Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 176

Volume 1 Chapter 176

Due to the dim gold light, anywhere far within the Black Tower looked dark.

And from within that darkness, a red light flashed resembling the eyes of a monster.

Red eyes.

It was likely that those eyes belonged to a devil.

But as Min Sung approached it, that red light disappeared as if it ran away.

As Min Sung steps grew faster, Ho Sung Lee and Bowl made sure to speed up so that they wouldn't lose him.

Ho Sung Lee and Bowl controlled their speed in order to stay close.

On the other hand, since the gold goblin, Ssol, was always fast, he was able to keep up with Min Sung easily.

Ho Sung Lee was impressed by this while Min Sung spotted a devil.

And just like a predator, Min Sung tracked down the devil and sliced its neck with his Orichalc.u.m Sword.

The devil's neck wobbled off of its body as he died away.

Meanwhile, Bowl was right beside him casting his Undead Spell.

In the meantime, Min Sung continued to move in order to find more devils.

Ho Sung Lee didn't stay by Bowl's side and followed Min Sung.

In the end, Bowl was unable to cast his Undead Spell, so there was no need to watch over him.

It was more important for Min Sung to kill one more devil instead.

But unexpectedly, the Black Tower was quiet.

It didn't seem that different from the test Black Tower that they were at in Manhattan.

However, the problem was that there were Black Towers all over the world.

If the devils inside other Black Towers poured out while he was taking care of the one in Korea.

It was going to be hell.

That was what he was the most worried about.

Min Sung Kang was able to keep Korea safe, but he didn't even want to imagine what could happen in the meantime in other countries.

He just had to pray that the other Black Towers stayed closed.


They saw devils here and there, and Min Sung eliminated them with minimal effort.

He quickly cleared floor after floor and ended up on the 10th floor.

He was much speedier than when he cleared the test Black Tower.

This also proved just how efficient Min Sung could be if he didn't slack off and fought with all his might.

As Min Sung shook off the blood on his Orichalc.u.m Sword a lock broke at the same time.

He saw stairs leading up to the next floor.

"How long have we been in here?"

Min Sung asked.

"About 59 minutes."

Ho Sung Lee trembled as if that was already too long for him.

But how was it possible for him to clear 10 floors of the Black Tower in just 59 minutes?

That was an unbelievable speed.

But unlike Ho Sung Lee's thoughts, Min Sung looked very dissatisfied.

"We're too slow," Min Sung remarked.

In response, he almost blurted out, 'Aren't we too fast?'

There was no time to waste with such useless discussion.

"Bowl, how many devils did you turn into the Undead?"

Min Sung asked.

"5. Including the special devil I already have, we have 6," Bowl said as he ran around Min Sung in circles.

Bowl was the only excited one there.

Min Sung wasn't satisfied even for a bit.

"Let's go up."

As soon as Min Sung took a step on the stairs...


Min Sung's body wobbled.

Ho Sung Lee watched with startled eyes.

Luckily, Min Sung immediately regained his balance before he fell over.

Bowl and Ssol ran over in surprise and looked over Min Sung with worry.


Min Sung sat down on the stairs with a stiffened face.

Ho Sung Lee glanced at Min Sung.

"Are you all right?"

Min Sung breathed heavily, and his face looked stiff.

He covered his eyes with his hand and let out a long sigh.

"I have to rest for a while. Cover me," Min Sung said with his head down.

"Yes, Sir."

Min Sung slowly laid down on the stairs.

He felt his body growing heavier.

Min Sung closed his eyes. He caught his breath and let his mind drift away.

Ssol cried without a sound while Bowl looked around him with fiery eyes in order to protect his master.

As for Ho Sung Lee, he looked at Min Sung with confused eyes and failed to conceal his shock.


That damned dream again?

He had experienced it before.

A white space where he struggled through what looked like fog.

Since he had experienced his before, Min Sung waited for him to appear.

