.

"Oh, I apologize!"

The subordinate hunter followed him, but he still couldn't take his eyes off of the direction that Min Sung drove to.