Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 184

Volume 1 Chapter 184


It grew silent.

Bowl also looked at Min Sung and Ho Sung Lee with a shocked face, and Ssol, who didn't understand the seriousness of the situation, dozed off against the wall.

Ho Sung Lee looked at Min Sung as if he heard him wrong.

"Y-you want me to eat devils?"

He couldn't believe it.

But Min Sung continued without any expression on his face.

"If you eat devils, you'll gain magic power, and that power will help you grow faster, and if you eat devils, you can also avoid being their target. It has the effect of eliminating your human scent, so you'll have a better chance at survival."

"Can't I just pass on that and follow you?"

"Then you're useless to me."

In response to Min Sung's cold words, Ho Sung Lee dropped his head.

"No need to force yourself. It's your choice. Also, Bowl."

In response to Min Sung's calling, Bowl saluted.

"Yes, Master!"

"Once you fall to a set HP, you're programmed to come back to me so have confidence and level up as much as possible."

"Yes, Master!"

Bowl answered cheerfully.

Min Sung left to the gate room, and Ssol followed behind him.

Ho Sung Lee, who was left alone with Bowl, breathed with a bluish face.

"It'll be fine."

Bowl tapped Ho Sung Lee on his leg in order to comfort him.

Ho Sung Lee looked down at Bowl, ready to vomit.

"Are you sure about that? Huh? You'll just return to Min Sung as soon as your HP drops, but what about me? Huh? If I die, it's over. I haven't even gotten married yet!"



Bowl looked at Ho Sung Lee, who was glaring at him, and just shrugged.

"So what?"

Ho Sung Lee covered his eyes with his hands and laughed.

"Yeah, what can I do? I'll just have to make the best of this situation!"

Bowl shook his big head at Ho Sung Lee.

"What is he saying?"


A 50-story Black Tower in America.

There were 10 Devil Gods there.

Those 10 Devil Gods were the highest ranks out of the 72 Devil Gods, meaning they ranked from 1st to 10th place.

They were inside the Black Tower sitting around in silence with puzzled looks on their faces.

The one and only reason why they were silent was because of the 'Black Slaughterer'.

The sound of groaning could be heard on the 50th floor of the dark Black Tower.

"Someone is looking for us."

The one who broke the silence was the Devil God of rank 7.

In response, all of the other Devil Gods grew silent.

"Hmph! Who is this Black Slaughterer anyway? Isn't he just a human?!"

The Devil God of rank 5 scoffed, but not a single Devil God agreed with him.

To the Devil Gods, Black Slaughterer was worthy of fear, and he was known as their natural enemy.

The fact that Min Sung was actually human was completely eliminated from the Devil Gods' minds.

And the Devil God of rank 5, who made that remark, just said that in order to express his frustration regarding the situation.

"We've killed him before in the Demonic Realm. No need to be scared"

In response to rank 9, rank 4 laughed.

"We dispatched our entire forces just to catch that one bastard. What are you talking about? That bastard"

The Devil God of rank 4 grimaced and closed his mouth.

At that moment...

A rip formed in space, which looked very much like the Black Hole.

The Devil Gods were surprised by the large presence and took a few steps back.

A moment later, smoke came out of the black hole, and that smoke began to come together to form a figure.

It was the king of the Devils, who was above all of the 10 Devil Gods.

He was the Demon King, 'Veld'.

The Devil Gods charged toward Veld and got on their knees.

"Black Slaughterer is our limitation to acquiring new territories? Yeah right!"

Veld scoffed.

"If he's trying to get rid of us, we have to use that to our advantage."

In response, the Devil Gods all lowered their heads.

Veld spoke in a low voice, "Our objective is to kill humans, take over their land, and obtain new territory. We don't have to fight the Black Slaughterer. All we have to do is keep our numbers. Just by chasing us, that human is wasting his time and energy."

In response, the Devil Gods showed faces of relief.

Veld laughed as he continued, "While he chases after us and kills the devils, this world will become our land. The human world will become our sanctuary. Black Slaughterer is human. He'll continue to resist and then die. Just like he did in the Demonic Realm."

The sound of the Demon King, Veld, rang all the way down to the 1st floor of the Black Tower.


He eliminated devils out on the field.

Since there was no report of any sightings of the devils, it was a waste of time to look through the fields.

And since there were 72 Black Towers at the moment, eliminating the devils within the towers was going to take a significant amount of time.

He had to find a way to prevent them from entering the human world, but finding that way was no easy task.

For that reason, he had to use his own body to find that method.

But there was no way those Devil Gods would advertise exactly where they were.

Their objective was clear.

While he killed the devils and Devil Gods, they were planning to use their numbers to take over the world.

That meant they were willing to trade their flesh to eat bones.

As a result, he thought there had to be a way to get rid of the devils all at once, but that was just speculation at this point.

But one part of his heart still had hope that there was a way to catch all of the devils, which were currently spreading around the world at a very high speed.

But no matter how much he thought about it, there was nothing concrete.

Min Sung clicked his tongue and continued to walk.


He went over to Russia through the Warp Gate.

As soon as he exited the building, the air was cold since it was November.

When he walked further out of the building, he saw a hoard of people past a barricade.

As soon as Min Sung arrived, the Russians kneeled and bowed beneath Min Sung.

Min Sung watched the people bow as if he was a god and knitted his brows.

Min Sung calmed down the Russian hunters, who were desperately trying to serve him, and asked for the location of the Black Tower.

It wasn't very far.

Min Sung scanned the Russian people, who were trembling in fear and then headed over to the Black Tower.

And of course, the Russian people and hunters continued to pay their respects to Min Sung as he left.


He arrived in front of the first Black Tower.

Since Russia was a big country. There were 3 Black Towers there.

He somewhat understood the feelings of the people who were waiting for him in front of the Warp Gate.

On his way to the closest Black Tower, he hadn't seen a single devil.

From what he heard, there was a magic wall set up around the Black Tower.

But the 1st defense line was already knocked down.

'Since there was a lot of land, have they yet to find the 2nd defense line?'

'That's weird.'

Min Sung looked around him.

The land was harsh.

The first Black Tower in Russia was located in a severely mountainous area, and he couldn't sense any devils around the Black Tower area.

After checking the area, Min Sung looked up at the Black Tower and took out his Durandal.

The Durandal appeared with thunder and lightning and arrived in Min Sung's hands.

Min Sung looked up at the Black Tower as he got moving.

If the Devil Gods weren't out in the field, that meant the other Devil Gods were out in the human world.

And he thought of that to mean that the Devil Gods were hiding away inside the Black Tower.

Min Sung was ready to attack the Devil Gods with fear after how much they tried to intimidate him with their numbers.

After putting his worries behind him, Min Sung looked at the tower with cold eyes.

He then began to focus his magic energy into his Durandal.

The magic power from within Min Sung's body began to gather around the Durandal.

It was time for the scared mice to come out from their holes.

Because the hunt had officially begun.


Min Sung sighed and looked down at his belly.

The thought of how many meals he missed because of those devils made his body grow heavy from the stress.

After completing a few stretches, Min Sung grabbed onto his Durandal.

'Hide if you can, suckers.'

Min Sung gritted his teeth as he swung his Durandal toward The Black Tower.


Some of Min Sung's power, which he had been holding back, finally unleashed itself.


The ground shook as his Durandal exploded with a magical light.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

Min Sung's magic power shook the ground and then directly hit the Black Tower.

At that moment.

The sound faded out.

Along with a flash and a thunderbolt, Min Sung's magic power swallowed up the Black Tower with a blinding light.