Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 172

Volume 1 Chapter 172

The Chinese restaurant that Ho Sung Lee introduced was inside an alley of a small town.

As soon as he entered the narrow alley with his yellow Porche, he saw the sign for the Chinese restaurant.

He didn't see where he could park, but luckily, Min Sung saw a shop that was closed, so he decided to park in front of there.

Although the Chinese restaurant was nothing more than a small-town shop, there was a line waiting to get in with their numbers.

Min Sung put on his sunglasses and took a number from inside the shop.

People looked at him from all sides, but they didn't recognize Min Sung and soon minded their own business.

His number was 101.

The line was so long that he wondered if he could eat today.

If he took off his sunglasses, he could have gone in earlier, but he didn't want to eat in a place that looked like a zoo while he was the monkey.

He thought it would be quite a while by the time it was his turn, so Min Sung told the owner that he would take a break inside his car.

The owner was easygoing about it.

This Chinese restaurant always had a long line, but after Daegu became the 3rd defense line, they got even more customers coming in.

Min Sung took his number and returned to his yellow car.

He sat in the driver's seat and turned on the radio to forget about his hunger.

There is a commotion regarding the 3rd defense line, which will be built in Daegu. The owners of major corporations as well as those with influence used bribery to secure their spots in Daegu, causing an uproar for their exploitation of power.

Min Sung listened to the radio and laughed.

It was fascinating that black money was common these days.

"Nobless oblige, my ass."

Min Sung knitted his brow and picked up his phone.

The line rang before Ho Sung Lee picked up the phone.

Huff, huff! Yes, Sir! This is Ho Sung.

"There's something you have to do. Finish what you were doing and close up."

Yes, Sir. What is it?

"Find someone and send him my way."


Min Sung smiled.



A man with a healthy physique squinted his arms.

"What? Who came to Daegu?"

In response, his subordinate showed a pained look on his face.

"Min Sung Kang."

In response, the man knitted his brows.

"What for?"

The man asked the subordinate.

"What is he doing here?"

"We don't know yet."

"Where is he now?"

"Shinhwa Spot."

"Shinhwa Spot?"

"Yes, Sir. He got a number and is waiting as we speak."

In response, the man scoffed.

"Are you sure he's really Min Sung Kang?"

"Yes, Sir. We're almost certain."

When the man showed a questionable look on his face.

His phone rang.

It was a call from Central Institute.

The man gestured for his subordinate to leave and answered his phone with a sigh.

"Who's this?"

The man asked.

Is this Commander Jong Pil Kim of the Central Institute?

The man looked down at his phone and then put it back to his ear with a grimace.

"Who are you? You're not from Central Institute, are you?"

No, Sir.

The Central Institute Commander, 'Tae Hyuk Kim', smiled with his teeth showing.

"Who are you? How did you call from Central Institute? What's your deal?"

Don't speak so rudely to someone you don't know. Why do all Central Institute hunters talk like this?

"Tell me who you are, you bastard," Commander Tae Hyuk Kim said in a lower voice.

Have you heard of Ho Sung Lee?

Tae Hyuk Kim knitted his brows.

Ho Sung Lee was the hunter who accompanied Min Sung Kang.

If that was the same Ho Sung Lee?

Tae Hyuk Kim broke out into a sweat.

He gulped and put the phone back onto his ear.

"Are you Ho Sung Lee, the leader of the Diamond Clan?"

Tae Hyuk Kim asked in a more mannerly voice than before.

Haha, don't sound so tense. No need to be nervous.

"I-I apologize."

Come on. No Need to be sorry for something like that, Commander. You need to go somewhere.


Shinhwa Spot.

Tae Hyuk Kim blinked his eyes with a blank look on his face.

Shinhwa Spot was where his subordinate said Min Sung Kang was eating.


Min Sung Kang would like to see you. He said he has something to ask and a request to make. Please hurry over.

"O-okay. I'll head over right now."

Great. Then please contact me when you're almost there. If you're late, that'll put me in a difficult spot.

"I won't be late."

Commander Tae Hyuk Kim grabbed his coat and rushed out of his room.


It was finally Min Sung's turn to go in.

