Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 186

Volume 1 Chapter 186


The Devil Gods were taken aback.

They thought that they were fully prepared to stake out and pounce once the perfect opportunity came.

But the Black Slaughterer, Min Sung Kang, already caught on to their strategy.

When the golden goblin, Ssol, appeared out of nowhere, they were so shocked that they made their presence known.

That mistake was fatal, and Min Sung didn't let the Devil Gods get away with that mistake.

Since Min Sung already had his senses maximized, Min Sung immediately secured the Devil Gods' location.


Min Sung quickly appeared in front of the Devil Gods and stabbed it with his Durandal with a white light coming out of his eyes.


Min Sung's Durandal stabbed through the Devil God's chest along with a loud thunderous noise.

Min Sung then grabbed onto the Devil God's neck and took out his Durandal.

As a result, the Devil God breathed out its last breath of air and hung in his hands.

Min Sung pulled back his Durandal and swung it once more.



The Devil God's neck got sliced off and his head flew into the air.

At the same time, Min Sung threw his Durandal into the air.

Before the sword came back down from the sky and almost hit the ground, Min Sung reached out his hand.

And as soon as he clenched his fist, an enormous noise spread as if the earth and sky were being created as magic power radiated in all four directions.

This was one of the techniques he had read about in Samchunkyo's book, and it was very effective.

As a result, the Devil Gods began to appear from the transparent barrier they used to hide themselves.

Min Sung smiled. He pulled back his Durandal. He grabbed the weapons that came at him and swung his Durandal.

As soon as Min Sung's attack spread, the Devil Gods felt their bodies distort as a result of the magic power, causing them to grimace in pain.

This was his chance to catch the Devil Gods.

And if they started to run, things would get more difficult.

But Min Sung didn't rush just because he was in a rush.

He was a warrior from the Demonic Realm.

A warrior had to be cold-hearted, rational, and have no hesitation.

No one had to teach him that since Min Sung learned it himself in the Demonic Realm.

No matter how hungry he was.

No matter how traumatized he was from memories of starvation.

He had to follow the proper order of battle.

A life flickered between life and death depending on the amount of focus alone.

And in that crossroads, Min Sung was always the wind, ice, and water that shut down the life of his opponents.

Min Sung had so much dignity that he almost looked like a myth from the middle ages.

But the Devil Gods used their demonic magic as resistance against him.

Dark words in the demonic language appeared in the air as it gathered the power of the Demonic Realm.

Min Sung recognized that they were the Devil Gods of the highest ranks.

Min Sung thought of this as the perfect opportunity.

He had to kill these Devil Gods in order to control the devils that were spread out all over the world.

But since he was going against 9 Devil gods, not just one, he had to be careful about how he controlled his stamina.

Since there were many of them, even one mistake could be fatal.

Min Sung focused and put more strength in his eyes.

He checked the movements of the Devil Gods and unleashed his power.

Min Sung brought upon thunder and lighting as if he was a god.

The Devil Gods' magic flooded in from the side, but Min Sung shut them down and stabbed the Devil Gods with his Durandal.

Despite all of the high ranking Devil Gods being present, Min Sung showed off great firepower.

The Devil Gods had ordered for all of the Devil Gods in the human world to gather here as soon as possible.

In just a few minutes, 72 Devil Gods were set to arrive, but these Devil Gods had a hard time standing a chance against Min Sung Kang.

Although the Devil Gods were attacking Min Sung at full force, Min Sung got past all of them and stabbed the Devil Gods with his Durandal.

The Devil Gods were slashed and stabbed, leading to great bloodshed.

The sound of thunder and lightning went off.




Ho Sung Lee's face was dark and stiff.

The hunters were dying.

The stamina of the surprisingly powerful Chinese hunters started to deteriorate, preventing them from being able to withstand the attacks of the devils that passed through the magic wall.

Meanwhile, Ho Sung Lee watched the dying devils and grimaced.

'F.u.c.k, how am I supposed to eat those?'

Devils resembled humans from head to toe.

On top of that, they had black skin and red eyes.

He couldn't even eat the most delicious delicacy if he had to stare at such a monstrous face at the same time.

But in order to become stronger, he had no other way.

Ho Sung Lee grabbed onto a devil's arm. He opened his mouth wide and chewed on it.

