Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 179

Volume 1 Chapter 179



Ho Sung Lee blinked his eyes.

'What kind of shitty rule is that?'

'Why does the whole party have to enter all at once?'

He hadn't done anything until now, and it was Min Sung who defeated all of the devils.


Ho Sung Lee sighed and slumped his shoulders.

But then again, it was in Ho Sung Lee's fate to constantly be on the brink of death.

Ho Sung Lee shook his head and touched the Boss Room.

Then a system message appeared.

[Would you like to enter the Devil's Room?]


'Okay, fine. I'll go in, okay?'

Ho Sung Lee pressed 'yes' with a face resembling a squid.

Min Sung also pressed 'yes', causing the door of the Devil's Room to open.


The large door began to open with a rattling sound.

Ho Sung Lee took out his Death Knight Sword from his item window with great nervousness.

He had seen the Devil God in the test version of the Black Tower last time.

Back then, it was hard to even look at them.

And it was going to be no different this time.

'I'm going to panic Will I survive?'

Ho Sung Lee was overcome with anxiety.

On top of that, this Devil God wasn't trying to buy time, but he was going to fight with all his might.

This was completely different from what he had experienced before, so Ho Sung Lee began trembling before he even got into the Devil's Room.

He was well-aware that he could die at any moment.

Although he had gone through near-death experiences multiple times, it wasn't something he could get used to.

In the end, all he could do was fight with the determination to survive.


The door slammed open.

The Devil's Room was large.

And within that large space were countless devils beyond what they had seen before.

There were hundreds of them.

And behind them was the Devil God, Gaia, who was sitting in a throne made of human bones.

When Ho Sung Lee saw that, he felt as though there was a timed explosive attached to his heart.

His heart began pounding harder and harder until it was painful.

Ho Sung Lee's hands, which was holding his Death Knight Sword, was trembling to the point of being visible.

And Min Sung, who was standing in front of Ho Sung Lee, just stood there without showing any fear.

When Min Sung saw that, he was annoyed.

With those numbers, he felt as though he would die even if he became Berserker.

And if he became the Berserker, he was going to pounce without any fear.

That also meant he could die even faster.

' There are way too many of them.'

Ho Sung Lee looked at the countless devils and the Devil God, Gaia, with a face of despair.

At that moment-

"Both of you, stand at the entrance," Min Sung ordered.

Ho Sung Lee looked around him.

The entrance was big, but if Min Sung blocked them all ahead of time, Min Sung might have been able to cover them all.

Min Sung Kang was such an impenetrable wall that the devils couldn't possibly pass them and attack Ho Sung Lee and Bowl.

His heart began to stabilize again.

'That's the Min Sung I know.'

'That's our hunter!'

"Hey, Bowl. Come here," Ho Sung Lee urged.

In response, Bowl stood next to Ho Sung Lee.


The Devil God, Gaia, walked through his devils and stood in front of Min Sung.

He then let out a chuckle directed at Min Sung.

"You're going to fight at the entrance?"

The Devil God, Gaia, smiled and shook his head.

"That's foolish. You're not using the space to your advantage. This limits your space. You must know the power of a focused attack force. I guess you're human after all. Just to protect those things"

Min Sung lifted his Durandal and that caused the Devil God, Gaia, to stop talking.

Gaia's face immediately stiffened up.

"Die," Min Sung said in a low voice as he pulled back his Durandal.

When the Devil God, Gaia, and the devils' eyes jolted side.

Min Sung swung his Durandal.


A violent thunderous noise rang through the room.

And then a white light charged toward the devils.

In response, the Devil God, Gaia, used his demonic force.

He put up a magical wall in order to protect his devils.

Min Sung's force collided against Gaia's magic wall.


A large impact caused a crack to form on the magic wall.

The Devil God, Gaia, had to put up a fairly large wall for the many devils he had, so it required a lot of energy.

On the other hand, Min Sung didn't break a sweat.

After seeing Min Sung's abilities, the Devil God, Gaia, couldn't help but show his discomfort.

" Begin," the Devil God, Gaia, commanded in a low voice.