A moment later, he heard footsteps.

When he looked behind him, he saw a familiar man.

It was the young face that he had met before.

He was smiling and approached Min Sung before, standing in front of him.

Looking at his smiling face made him feel something hot inside him.

But the man dressed in white watched Min Sung's attitude as if he knew everything that was going on.

"I don't even care who you are anymore. Just get to the point," Min Sung said.

A world that wasn't even real.

There was no point in fighting with this man.

He was just bothered.

The man walked around Min Sung.

Although it was just a dream, his vision was shockingly clear, and his senses felt real as well.

While Min Sung watched him, he stopped in his tracks. He looked up at the ceiling and then smiled.

"I have something to tell you."

The man's voice sounded soft yet strong, and it sounded clear in Min Sung's ears.

He stared at Min Sung with his mysterious eyes and continued, "A tree needs nutrients in order to grow."

Min Sung knitted his brows out of confusion.

He walked even closer toward Min Sung and continued, "The Demonic Realm plays the role of manure full of nutrients, and the human world is the root, and above all that is a new world."

Min Sung wasn't sure why he was telling him this and signaled him for an answer.

"Manure is dirty, and it takes a long time to work, and once the work is done, you have to start all over again, which means you need time to prepare."

The man smiled and continued, "You'll face a vicious winter soon. You need to prepare for it."

"Stop your nonsense"

Min Sung didn't know what else to say.

When the young man swung his arm, a clear video showed up like a hologram.

It was a video showing a new world that exists above the human world.

The video was short, but it was so impactful that it left a strong impression in Min Sung's memory.

Min Sung looked at the man with an interested gaze that he had never shown him before.

"Does that place really exist?"

Min Sung asked.

The man nodded.

"So We must spend our time wisely from now on."

After that, the man disappeared into thin air.

And then a dot appeared in the white space.

The dot began to grow, and once it was big enough, the darkness swallowed Min Sung whole.


Min Sung opened his eyes.

"Sir, are you awake?"

Min Sung got up as if nothing happened.

When Ho Sung Lee saw this, he grabbed his chest and sighed out of relief.

"You startled me. I thought you were going to sleep for a long time here."

"Let's go," Min Sung said as he climbed the stairs.

Ssol stopped crying and followed Min Sung, and Bowl shook his head from side to side with excitement as he followed as well.

Ho Sung Lee let out a long sigh and shook his head.

On the other hand, Min Sung had many thoughts going through his head.

That man clearly caused him to fall asleep in order to meet him in his dreams.

The dream was so vivid that he couldn't simply call it a silly dream.

A world on top of the human world

Min Sung clicked his tongue and jolted his eyes open.


He had to clear the tower as quickly possible and head over to the foreign countries.

And by that time, it was possible that the devils already broke through the barriers and popped out into the real world.

This was a time-limited game.

And in that game, there was a quest added onto it.

The man in his dream told him to get ready for a new world.

But there was a limit to how much he could physically level up.

When that man told him to get ready, it had to mean that he had to collect as many items as possible in order to fight in the new world.

Until now, he only used his Orichalc.u.m Sword.

That was because he had no trouble defeating all of the devils with that weapon alone.

Another item inside his item window was a +7 Devil's Durandal.

Would using a good item have an effect on him as well?

If that world really existed, there was a need to experiment with new items.

That place was a place that transcended the limits of mankind.

As soon as Min Sung stopped walking, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol all looked at Min Sung in confusion.

At that moment, Min Sung abandoned the Orichalc.u.m Sword in his hand.

As it fell on the ground, the sound of gold ringing against the ground rang through the entire floor.

Bowl looked at the sword on the ground and looked up at Min Sung.

Min Sung opened his item window and waved his hand in front of it.


The +7 Devil's Durandal moved toward Min Sung's hand while giving off substantial power.

And as soon as Min Sung's hand touched the Durandal-


A loud sound of hunter rang through the entire floor.