But no matter how hard he bit down, Ho Sung Lee didn't have particularly sharp teeth while the devil's skin was really robust, so he couldn't even leave a teeth mark.

On top of that, it was just gross.

Ho Sung Lee took his mouth off while his entire body trembled.

"Ugh I can't do this. Damn it!"

'Do I have to drink its blood or something?'

Ho Sung Lee sighed as he looked down at the devil and took out his Death Knight Sword to stab it.

At that moment...

"Son of a bitch!"

He heard Bowl calling.

When he looked behind him, he saw a devil flapping its wings and charging toward him at high speed.

" Huh?"

Before he could even react.


The devil's hand stabbed through Ho Sung Lee's chest.


After seeing Ho Sung Lee coughing out blood, Bowl sent an Undead Devil to stop the devil from eating his head.

As a result, after throwing Ho Sung Lee, which he was attacking, he faced off against Bowl's Undead Devil next.

Meanwhile, Ho Sung Lee dripped in blood as he looked around him and knitted his brows.

Just because he became the Berserker and he regained his stamina didn't mean he was invincible.

If he died in the Berserker state, he couldn't come back alive again.

He would just become a dead body and rest in peace forever.

The number of Chinese hunters significantly decreased, and it felt like they were annihilated by the devils.

Unlike the hopeful situation in the beginning, the Chinese hunters were unable to beat the devil's numbers, and they either shed blood or got eaten alive.

' Damn it.'

'Is this really the end?'

'I at least wanted to say goodbye to Bowl'

He couldn't speak.

Ho Sung Lee then lost consciousness and began transforming into a Berserker.


The Devil Gods were taken aback.

They clearly had a plan, and their strategy was predicted to have such a high success rate that they thought the plan was solid, but the Devil Gods had no idea.

They didn't know just how long the Black Slaughterer, Min Sung Kang was in the Demonic Realm for, or just how well he knew about their habits.

For that reason, the Devil Gods had no idea.

That Min Sung would use the Black Tower as bait to lure them in.

'Damn it!'

The Devil God of rank 1 named Zeke was certain that if they continued at this rate, they wouldn't be able to catch Min Sung Kang even if all of the Devil Gods gathered.

And if he thought about it, it took them tens of years just to kill him in the Demonic Realm.

So it was foolish to think that they could defeat a guy like that so easily.

He had to make a decision.

Zeke looked at the other Demon Gods dripping in blood as a result of the Black Slaughterer's attacks and clenched down on his teeth.

Demon King.

Veld was nowhere to be seen.

He also considered the possibility that this was just a political move made to change the structure of the Demonic Realm.

'We shouldn't have underestimated the Black Slaughterer.'

When Min Sung slashed through the Demon God of the 6th rank.


Zeke shouted in a loud voice.

His surroundings were in ruins as a result of Min Sung and the Devil Gods.

And in the middle of it was Min Sung who was lightly panting while holding his bloody Durandal, and he was looking directly at Zeke.

Rank 1 Zeke.

Although he was the most powerful being after the Demon King in the Demonic Realm, he shook in fear as soon as he met eyes with the Black Slaughterer.

He wasn't human.

When the Black Slaughterer was in his optimal state, he appeared to be the most powerful of them all.

"If you're thinking of buying time"

Zeke cut him off.

"I'll order the devils to stop attacking and return to the tower right away."

In response, the Devil Gods, who were shedding blood around him, looked at Zeke with shocked eyes.

Zeke looked at his fellow Devil Gods and shook his head.

"We can't win this. We lost."

The Devil Gods showed faces of humiliation, shame, and defeat, but it was understandable that they felt that way.

The land of a new world, which they tried to dominate after leaving the Demonic Realm.

The only reason why they couldn't take over the human world was because of one human who defeated them.

"Agrak, pik tu hod!"

Zeke shouted in a loud voice.

The sound of his voice rang as if they were in a cave as it spread out in all four directions.


The Devil God, Zeke's message was a command, which was directed to all of the devils that escaped the Black Tower.

As soon as the Devil God, Zeke's command was delivered, all of the devils stopped their movements.

When the devils suddenly froze right in front of the hunters' eyes as they were fighting, they looked at them strangely, but they kept their guards up.

They experienced the first moment of silence since the storm rolled over.