Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 177

Volume 1 Chapter 177

Min Sung looked down at the +7 Devil's Durandal in his hand.

It was a weapon that was entirely the color of blood.

Since it was a devil's weapon, it felt unfamiliar in his hand, but he sensed a great amount of power within it, making the entire weapon wriggle around.

But if the item was good, it was possible that he had to use less force of his own.

He didn't like to rely on weapons, but in order to fight against the guys in the man's video, he needed more weapons.

'This never ends.'

Min Sung showed a displeased face and looked for the devils with the Durandal in his hand.

Bowl and Ssol followed Min Sung, but Ho Sung lee stared at the Orichalc.u.m Sword on the ground.

Once he checked its stats, Ho Sung Lee grimaced as if he discovered something horrible.

'He's been fighting with this piece of crap all this time?'

He never realized this.

Because Min Sung Kang was so strong, he had completely forgotten about his weapons.

How could he show so much force with such a crappy weapon?

Ho Sung Lee looked back up.

"What are you doing?"

Min Sung glared at Ho Sung Lee.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Sir."

Ho Sung Lee hurried behind him.

He then glanced over at Min Sung's +7 Devil's Durandal.

'If a man like that holds that weapon How powerful will he be?'

Ho Sung Lee couldn't even imagine the extent of his power.



A devil was annihilated as it let out a chilling scream full of resentment.

When Bowl ran over to cast his Undead Spell but noticed it was dead, he showed a sad look on his face, but he waited for his next opportunity.

Min Sung was already swinging his Durandal at the next devil.


An arm flew off and plopped onto the ground.

The armless devil glared at Min Sung with bloody arms and wobbled backward.

Min Sung Lee charged toward the devil and stabbed the devil in the chest with his Durandal.

Once the sword went through, the blood covering the sword glistened under a golden light.

As soon as Min Sung pulled out the sword.


The devil poured out blood and went down on his knees.

The devil that made all of mankind tremble in fear.

But those devils were weak compared to Min Sung.

On the other hand, Min Sung was also a difficult opponent for the world as well.

But for Min Sung, the devils were opponents that bothered him the most.

No matter how powerful one human was, it was difficult to annihilate them all in a limited amount of time.

It was going to be difficult, but he tried to reduce the time even by 1 minute or 1 second so that he could protect one more restaurant or chef from dying.

Min Sung walked off as Bowl cast his Undead Spell in order to find the next devil to kill.

As he moved, Min Sung glanced down at his Durandal.

He felt as though fighting was a lot easier after picking up a better weapon.

Weapons definitely made a difference.

He finally understood why average hunters relied so much on weapons.

The Orichalc.u.m Sword was enough to slay devils in the current world but not in the upper world.

In order to prepare for the future, he had to adjust to other items.

Even if he was a God, not human.

If anyone tried to bring down his territory, Min Sung was ready to fight them.


A devil spilled blood and rolled backward.

Min Sung stepped on the devil's chest and sliced its neck with his Durandal.

The Durandal went through his neck as well as through the ground made of bricks.

After wriggling for a while, the devil collapsed on the ground.

The devil then melted like liquid and disappeared into thin air as it dropped its weapons.

As soon as this happened, the gold goblin, Ssol, ran over and picked up all of the items and put them in his golden pouch.

He did it all in the blink of an eye.

Min Sung patted Ssol as he stared back at him after collecting all of the items.

After that, he picked up his bloody Durandal and looked at the door toward the next floor.


The magic lock was destroyed, opening the doors to the next floor.

"Ssol. Bring Ho Sung Lee and Bowl this way."

In response, Ssol disappeared at a very high speed.

When Ssol went to look for Ho Sung Lee and Bowl, they heard the bell sound that rang before they first entered the Black Tower.

It rang 11 times.

Ji Yoo Kim's prediction must have been correct.

He didn't know the exact calculation of the duration between bells, but the bell was clearly notifying them of the beginning.

