Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 173

Volume 1 Chapter 173

When he hurried over and began to greet him.

He heard a trill.

Wait outside.

The sound penetrated his skin and rang through his heart.

It was a strange ability.

That was when he truly felt that this was really Min Sung Kang.

Commander Tae Hyuk Kim jolted his eyes wide and stared at Min Sung before bowing and exiting the shop.

He then waited for him in a small waiting area where all the people were gathered.

The people in the line felt uncomfortable due to Tae Hyuk Kim's very large physique and tried to move aside.

They were scared of the threat that Tae Hyuk Kim gave off as a hunter.


Min Sung washed down his meal with a cold glass of water.

He wasn't disappointed since it was Ho Sung Lee's recommendation, but this dish tasted even more delicious than usual.

Min Sung wiped his mouth with a tissue and got up.

As soon as he did, the owner approached him and took his card.

After paying for his meal, he greeted the owner, and the owner proceeded to take her next customer.

Meanwhile, Min Sung walked out of the shop and looked up at the rain that suddenly poured.

It was intense.

And then Commander Tae Hyuk Kim walked up to him and held his umbrella above his head.

"No need," Min Sung said as he continued to walk.

Tae Hyuk Kim saw that the rain wasn't hitting Min Sung at all and followed him with his jaw dropped.

After pulling out his yellow Porsche from his parking spot, he rolled down the window and said to Tae Hyuk Kim.

"Get in."

In response, Tae Hyuk Kim put away his umbrella and quickly got into the passenger seat.

As soon as Tae Hyuk Kim got in, Min Sung stepped on the pedal.

Min Sung's yellow Porsche exited the alley.

They drove through Shinchundong Road and arrived at a caf without many people.

Min Sung parked and entered the coffee shop with Tae Hyuk Kim.

He wanted an Iced Americano after that Chinese Bibimbap.

He felt like a refreshing iced Americano would wash away what was left of the greasiness, and he felt as though he would enjoy the caffeine since he could absorb it quickly.

Min Sung took his vibrating bell and sat next to the window.

Tae Hyuk Kim walked over with his shoulders hunched and sat across from him.

Min Sung looked at the rain without a word, and Tae Hyuk Kim endured the heavy atmosphere while minding Min Sung.

A moment later, Min Sung's bell vibrated.

"I'll bring it, Sir."

Commander Tae Hyuk Kim sprung up and ran over.

He put down the cup of coffee in front of Min Sung and waited for him to speak.

But Min Sung didn't say a word.

He just focused on drinking his iced Americano.


He absorbed the caffeine as if his body was a sponge.

The Americano was delicious after his meal.

The iced Americano was so impressive that he wondered if there was any beverage that could replace coffee.

The refreshing flavor of the coffee.

The scent of the coffee.

Min Sung sensed the caffeine spread throughout his body as he slowly took off his sunglasses.

He then looked straight at Central Institute's Commander Tae Hyuk Kim

In response, Tae Hyuk Kim sat up straight and stared into space.

"You're in charge of keeping Daegu under control?"

Min Sung asked.

"Yes, Sir! I'm Commander Jae Hyuk Kim of Central Institute, in charge of maintaining the Daegu region," Tae Hyuk Kim answered in a tense manner.

Min Sung looked at Tae Hyuk Kim and drank his iced Americano.

Tae Hyuk Kim felt his body sweat under his gaze.

He sensed it.

That he wasn't here because of a good reason.

"You accepted money, didn't you?"

Min Sung asked.

He wasn't wrong.

Tae Hyuk Kim thought for a moment.

He wondered what excuse he could use.

But he realized who this man was and realized that he was better off just telling the truth.

Since he was Min Sung Kang, using an excuse was a dangerous gamble with slim chances.

He was better off revealing everything and getting punished for it.

"Yes, Sir," Tae Hyuk Kim honestly answered.

"What were you paid to do?"

He wasn't sure if he was just asking when he knew everything, but Tae Hyuk Kim explained everything in detail.

"The population is out of control in Daegu, so we've begun to control who can come in. As soon as that began, I was paid to let just a few people in."

"Just a few?"

Tae Hyuk Kim gulped.

"12 people."

