Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 181

Volume 1 Chapter 181


"I want spicy seafood stew," Min Sung said in a low voice.

"Spicy seafood stew?"

Ho Sung Lee asked while looking at him through the back mirror.


Bowl and Ssol glanced over at Min Sung.

But Min Sung knitted his brows as he looked out the window.

" There's no time to eat."

He was stressed that he couldn't eat.

As a result, Min Sung was giving off a great deal of sensitivity and frustration.

As a result, Bowl and Ssol looked away from Min Sung in anxiousness.

They then sent Ho Sung Lee a message telling him to resolve this right away.

Bowl and Ssol continued to poke Ho Sung Lee on his shoulder and side.


They arrived at the Warp Gate building.

While Ho Sung Lee was driving, he had already sent a text message.

In response to his request for a spicy seafood stew, there was a spicy seafood stew waiting for the VVIP member, Min Sung, once they arrived.

Min Sung's face stiffened after seeing the delicious seafood stew.

"I made a call ahead of time. Please have some," Ho Sung Lee said as he pointed at the spicy seafood stew.

Inside the boiling stew was a large crab.

And beside it was an octopus.

And other than that, there were also abalones, shrimp, and clams that smelled like the ocean.

Aside from all of the glorious contents, he saw a deep broth keeping it all warm.

Min Sung gulped at the spicy seafood stew.

It looked delicious.

Just the thought of having some of that broth with white rice and then chewing the seafood between his teeth made him salivate.

As a result, his stomach made a loud grumbling sound.

But he didn't want to eat his meal in a half-assed manner.

If he was going to eat it anyway, he wanted to make it a proper meal.

Min Sung sighed at the spicy seafood stew. He grabbed a skewer that was in the heating cabinet and began chewing on it.

He was going to put off the spicy seafood stew until later.

After eating the hot skewer, he threw the stick in the trash and proceeded to walk toward the gates.

Ho Sung Lee was surprised that Min Sung didn't eat his stew and ran after him.


On his car ride to the Warp Gate, Min Sung thought deeply about where to head next after clearing the Black Tower in Korea.

He also asked Ho Sung Lee for his opinion on the matter.

"We can live without hamburgers. We can live without pizza. We can live without pasta, but for a Korean, we can't live without rice. It's miserable without it, so it's best that a Korean looks out for himself. For that reason, I think we should go to the areas surrounding Korea, which can become the biggest threat."

Ho Sung Lee's opinion was sound.

He couldn't refute.

No place was more important than Korea.

Korean food had to be protected.

For that reason, his next destinations were Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

And after eliminating Japan and China, who had a great hunter force, all that was left were Mongolia and Taiwan.

When asked about which one to go to first, Ho Sung Lee shared his opinion.

"How about we go to Mongolia since their country is bigger? It'll be easier to deal with Taiwan later since there's water separating Taiwan from Korea."

"I guess we can clear Mongolia and then head down to China."


Ho Sung Lee agreed with Min Sung and set their next destination to Mongolia.


Min Sung took the Warp Gate to Mongolia.

Mongolia was a large country.

So if the devils were to break through the 1st defense line and swarm out into the real world, it was going to be difficult knowing where to start.

But it was their plan to start in Mongolia and then head toward China which had a boundary line with Korea.

And since Min Sung's speed was now faster than ever, there was nothing physical getting in their way.

The reason why he took the car, plane, and helicopter was simply because he was too lazy to use his feet.

But if Min Sung wanted to walk, he could walk faster than anything.

He took the Warp Gate and when he arrived in Mongolia, there was someone waiting who had heard of his arrival.

"Hello, Sir."

The Mongolian hunter leader showed Min Sung his respect.

"Brief me," Min Sung urged.

In response, the Mongolian hunter leader called an expert to brief Min Sung.

Once Min Sung was briefed, he headed out.


He could see the difference between where the 1st defense line was broken and where it wasn't.

The Demonic Realm's war had already begun.

And when Min Sung arrived in Mongolia, this place was one of the places where the 1st defense line was destroyed.