And that was what made him realize that they didn't have much time.

'How kind of them.'

Min Sung laughed bitterly and walked up the stairs to the next floor.


Ji Yoo Kim and the Central Institute soldiers looked at the Black Tower as if it was extraordinary.

The speed of the floors lighting up was beyond belief.

They couldn't believe it with their own eyes.

The floors lit up so quickly that it almost looked like an elevator was going up.

"I've said this already, but he's very impressive"

One of the Central Institute soldiers said with sincerity.

In response, Ji Yoo Kim and the other Central Institute soldiers nodded in agreement.

"I feel like we'll be able to protect Korea thanks to Min Sung Kang," one hunter commented with a smile.

The other Central Institute hunters looked at peace as well.

But not Ji Yoo Kim.

"We can't let our guard down until the end."

In response, the Central Institute soldiers fixed their expressions.

She continued as she looked up at the Black Tower.

"Maybe Korea will be fine, but once the devils start coming out of other countries and the defense barriers go down, it'll be hard for any of the cities to handle it."

In response, the hunters realized just how serious the situation was.

"How far along is the 3rd defense line?" Ji Yoo Kim asked.

"One moment."

An executive hunter beside her used his phone to check on the situation.

"It's about 70% complete," The executive hunter answered.

"If we happen to have some time left over, the construction of the 3rd defense line isn't the end. We have to make sure to buy as much time as possible before those from foreign countries cross over to Korea."

In response, the executive hunter showed a troubled look on his face.

"But The laborers are very tired, and going out there means they have to put their lives on the line. The laborers won't get out of the 3rd defense line so easily. Their schedules have been so hectic that they've been complaining."

Ji Yoo Kim stared at the executive hunter with a sharp gaze.

"This is no time to negotiate. We must send someone who can convince them to put their lives on the line."

" Yes, Ma'am."

The executive hunter took out his phone and excused himself.

Meanwhile, Ji Yoo Kim looked at the Black Tower and bit down on her lower lip.

Min Sung was clearing the floors of the Black Tower in a quick manner, but she still felt anxious as if something was wrong.

She felt as though she was forgetting something very crucial.

She wanted to deny the feeling, but as time passed, it became more and more evident.

She felt unpleasant and scared without knowing the reason.


As soon as they arrived on a higher floor, they were faced with more devils.

But just because there were more devils didn't mean things were any different.

There were only 2 special devils.

And as soon as Bowl acquired 10 Undead Devils, Bowl made them cover Ho Sung Lee and focus more on the battles.

As a result, they were able to clear the floors at a much higher speed.

Min Sung left behind a pool of 50 bloody bodies of devils and charged toward the last devil with his Durandal.


The Durandal made a thunderous noise and made the devil's body explode.

Min Sung then turned around with a calm face and stepped through the pool of blood.

"Bowl, why do you still only have 10 devils?" Min Sung asked.

Bowl dropped his head in discouragement.

"I think that might be my limit"

Min Sung looked back at the pool of blood and then nodded.

"I guess at your current level, you can only control 10 devils."

Bowl grabbed his head in embarrassment.


In response, Bowl lifted his head in shame and looked up at Min Sung.

"Summon 6 Undead Devils."

"Yes, Master!"

In response, Bowl cast his dark magic.

Shortly after, 6 devils appeared out of thin air at the same time.

The 6 devils stood while staring into space as if they were AI robots.

Since the Undead only acted upon Bowl's command, this was natural.

"Step back," Min Sung ordered.

Ho Sung Lee and Bowl made room with puzzled looks on their faces.

Min Sung then flashed his eyes, his Durandal made a thunderous noise, and a strong force cut through the 6 Undead Devils that Bowl summoned.

The Undead Devils didn't respond because no order was given.

And Min Sung's power was so powerful that the bodies were immediately annihilated.

When Bowl saw this, a gold question mark popped up on top of his head.