Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 178

Volume 1 Chapter 178

Bowl stared at the disappeared Undead Devils with a blank look on his face as if he couldn't believe that they had actually disappeared.

And once he realized that his master got rid of his devils, he grabbed his big head and plopped down on his knees.

While HO Sung Lee watched Bowl in complete despair, he minded Min Sung.

At that moment, Min Sung walked over and stood in front of Bowl's head.

"If you can only keep 10 devils, you need to keep 7 special devils and 3 average devils. Fill the 6 empty spots I just created with special devils instead. From now on, abandon all average devils that didn't die. Remember that proportion."

In response, Bowl finally understood Min Sung's intentions, and a gold exclamation mark popped up on top of his head.

Bowl then clung on to Min Sung's waist in embarrassment for being so disappointed.

Ho Sung Lee also followed from behind when the bell rang.

They were used to the bell ringing, so Min Sung ignored it, but Ho Sung Lee was startled.

"S-Sir," HO Sung Lee called.

In response, Min Sung stopped walking and looked back at Ho Sung Lee.

In response to his confused look, Ho Sung Lee showed his stiffened face and gulped loudly.

"What's wrong?"

Min Sung pressed him to answer.

"Did you hear that bell?"

Ho Sung Lee asked seriously.

"We've heard it before"

Min Sung stopped before he could finish his sentence.

"It's weird," Ho Sung Lee said in a nervous voice.

He was right.

It was supposed to ring 6 times this time, but it only rang 3 times.

"IT could be one of two things. The rules changed for some reason, or the bells had a different meaning from what we assumed."

Min Sung knitted his brows.

"Whatever the reason, we still have to clear the tower. Don't waste any time."

"Yes, Sir."


Outside of Black Tower.

The Central Institute soldiers were laid back as time passed.

But as soon as 3 bells rang instead of 6, the hunters also trembled in fear.

The fact that the bell changed meant that the situation had changed.

Ji Yoo Kim ordered the hunters to keep their guard up and make it so that they would be ready for any battle.


When the Devil God, Gaia saw the Black Slaughterer coming up the tower through his glass ball, he grimaced.

"That annoying human son of a bitch!"

The Devil God watched the Black Slaughterer slaying devils as his nickname suggested as he trembled in fear.

If it wasn't for him, destroying the human world would have been a piece of cake.

They didn't think an obstacle like the Black Slaughterer would get in the way.

The Devil God, Gaia grabbed his head with his dark and long fingers and groaned.

'Why did a Black Tower have to appear in the Black Slaughterer's country of all places?'

He felt as though he had lost before it even began.


The Devil God Gaia's red eyes glistened.

"at least we can buy some time."

In the Demonic Realm he was ranked at 46 out of all Devil Gods.

HE wasn't so weak that the Black Slaughterer could kill him with one slash.

As long as he dragged on enough time, the Devil Gods and devils would be able to take over the human world.

As long as they formed an army after that, he would be able to push the Black Slaughterer off a cliff.

No matter how powerful the Black Slaughterer was, he couldn't defeat an army.

And that had already been proven in the Demonic Realm.

He just had to buy time.

What would be the most effective?

While he thought about that, the Devil God, Gaia thought of one way.

And that way was the most effective until now.

The Devil God, Maia showed eyes that glistened as if he was the scale of a snake.


"look at these bastards."

Min Sung laughed at the devils' behavior.

Unlike the other floors where they all pounced together, the devils started running away as soon as they saw Min Sung.

It wasn't out of fear.

They were trying to buy as much time as they could so that they could form an army.

If they did that, time would be wasted, and a problem was going to arise in Bowl's ability to obtain devils.

After all, if they kept playing hide and seek it would become harder for him to pass devils over to Bowl and clear the floors.

"Bowl, only attempt to turn the last devil on this floor into the Undead."

Bowl was sad about this, but he understood why, so he didn't protest.


Min Sung broke through the tower as if it was made of Styrofoam.

Whenever he swung his Durandal, the walls tumbled down, and the devils, which were running away, died as soon as they came across Min Sung.