Min Sung headed over to the A region on a helicopter in order to catch the devils that crossed through the 1st defense line.

A region was where the expert predicted most of the devils would be.

For that reason, Min Sung headed there first.

But on his way, he didn't spot a single devil.

Min Sung was running on foot at a very high speed.

On the other hand, Ho Sung Lee, Bowl, and Ssol, who couldn't keep up with him, rode the Mongolian hunter leader's private jet to meet him there.

They saw many dead devils where Min Sung had already passed, but they couldn't collect the items that were left behind.

It was safer to just meet Min Sung at the agreed destination.


"Son of a bitch."

In response to Bowls' calling, Ho Sung Lee glanced over and then looked down.

Bowl was looking at him.


Ho Sung Lee asked.


"For what?"

"You don't have a level anymore."

"What do you mean?"

Ho Sung Lee smirked at Bowl thinking he was talking nonsense.

"You ate the Devil God's death in the Boss Room."

In response, Ho Sung Lee looked into space and then glanced at Bowl.

"I did?"

Bowl nodded his big head up and down.

Ho Sung Lee showed a blank look on his face before he ran to the washroom in the private jet and checked the mirror.

And when he saw that there was no name above his head, he ran back to Bowl and looked like he was about to faint.

"What happened? Why don't I have a level? What happened? Did I really eat the final kill? How?!"

Ho Sung Lee shook Bowl's shoulders with jolted eyes as he asked.

"Ugh I'm dizzy," Bowl responded.

"Oh, sorry!"

Ho Sung Lee put Bowl down on the ground.

"Why don't I have a level anymore?"

Ho Sung Lee asked Bowl in a serious voice.

"Because you got the final kill of the Devil God in your Berserker state," Bowl responded, still dizzy.

"Oh! That's why I don't remember. Is Min Sung mad that I got the final kill?"

"No, this is for the best. I couldn't make the Devil God into the Undead anyway, so it was best for you to eat his kill, but it was dangerous. If Master hadn't taken care of him"

Bowl trailed off.

Ho Sung Lee knew very well why Bowl couldn't finish his sentence.

Because he wasn't Min Sung Kang

He could easily die...

At a very high likelihood.

Ho Sung Lee looked out the window in silence.

It didn't mean much for him to be a miscellaneous type.

What was important was how well he could fight a devil.

He had to fight a devil in order to be acknowledged by Min Sung Kang himself.

In order to get his approval, he couldn't be satisfied just by the fact that he was now a miscellaneous type.

At this point, that wasn't even important.

After all, Min Sung Kang was the one who made him that way.

He had to protect his world.

The peaceful world that he was trying to keep safe.

Ho Sung Lee looked at the white clouds with many thoughts inside his head.

Bowl snickered at Ho Sung Lee in the meantime.


Min Sung caused a lot of noise by ripping through space with his incredible speed.

When Min Sung saw devils that got through the 1st defense line, he didn't hesitate to take care of them right away.

Min Sung's Durandal made thunderous noises as it slew the devils, causing for the devils' bodies to fly off into the air.

Min Sung took care of the devils as he ran across the land at an unbelievable speed.

Just 1/10th of his way there, Min Sung noticed that there was no point in checking the lines that would be of threat to Korea.

He didn't have any time to lose.

He had to change directions.

He had failed to realize that the devils moved in irrational ways.

He had to go toward where the devils were gathered and slay them all at once.

He didn't have time to go after the small fries.

The defense line wasn't going to hold up for long.

Even if some small fries were left over, it was right for him to go after the herds first.

Luckily, he didn't waste too much of his time.

Even if he changed his direction now, it wasn't going to make much of a difference.

Min Sung stopped in his tracks.

As soon as he did, he felt a gust of wind that Min Sung created with his own speed.

In the midst of the sandstorm, Min Sung took out his phone from his item window and told Ho Sung Lee that there was a change in destination. He then checked the map and began running once more.

As soon as he took off, the impact of his movements against the air caused a very explosive sound.