Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 185

Volume 1 Chapter 185

A heavy sound roared.

And as soon as the sound stopped, the Black Tower on top of a mountain in Russia disappeared as if it was never there in the first place.

The destroyed land surrounding the area was the only proof that the Black Tower disappeared because of Min Sung's magic power.

The golden goblin, Ssol, just stared on with his jaw dropped.


Meanwhile, Min Sung put down his Durandal while looking exhausted.

Since he used a substantial amount of magic power, just holding the Durandal made his entire body feel heavy.

Min Sung spat on the ground and wiped off his sweat while getting hit by the cold wind.


"That crazy bastard!"

When the Devil God of rank 3 saw what happened through his glass ball, his body trembled.

He was on the 50th floor of the Black Tower.

All of the other Devil Gods gathered on the top floor felt the same way.

They never even imagined it.

They had no idea he would get rid of the Black Tower like that.

The 10 Devil Gods felt scared after confirming Min Sung's power through the glass ball.

They knew the Black Slaughterer was powerful, but they didn't know he was capable of getting rid of a Black Tower entirely.

At this rate, time was not on their side as the Demon King, Veld, suggested.

It was them who were being pursued in this chase.

But unlike the Devil Gods, the Demon King, Veld, looked just as calm as he did before.

The Devil Gods looked at Veld with nervous looks on their faces.

Veld looked down at the Devil Gods from his throne and clicked his tongue.

"How do you call yourselves Devil Gods if you get scared so easily?"

The Demon King, Veld, continued to stare at the Devil Gods with disappointment.

"Even if he was able to make that tower disappear, he's probably tired after how much magic power he had to use. That means we have a chance."

The Devil Gods opened their eyes wide and looked up at Veld.

Veld scoffed as he continued, "Even if he's the Black Slaughterer, he's someone who died in the Demonic Realm, which means he's only human. He might be able to make a few Black Towers disappear, but by then, he'll have no more power left."

In response, the Devils began to smile.

What the Demon King, Veld, just said made perfect sense.

He might have been the Black Slaughterer, but his magic power wouldn't last long, which meant he would start to slow down.

Even if they didn't step up, the other average devils would take care of him.

"Once that annoying Black Slaughterer dies in the human world, he'll never be born again."

"That means we'll never have to see him again."

"That dumb bastard. If he chose to abandon the human world, he would've lasted longer. Tsk!"

When the Demon King, Veld, glared at the Devil Gods for being too loud, they all grew silent.

"Just wait. Then you'll be able to get that bastard to surrender without moving a finger."

The Devil Gods bowed their heads to the Demon King.


As Min Sung ordered, Ho Sung Lee headed to the 2nd defense line with Bowl, and by the time he arrived, he had no time to chat with the Chinese hunters.

They continued to work in order to prevent the magic wall from collapsing.

And they used the devils that entered through the crack in the space as a part of the Chinese hunter force, allowing them to exert power in killing devils.

Ho Sung Lee was surprised to see the Chinese hunters fight the devils.

The Chinese hunters were much more powerful than Ho Sung Lee thought as they were facing off against the devils that were breaking through the magic wall with their great fighting ability.

Ho Sung Lee perceived them to be even more powerful than Samchunkyo.

'Why don't we know their names yet?'

'Why haven't they showed themselves yet?'

But those thoughts didn't last long.

After all, no matter how skilled and powerful they were as hunters, it was clear they were running low on stamina.

Ho Sung Lee grabbed his Death Knight Sword. He exchanged glances with Bowl and then ran over to the magic wall in order to assist the Chinese hunters.


'How am I supposed to eat those?'

Ho Sung Lee saw the devils, which resembled humans, trying to get through the magic wall, and he gagged.


Min Sung looked out at the ruins as he took out a water bottle from his item window and gulped it down.

When he finished the water and closed the lid.

He heard the sound of crying and groaning from somewhere.

Ssol tapped on Min Sung's shoulder and pointed in various directions.

So Min Sung took out his Durandal from his item window and got up.

As soon as he looked in the direction of the noise, he saw devils that were still alive.

The devils were crawling on the ground despite missing a few body parts.

As soon as Min Sung walked toward the devils, Ssol covered his eyes with his hands.

