Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 174

Volume 1 Chapter 174


Min Sung, who exited the living room to head over to the Black Tower where the 1st defense line was built, stepped on the terrace and looked out into the garden.

Ssol was crouched over like a kid looking at something closely.

Min Sung called Ssol.

"What are you doing?"

In response, Ssol sprung up. He put both of his hands in the air and smiled.

Min Sung looked at Ssol strangely and then looked in the direction that Ssol was looking.

There was a plant there.

Min Sung stared at the plant.

In the yard was a tree the size of two palms.

Ssol looked at the small tree and expressed his joy.

Min Sung smiled at Ssol.

"Let's go. It's time."

In response, Ssol looked at the tree in sadness and then followed Min Sung.


Min Sung got in the back seat of the Bentley that Ho Sung Lee came with and headed over to Mapo Road.

Inside the big car were Ho Sung Lee, Ssol, Min Sung, and Bowl.

Since it was a large sedan, the seats were very comfortable.

"Anything to drink?"

Min Sung asked.

"If you look at the backside of the middle seat, there's a fridge behind it. How about some champagne? It's a very expensive one."

He opened up the fridge to find the champagne.

Min Sung had never tried champagne before, so he decided to give it a try.

"How do you open this?"

Min Sung asked while taking out the champagne.

H Sung Lee immediately explained.

Min Sung held the champagne in his hand and looked at it.

It was fancy.

This one was a limited edition , and only 1 existed in the whole world. The bottle sparkled in gold.

'I wonder how it tastes.'

Min Sung peeled off the foil. He took out the pin and then opened the champagne by twisting the cap.

After pouring the champagne in a flute glass, he gave it a taste.

The carbonated and sweet flavor spread throughout his mouth.

Min Sung enjoyed the scenery outside the window while drinking his champagne.

He began to see the Black Tower on top of Mapo Bridge.


Min Sung arrived in front of Mapo Bridge.

Once he arrived at Mapo Bridge, the rain was weaker than before.

In the midst of the rain, most of the people who worked on the 1st defense line were already gone to work on the 3rd defense line.

The businessmen and politicians who bribed the Central Insitute men to get in were confined behind outdoor bars.

As soon as Min Sung arrived, the businessmen and politicians shouted at Min Sung from within their cage.

"Min Sung Kang!"



"Why did you lock us up? We did nothing wrong!"

Min Sung put his hands inside his pocket and stood in front of the cage.

As soon as Min Sung got close, they took a step back out of fear.

Min Sung scanned them with his eyes.

Despite being trapped in an outdoor cage, they had pale skin as if they were proving their richness.

Min Sung looked around him and spotted Central Institute's Commander Tae Hyuk Kim. He sent him a trill.

Tae Hyuk Kim, who was checking the equipment, flinched. He looked around and then ran over to Min Sung and stood in front of him.

Tae Hyuk Kim stood up straight and bowed his head.

"Did you call, Sir?"

Tae Hyuk Kim answered in nervousness.


Min Sung called him with cold eyes.

"Commander Tae Hyuk Kim of Central Institute!"

Tae Hyuk Kim reported to him with a straight posture.

Min Sung kicked Tae Hyuk Kim in the shin.

Tae Hyuk Kim wriggled.

But he swallowed his scream that almost popped out and did his best to stand straight without showing a grimace.

Although he only kicked him lightly, Tae Hyuk Kim's face was red and his body trembled.

Min Sung swung his hand


Tae Hyuk Kim's lips ripped and his face hit the cage.

The people inside the cage were surprised by this, but after seeing Tae Hyuk Kim's gaze, they gasped and stepped back.

The 14 people inside rushed to the other side of the cage and stood there.

And the other Central Institute hunters nearby watched with nervousness in their eyes.

Min Sung pointed at the ground with his index finger.

And in response, Commander Tae Hyuk Kim immediately returned to his previous position and stood up straight.

"Why are such higher-ups screaming inside the cage? What happened?"

In response, Tae Hyuk Kim showed a shocked look on his face, and the people inside the cage beamed.

The 14 people all rushed over toward Min Sung.

"So it wasn't you, our hero, who made the decision."

"Do you know how horribly those Central Institute bastards treated us?"