Min Sung sighed and touched his iced Americano glass.

Min Sung didn't do anything.

He just looked out the window, but Tae Hyuk Kim felt so much pressure that his entire body felt tense.


Tae Hyuk Kim coughed and stroked his chest.

He had a hard time breathing.

When Min Sung looked back at him, Tae Hyuk Kim felt as though death was near.

Min Sung Kang was the definition of a false god.


Tae Hyuk Kim flew out of his chair and plopped onto the ground.

"P-please don't kill me."

His body was overcome with the fear of being ripped to pieces.

"Get up," Min Sung ordered.

Tae Hyuk Kim wriggled back up. He held his two trembling hands together and stood in front of Min Sung.

"Let me ask you again. How many?"

Min Sung asked one last question regarding the issue.

"14, Sir."

"Why did you hide the other 2?"

"They're my cousins."

"Send them all to the 1st defense line."

"... Yes, Sir."

"Find all 14 of them and go up to Mapo where the 1st defense line is being built. Use them as laborers there."

"Yes, Sir," Tae Hyuk Kim answered with a pale face.

"For those 14, the 3rd defense line is their last resort."

"I'll take care of it, Sir. But what about me?"

Tae Hyuk Kim asked carefully with respect.

"Report this to your general and pay your price there. And from now on, if I hear anything like this again, they'll all become shields in the 1st defense line."

"Yes, Sir."


Min Sung's eyes grew cold.

"Those who abandon the country and ran away can't return to the country."

Tae Hyuk Kim gulped.

" Yes, Sir. Anything else?"

"Oh, deliver this message to General Kim and proceed with it right away."

"What message?"

"To limit the number of people who can come into the 3rd defense line."


"Put all the a.d.u.l.ts outside of Daegu. LIttles kids are the priority in the 3rd defense line. And make sure only the mothers with newborn children can come in. That's the message."

"Oh! General Kim has already thought of that, so we just need you to give your permission."

Min Sung laughed at Tae Hyuk Kim.

"If you knew that, you were just going to kick them out after getting paid."

" I apologize."

"Daegu will be regulated differently from now on. Fight with your lives in the 1st defense line. Or else I'll kill you."

"I'll fight with honor, Sir. Please trust me," Tae Hyuk Kim said while sweating.


Central Institute's commander bowed and left.

When he left, Min Sung continued to watch the rain fall.

The thought of a peaceful world getting flipped upside down made him feel annoyed.

Min Sung watched the changing weather caused by the appearance of the Black Tower.


Central Institue's Commander Tae Hyuk Kim followed the orders and began to send the illegally admitted people to Seoul.

The people who entered Daegu illegally were arrested and transported.

After getting caught by hunters, they went up to Mapo where the 1st defense line was being built.

As Min Sung instructed, Tae Hyuk Kim reported it to the general and delivered Min Sung Kang's message regarding the 3rd defense line's priority.

Only the kids would be admitted to the 3rd defense line, and the rest would be sent to the 2nd defense line.

And it was officially announced that those who entered Daegu illegally would be sent to the 1st defense line.

As a result, the a.d.u.l.ts who were obsessing over entering Daegu calmed down.


A week passed.

The construction of the 2nd defense line finished while the 3rd defense line began to be built.

It was estimated that there were only 2 hours left before all of the 72 Black Towers would be connected with the black light that was like a Blockchain.

While the citizens held their breath, they trembled at the fear of the soon-to-start war, and the Central Insitute hunters stood by near the Mapo Black Tower.

While the entire world remained alert.

Min Sung picked up the cheese sandwich that Woong Jang prepared for him.

After telling Ho Sung Lee to go grocery shopping via text, he took a bite of his sandwich.

It just looked like a sandwich with lettuce, bacon, and cheese, but the sauce that Woong Jang made himself made the sandwich especially delicious.

Min Sung enjoyed his savory sandwich as he checked his phone.

He then played out a simulation inside his head.

If the Black Tower happened to open, the monsters were going to start pouring out.

He thought of clearing the Korean towers first before dealing with the other countries in a specific order.

After finishing his delicious sandwich, Min Sung brushed off his hands and got up.

'Now that I've eaten'

It was time to deal with the Black Tower.