'That crazy human son of a bitch'

The Devil God, Maia, who was watching this through his glass ball, clenched his fist out of rage.

He was so powerful that he couldn't believe he was human.

He thought he could buy time, but he was wrong.

At this rate, he was going to reach his room in no time.

'This won't do.'

The Devil God, Maia gave up on buying time.

He thought it was better to call all the devils to his room and fight to their deaths.

IN that case, the entrances to all the staircases in the tower were going to be open.

The other Devil Gods hated this decision, but they would have chosen to do the same thing in this situation.

Once the Devil God, Maia made his decision, he sent his power through his mystical glass ball.

The message that the Devil God, Maia sent out began spreading to all of the devils inside the tower.


Min Sung's eyebrow flinched.

He caught on that the devils around him began to behave differently.

Min Sung looked to the golden goblin, Ssol, who was the only one fast enough to keep up, to bring HO Sung Lee and Bowl over.

Once Ssol disappeared, Min Sung looked around him and smiled bitterly.

'This is easier than I thought.'


All of the devils began swarming upstairs to the highest floor and leaving the entrances to all of the staircases open.

The dark devils even crawled and rolled in order to get there as soon as possible, which was quite the sight to see.

The Devil God, Maia was certain he made the right decision.

After all, he was the Devil God, Maia, rank 46.

despite that fact, he was still nervous about fighting one-on-one, but if he could use his devils as bait, he believed that there was a high chance of victory.

No matter how powerful he was, he was bound to have a weakness.

He came with a party.

Humans often put their own lives on the line in order to protect their party.

That fact was proven through history.

So if he went after the party and used the devils to draw him near, he could use his powers to defeat the all-mighty Black Slaughterer.

And if he defeated the Black Slaughterer, he was going to be a legend.

Not just in the name, but he would be recognized by the Great Devil God.

It was possible that that Great Devil God would grant him well-deserved honor.

And with the power of that honor, he would be able to climb and claim the 1st rank.

This would certainly improve his performance.

The Devil God, Gaia began warming up for the fight with that dream in mind.

'Let's try this.'

'Black Slaughterer!'


"W-what's going on?"

Ho Sung Lee dropped his jaw at the open doors to the staircase.

Ho Sung Lee then pointed to the door, which was welcoming them in.

"WE haven't been on this floor for a while. Did you slay all of the devils already?"

Ho Sung Lee asked.

"I didn't open it," Min Sung said as he climbed the stairs.

"what do you mean? If you didn't, who did?"

HO SUgn Lee asked as he followed Min Sung.

"Probably the Devil God," Min Sung replied.

"By that do you mean the top boss of devils? Why?"

"He probably wants to fight together."


Ho Sung Lee finally understood and hit his own palm with his fist.

"Maybe this is for the best. Since you're strong, you can wipe them all out at once. Haha, then should we wait outside the Boss' room? If we go in together, they might hold us as a hostage. WE don't have much time."

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung with great anticipation and a pounding heart.

"Do what you want," Min Sung answered.

He gave his permission.

He wasn't expecting much, so when he allowed it, HO Sung Lee threw his arms in the air and cheered.

When Bowl looked up in pity, Ho Sung Lee coughed.

"Hey, Bowl. Don't mess around when we get to the Boss Room. You might put him in a tough situation."

"That doesn't mean I should hide like a coward like you, you son of a bitch."

Ho Sung Lee was unable to refute Bowl and looked far into the distance instead.


The floor was quiet.

It was so empty that they didn't even see a single insect.

It looked like a world where not a single living organism existed.

But since the doors to the staircases were open, their way up the tower was so easy that it was boring.

Their trip was easy, but since they didn't have enough time, they sped up. For that reason, they arrived at the Boss Room in no time.

As soon as they arrived.

[Would you like to enter?]


A system message popped up.

Min Sung pressed 'yes' and Ho Sung Lee pressed 'no'.

Another system message popped up.

[If you don't enter with your party, you cannot enter the Devil's room at all.]