Min Sung looked down at the devil crawling below him.

"I didn't want to do this, but here I go again."

Min Sung's face stiffened as he looked at the devil crawling with tears.

Since he took down an entire Black Tower, there was nothing better than eating devils in recovering his magic power.

Min Sung grabbed the devil by the neck and held it up in the air.

The dying devil chocked and wriggled as if it still had the greed to live.

"Don't think I'm going to tire out so quickly. Also"

Min Sung stared at the devil in his hands straight in the eyes as he continued, "It won't be long before you meet me."

He was talking to the Devil Gods who were watching through the devil's eyes.

Min Sung stopped speaking.


The sound of the Devil's body cracking could be heard.

After that.


White smoke began to form from the devil's body.

When he first went to the Demonic Realm, he ate monsters as if it was his food, but once he acquired a number of abilities, Min Sung also acquired the absorption ability.

That ability allowed him to swallow living organisms by force.

As a result, Min Sung's absorption ability caused the devil's dark body to dry up in the blink of an eye.

All of the moisture left the devil's body, and once the devil died completely, he dried up like beeswax.

As soon as Min Sung let go of it, the dried-up devil plopped down onto the dirt and disappeared into thin air.

Once he absorbed its vitality, his tired body somewhat recovered.

But there were devils around him that were still alive.

Min Sung charged toward a devil that was running away and stared at him with heartless eyes.

The devil, which was crawling away in order to survive, made a choking sound to Min Sung's hand and flew across the air.


The Demon God, Veld, chewed on a piece of skull with anxiousness.

Black Slaughterer was different from what he expected.

He thought that the amount of magic power he used to get rid of the Black Tower as a whole would have been detrimental.

So the fact that he was able to recharge just by sucking up the vitality of a few devils scared Veld.

The Black Slaughterer, who was in his optimal state in the human world unlike how he was in the Demonic Realm, had a much higher fighting ability than before.

It was possible that going against someone with memories from the Demonic Realm could take a devastating turn for the devils.

When a Devil God died, its devils panicked due to the loss of their leader.

That also meant that they could lose the direction of their objective.

Veld disposed of the bone in his hand. He crushed his skull throne with his fist and got up.

The Devil Gods, who were watching the situation through the glass ball, immediately sat up as soon as Veld got up from his throne.

"We can't wait any longer. We'll do a stakeout outside, and once he gets rid of the Black Tower, we'll attack him before he can absorb vitality from the devils that are still alive."

In response to Veld's orders, the Devil Gods' jolted their eyes wide open.

Although he was the Black Slaughterer, he was bound to be low on magic power right after obliterating a Black Tower.

That meant that that was the best time frame to attack.

If they got that opportunity, that meant they didn't even need the help of their master, Demon King, Veld.

The Devil Gods' eyes sparkled with excitement.


The situation became worse and worse over time.

Around the time Min Sung went over to Russia through the Warp Gate, most of the countries began to see their 2nd defense line tumble down.

So the people began to hoard behind the 3rd defense line.

With the 2nd defense line down, if the 3rd defense line was destroyed as well, that meant mankind would go extinct.

Mankind began to panic in the midst of the horror.

Every country was desperately adding to the magic wall in efforts to protect their 3rd defense line.

Despite their efforts, the magic wall felt unstable and at risk as if it was made of paper.

Since it was the final defense line that could save mankind, all of mankind felt frightened.


He arrived in Spokane, which was 400 kilometers away from Seattle in America.

The Black Tower that appeared in Spokane could be called the center point of all Black Towers that appeared around the world.

Min Sung looked up at the Black Tower situated above countless buildings as he thought.

Since he was bringing down the towers at a very fast pace while the 3rd defense lines were holding up, they were probably in an anxious state.

When it came to the devils and Devil Gods, they tended to be more proactive than passive.

He thought that he could use the fact that he consumed a great deal of magic energy as bait to reel them in.

For that reason, Min Sung maximized his power output and made it so that they could sense it from further away.

And in order to catch them with it, he used the golden goblin, Ssol, to explore their surroundings at high speed.


He felt the air around them becoming distorted as a result of Ssol's exploration.

Min Sung smiled.

They were here.