Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 180

Volume 1 Chapter 180


Ho Sung Lee, who was in his Berserker state, stabbed his sword through the Devil God Gaia's back as he tried to escape into the crack.

[Hell Fire Activated]


A large spark exploded.

He attacked, but there was no damage.

Ho Sung Lee continued to attack over and over.

He stabbed over and over with sparks flying everywhere but compared to Min Sung Kang's, his attacks didn't even tickle him.

When Gaia saw Ho Sung Lee swinging his sword at him, he became stressed.

He was pissed that this weak c.o.c.kroach was attempting to attack him instead of Min Sung Kang.

This little rodent!

Gaia swung his hand toward Ho Sung Lee.

If he activated his ability, he was going to disappear into thin air.

Before he activated his demonic ability.

Min Sung showed up right beside Gaia soon after killing all of the other devils.

In response to Min Sung's sudden appearance, Gaia felt as though his heart sank to the ground.

Min Sung stabbed Gaia in his side with his Durandal.


Gaia gasped and attempted to fight back, but Min Sung had already pulled out his sword by then and then slashed him once more, causing excruciating pain.

As he wobbled and lost balance, Min Sung swung his Durandal once more.


Along with Min Sung's signature thunderous sound, fatal damage was applied to the Devil God, Gaia.


Gaia let out a groan as his arm plopped down on the ground.

As Gaia began walking backward while splurting out blood, his form began to change.

His body expanded in the blink of an eye, a large magic circle formed on the ground, and his attack magic was activated.

And from the ground, a pillar of fire shot up.

Since that fire was capable of swallowing up Ho Sung Lee and Bowl, Min Sung swung his Durandal and controlled the blaze with his magic.


The Devil God, Gaia, let out a loud roar after his transformation, while still missing an arm.

Min Sung continued to look at the very large Devil God with an unchanged facial expression.

But his sentiments were clearly delivered.

"Thanks. I wasted less time thanks to you."

Min Sung's biggest worry was that the devils from other Black Towers could come flooding out while he was clearing this one.

It was possible that the devils were already running loose in the cities.

He had to clear the tower as fast as possible and proceed to the next one.

But since Gaia assisted him with that, he was very thankful.

Min Sung charged quickly toward him, reducing the distance between them.

Gaia used his remaining arm to swing a large ax.

Min Sung easily dodged it, causing the ax to land in the ground.

It was so big that it almost shattered the ground.

Min Sung ran on Gaia's arm, which was holding the ax.

He then expressed his gratitude once more by swinging his Durandal at him.

The Durandal contained a maximum capacity of magic power.

Before the Devil God, Gaia, could use his defense attack.


Min Sung's Durandal put the Devil God, Gaia, on the brink of death.

As Gaia's large body was ripped into two, he plopped on the ground with a large thud sound.

Min Sung walked toward Gaia in order to finish him off.

When he looked down at him, he was so injured that he was going to die anyway.

Considering how he had lost all of his limbs, it was surprising that he was still breathing.

But when it came to Devil Gods, they could recover very quickly, so they had to be ended for good.

Right before Min Sung swung his Durandal...


Ho Sung Lee, who had lost his mind as Berserker, lowered his Death Knight Sword upon the Devil God's head.


Hell Fire was activated.

Since Gaia was almost dead already, Ho Sung Lee was able to apply damage this time.

Along with an explosion, the last damage caused a message to pop up in the system.

[You've hunted a Devil God.]

[Ho Sung Lee's level will disappear.]

[Berserker's level upgraded by two levels.]

[Great achievement]

[You've acquired a new skill!]

Ho Sung Lee stood in front of Gaia's body and let out a loud roar.


When Bowl saw this, he grabbed his head with his hands, and he plopped down on his knees. The gold goblin, Ssol, just simply smiled and applauded.


As soon as Min Sung cleared the tower, the Black Tower began to disintegrate.

The reporters, who had been waiting for this, flashed their cameras while the Central Institute hunters smiled and cheered for Min Sung, who had cleared the Black Tower.

Unlike the fear that ensued when the Black Tower first appeared, it was disappearing in a way that made for a beautiful sight.

"I can't believe he cleared it so fast. At this rate, he might be able to get rid of all of them!"

One of the Central Institute hunters exclaimed with clenched fists.