"Sir, once this dungeon gets shut down, I'll prepare a meal for you. Let's eat a delicious meal and chat. We'll treat you with the utmost respect."

Min Sung knitted his brows and kicked the cage.


As a result, the people inside all rolled away as if they were dice.






A series of screams and shrieks came from the cage.


In response, Tae Hyuk Kim's pupils shook.

"I apologize."

"For what?"

Min Sung asked.


"They're upper-classmen. Didn't you get proper education? Why are those dogs barking louder than actual dogs?"

"I apologize."

Tae Hyuk Kim bowed deeply.

Min Sung glared at the cage.

"Take them out," Min Sung commanded.

As soon as Tae Hyuk Kim made a move, his subordinates ran over.

He made his subordinates step aside and opened the cage himself to let them out one by one.

But they complained of the pain and rolled in the mud.

Min Sung saw a hunter nearby with a blank look on his face, so he gestured for him to come closer.

He flinched and ran over to Min Sung.

As soon as the hunter stood in front of Min Sung, Min Sung took out the sword on his belt and threw it at the people on the ground.



The long sword flew through the air and stabbed through the ground in between the people laying on the ground.

The long and big sword stabbed into the ground and the handle trembled as a result.

The people on the ground screamed and shed tears as they crawled away.

Min Sung saw them crawling and laughed.

"What a sight."

Min Sung put his hands on his waist and looked at them with his head tilted.

They were crawling like newborn babies.

The Central Institue general, Ji Yoo Kim, approached with a stiffened face.

"Min Sung"

When Ji Yoo Kim appeared, Min Sung clicked his tongue.

"I don't care. Just deal with them."

In response, Ji Yoo Kim nodded.

"But make sure those sc.u.mbags don't go to the 3rd defense line. I don't like it."

"Yes, Sir," Ji Yoo Kim answered with a relieved look on her face.

Min Sung walked toward Mapo Bridge.

Ho Sung Lee and Ssol were right behind Min Sung, and Ji Yoo Kim also followed as if she had something to say.

When Min Sung got to the center of Mapo Bridge, he looked up at the Black Tower with his hands inside his pockets.

Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, Ssol, and Ji Yoo Kim also followed Min Sung's gaze and looked up at the Black Tower.

"How much time is left?"

Min Sung asked as he looked at the Black Tower.

"30 minutes," Ji Yoo Kim answered.

"We're using the same method as before, and if it's possible to go in, we'll block the devils from getting outside."

"Yes, Sir."


In response, Bowl took out his head from his pocket and looked up at Min Sung.


"If you see a devil, eat them alive."

Bowl's eyes blazed up with flames.

"Yes, Master!"

"And Ho Sung."

"Yes, Sir!"

Ho Sung Lee waited for Min Sung's instructions with a serious look on his face.

"Octopus Soup."

" Pardon?"

"We should eat before we go."

Ho Sung Lee nodded with a discouraged face.

"Yes, of course. You have no expectations for me, do you?"

Min Sung looked at Ho Sung Lee with an indifferent face.

"Should I?"

Min Sung then took out a chair from his item window.

In response, Ho Sung Lee sighed and approached Ji Yoo Kim.

"First, we must put up a large tent to make the food. It's raining, so it's hard to cook. Can you do that for us?"

"Of course."

Ji Yoo Kim used her walkie-talkie to call over the Central Institute hunters and ordered them to set up a tent.

The hunters ran over and set it up in the blink of an eye.

"We're going to have our last strategy meeting. Please enjoy your meal."

Ji Yoo Kim walked off of Mapo Bridge with the other hunters.

Meanwhile, Ho Sung Lee prepared the food from inside the large military tent.

Since they even set up a table inside the tent, it was easy to prepare the meal.

After putting water to a boil, he called the gold goblin, Ssol, inside.


Ssol smiled and ran inside the tent without a care in the world.

After turning on the gas burner, he knitted his brows at Ssol.

"Is the octopus still alive?"

In response, Ssol asked, "Octopus?"

Ho Sung Lee searched a photo of an octopus on his phone and showed him.

That was when an exclamation mark showed up above Ssol's head.

Ssol went through his golden pouch and showed him a living octopus that was wriggling in his hands.