Min Sung put on his black sunglasses and entered the shop with a pounding heart.

The shop was very small.

It was fascinating that so many people would line up for such a small shop in a small town.

Inside the shop were two tables where customers could sit together.

The remainder of the tables were very small and there were only 3 of them.

People once again looked at Min Sung wearing his sunglasses as if he was weird.

But that only lasted for a moment.

Everyone focused on their meals.

Tap! Tap!

A bowl containing pickled radish and onion was placed on the table along with a bowl containing Chunjang.

Min Sung looked down at it.

The onions looked fresh while the pickled radish looked clean.

As soon as he poured some vinegar on the pickled radish, they sparkled as if it had recently rained.

Min Sung took out a spoon and chopsticks from a box and dipped a piece of onion into the Chunjang.

The scent of the onion ticked the tip of his nose.

The combination fo the onion and Chunjang was perfect.

The salty Chunjang made the sweet onion taste clean inside his mouth.

Min Sung looked around him through his sunglasses.

Some were eating black bean noodles where others were eating spicy seafood noodles.

'They add a fried egg to their spicy seafood noodles.'

He had never seen any Chinese restaurant put a fried egg in spicy seafood noodles before.

'Is this their specialty?'

Meanwhile, what looked like Chinese Bibimbap caught Min Sung's eye.

'Is that the Chinese Bibimbap?'

It was red.

It almost looked like they added hot pepper pate.

A bowl of Chinese bibimbap landed on Min Sung's table.

The unfamiliar dish called Chinese Bibimbap.

It looked like Bibimbap with a Chinese twist on it.

Min Sung looked closer to see which ingredients were included.

What he saw first was a cute fried egg.

Underneath it seemed like pork, zucchini, carrots, onions, and spicy red peppers.

Since it was Bibimbap, the ingredients were quite simple.

What made this a Chinese Bibimbap was most likely the seasoning than the ingredients.

A Bibimbap made with a 'special sauce' invented by this shop.

It probably wasn't going to be a normal BIbimbap.

There had to be a reason why Ho Sung Lee strongly recommended this dish.

Min Sung cut into the egg with his silver spoon and mixed the contents so that the seasoning was well-distributed.

As he stirred the rice, it became shinier and shinier.

It looked delicious.

After mixing the rice, Min Sung took a spoonful of the Chinese Bibimbap.

On top of the spoon were shiny grains of rice, pork, zucchini, carrots, and more.

Min Sung put the spoon into his mouth with great anticipation.

Om nom-

Min Sung closed his eyes as he chewed on the Bibimbap.

It was delicious.

The Bibimbap was rather sweet, but it didn't taste uncomfortable to him whatsoever.

It wasn't too greasy and not at all burdensome.

That was the best part about the dish.

The pork was soft but savory, and the zucchini, carrots, and onions complemented the sweet flavor.

With all of these ingredients mixed in, the Chinese Bibimbap passed through his throat and entered his stomach.

It was fantastic.

This was the Chinese Bibimbap of Daegu!

Min Sung tilted his head in awe and spooned another bite.

Min Sung attacked the Chinese Bibimbap like there was no tomorrow.


Commander Tae Hyuk Kim of Central Institute got into his SUV with a grimace and entered the small alley.

The alley was very small, and there were so many cars illegally parked on the side that he couldn't speed up.

Tae Hyuk Kim quickly found a parking spot and headed over to Shinhwa Spot while holding an umbrella.

He thought the rain had stopped, but because of the Black Tower's influence, it began showering again.

Tae Hyuk Kim felt especially cold today due to the rain and wind.

Before he entered the shop, Tae Hyuk Kim checked the time.

He wasn't late.

He was probably eating by now.

Tae Hyuk Kim smoked and nibbled on his cigarette.

'Why did he call me?'

After smoking his cigarette, Tae Hyuk Kim entered the shop in order to meet Min Sung.

'Huh? Where is he?'

Tae Hyuk Kim looked around, and he spotted a man in sunglasses, who just finished his bowl and was drinking water.

He didn't know because he was wearing sunglasses, but he soon realized that that was Min Sung Kang, whom he saw at the Black Tower.