Ji Yoo Kim also flashed a smile and felt relieved, but that feeling didn't last for long.

"General Kim!"

A subordinate ran over with his tablet and showed her the screen.

And as soon as Ji Yoo Kim saw the video, her face grew dark.

She had expected it, but the screen was showing something that she didn't want to see with her own eyes.

It was a scene showing devils having destroyed almost half of the 1st defense line.

And when the subordinate touched the screen, multiple screens popped up which showed the moment right before the 1st defense line was completely destroyed.

At this rate, the magic wall was going to be destroyed in no time, causing many casualties.

Ji Yoo Kim bit down on her lower lip with a dark look on her face.


As soon as the Black Tower disappeared, Min Sung, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol landed below Mapo Bridge.

Since Ho Sung Lee had yet to wake up from his Berserker state, he fell while still unconscious.

Since he fell from a very high place, falling from it was going to cause a serious impact.

The first to land was Min Sung, followed by Ho Sung Lee.

Right before Ho Sung Lee landed on the ground, Min Sung caught Ho Sung Lee by his clothes and then threw him aside.

Ho Sung Lee, who was still unconscious, rolled on the ground before he woke up just in time.

After that, Bowl and Ssol fell from the sky.

Min Sung caught both of them with his hands and threw them aside as well.

Bowl and Ssol expressed their excitement as they got back up from the ground.

And then Ssol noticed Ho Sung Lee attempting to get up and assisted him with it.


Ho Sung Lee watched the aftermath of the Black Tower as he called Min Sung in a low voice, "Did you clear it?"

Ho Sung Lee asked with a blank stare in his eyes.

"Yeah. You did."

"Pardon? Me?"

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung with a surprised look on his face.

"Let's get moving. We have to get to the Warp Gate," Min Sung said as he began walking.

"Yes, Sir!"

Ho Sung Lee shook his head out of dizziness and ran after Min Sung.

But when Ho Sung Lee saw Min Sung stopping, so did he.

Min Sung closed his eyes and caught his breath.

"Are you all right?"

Ho Sung Lee waited quietly for his response.

But Min Sung opened his eyes again and began walking again.

The way Ho Sung Lee saw it, Min Sung was tired from using too much of his Aura in order to clear the Black Tower so quickly.

Come to think of it, he cleared the Black Tower a lot faster than last time.

After noticing how tired Min Sung Kang was, Ho Sung Lee finally realized he was still human.

"I'm hungry."

Ho Sung Lee doubted what he heard.


"I'm hungry."

' So that's what it was.'

Ho Sung Lee shook his head and took out a chocolate from Ssol's golden pouch.

"Eat this for the time being. It'll help."


Min Sung accepted the chocolate bar Ho Sung Lee handed over.

He peeled off the wrapper and took a bite.

He chewed down on the strong chocolate flavor along with the almonds inside.

The strong flavor of the chocolate filled the inside of his mouth.

After using so much of his magic force, his head felt stuffy, and his body felt exhausted, but as soon as he ate the chocolate bar, he felt himself feeling better.

Min Sung looked down at the chocolate bar in surprise.


'It feels like my energy is being recharged.'

Min Sung smirked at the chocolate bar and continued to eat it.

Once he finished, he brushed off his hands, and that was when Ji Yoo Kim came running over with a tablet in her hands.

"Min Sung, we're in trouble. The 1st defense line abroad will be torn down soon."

Ji Yoo Kim quickly showed him the screen of the tablet.

Min Sung watched the video on the tablet and then nodded.

"We expected this. We'll have to clear it."

Min Sung looked away from the tablet and then proceed to walk.

Ji Yoo Kim caught up to him and walked beside him.

"Where are you going to go?"

Ji Yoo Kim asked with curiosity in her eyes.

"I don't' know. Wherever my feet takes me."

Min Sung walked toward the car that he parked near Mapo Bridge without a destination in mind.

Ho Sung Lee got into the driver's seat while Min Sung sat in the back.

Ji Yoo Kim watched as they left with a sigh.

The Central Institute hunters weren't going to be of any help even if they followed.

What they had to do was make sure all the devils from other countries were prevented from entering Korea.

It was time for Min Sung to do his job while Ji Yoo Kim did hers.

Ji Yoo Kim continued to watch Min Sung's car leave before she turned around to build a new defense line.