The devils were cowards, but a systematic tie was built in between each of them.

And since the order was clear, they were programmed to run in and die if their leader ordered them to.

That was why Min Sung had horrible memories of the Demonic Realm.

A war that never ended decade after decade.

He grew tired of the endless wars.

But this place was different.

The hundreds of devils felt like an oasis to Min Sung that gave him emotional comfort.

He was a little annoyed by the Devil God, but this was like Heaven compared to the Demonic Realm.

He looked at the devils charging toward him and smiled.

The fights that went on between him and the devils in the Korean Black Tower were nothing more than child's play.

Min Sung rolled his left foot against the ground.


His footprint slammed into the floor, causing it to rumble.

Along with the resonant sound, magic power spread in all four directions.

As a result, the devils began floating in the air.

The devils felt as though time had slowed down, and the magic force from the Durandal burst out like thorns on a rose.


The thunder sound sounded almost like cries, but the speed of that magic force was faster than his last.

The magic force from Min Sung's sword stabbed through the devils.

The Shaman Devils cast their spells on Min Sung, but they were all useless.

The devils that dodged Min Sung's last attack charged toward him in order to swipe him with their sharp fingernails.

Min Sung watched the devils with a cold gaze and swung his sword so quickly that the devils couldn't even see it.

A sword swung by Min Sung, when he was in the most optimal state, was unmatched.

It was so fast and powerful that the devils couldn't handle it.

Min Sung ripped the devils' bodies into shreds, which scattered everywhere.

Gaia, who saw all of this, showed a restless look on his face as he charged toward Min Sung.

As soon as he swung his sword...

Smoke began to appear from Min Sung's eyes.

At that moment, Min Sung let go of his Durandal.

And then...


He used his magic to make the Durandal penetrate the devils and fly toward the Devil God, Gaia.

Before Gaia could react, Min Sung's Durandal struck him in the pit of his stomach.

As Gaia spat out blood, his running speed slowed down significantly.

Meanwhile, Min Sung slammed his Durandal into the ground.


As the Durandal cracked the ground, its magic force flowed through the ground and stabbed into the devils' bodies.

There was a mountain of devils bleeding to their deaths.

Meanwhile, Bowl cast his dark magic toward a special devilShamanin order to make him into the Undead.

Bowl's dark magic began to flow into the nearly dying devil.

At that moment, the special devil, Champion's fingernails came down upon Bowl's head.

Ho Sung Lee ran in and blocked the Champion with his Death Knight Sword.

Bowl flinched and looked to his side, and Ho Sung Lee was unable to block Champion's 2nd attack.

His side and chest were torn, and his body flew toward the wall beside the entrance before falling to the ground.

"Son of a bitch!"

Bowl screamed out of worry and apology while Champion opened his mouth wide in efforts to swallow Bowl whole.

At that moment...


Min Sung's Durandal stabbed through the Champion's head before it could swallow Bowl.

The Champion was annihilated.

"Drink this potion," said Min Sung before he swung his Durandal again.

He slew the devils coming toward him one-by-one, causing them to roll away.

Gaia recovered from the injuries caused by Min Sung and prepared to fight again.

As a result of Min Sung's Durandal, the devils were dying left, right, and center.

Despite that fact, the devils had no fear as they continued to charge in response to Gaia's orders.

But since half of the devils were gone already, they were exhausted, and Gaia's plan was slowly going down the drain.

His stamina and injury recovered, but Gaia realized the situation wasn't in his favor, which caused him to sigh as he watched Min Sung.

He then watched the devils being slain by Min Sung's sword and knitted his brows.

"What a bunch of idiots"

He felt this way in the Demonic Realm as well. He thought that the human named Black Slaughterer was ridiculous.

He was way too powerful.

Gaia confirmed the remaining number of devils and took a step back.

He decided that since his original plan went down, it was best to buy as much time as possible.

While Min Sung killed the devils, Gaia clicked his tongue and ripped the space in front of him with his fingernails and leaped into the crack.

Or at least he tried...

If it wasn't for the crazy thing that Min Sung dragged along that had red hair and a red face