Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Book 1 Chapter 189

Volume 1 Chapter 189


A large pot was placed on top of a circular table.

When he opened the lid, hot steam came out inside of it, and the food that was inside revealed itself.

Woong Jang's dish was spicy seafood stew.

The seafood stew sparkled in Min Sung's eyes.

The large pot was full of all sorts of seafood.

For most foods, it didn't seem so desirable after a long period of time, but to Min Sung, spicy seafood stew wasn't like that.

Min Sung craved spicy seafood stew so much while catching Devil Gods that he thought of it every second while killing the devils, Devil Gods, and taking down the Black Tower.

That was how much he craved spicy seafood stew.

His hands shook.

"We have tons, so help yourself," Woong Jang said with a warm smile.

And that was exactly what he was going to do.

"Thank you."

Min Sung paid his respects to his personal chef and took a bite of the white rice.

With the white rice still inside his mouth, he ate a spoonful of the broth.

The broth containing crab meat was so delicious that it made his intestines shiver.

What made the scent that much more delicious was the Jejudo shrimp inside it.

Rather than all of the other seafood, Min Sung was particularly surprised by the shrimp inside the broth.

The addition of shrimp made the flavors that much stronger.

Adding shrimp naturally intensified the broth's scent and the depth of the flavors as he swallowed the spicy seafood; that made the stew sensational.

Min Sung opened up an abalone and ate it with the rice.

Om nom!

Eating the abalone along with the white rice made him feel like he was in Heaven.

He ate a pink piece of octopus and chewed on a big chunk of crab meat.

As soon as the crab meat crunched in between his teeth, the flavors were too good to be true.

Gulp, gulp-!

His throat welcomed every single bite.

"Wow This broth is delicious."

Ho Sung Lee also gave Woong Jang a thumbs up for the delicious food.

Woong Jang responded to Ho Sung Lee's praise with a wink.

"My grandpa's such a good cook."

Everyone laughed and chatted, but Min Sung couldn't hear any of that.

Min Sung's mind was completely focused on the food.

Every time he got a taste of the broth, the hot temperature exploded inside his mouth.

He frowned out of pleasure.

It was so good that Min Sung almost lost his mind, and he ended up emptying his rice bowl and sprinted right through the climax of the meal of spicy seafood soup.


After his amazing meal, Min Sung sat on the bench in the garden and enjoyed leisurely while drinking his iced Americano.

He hadn't been so relaxed in a long time.

Min Sung closed his eyes. He let the wind hit his face and smelled the scent of the garden as he chugged down his Americano through a straw.

Just as he slowly opened his eyes as he enjoyed the scent of the coffee...

' What's this?'

Min Sung looked at the large tree in the yard with both caution and curiosity.

Around the tree were purple lights resembling that of fireflies.

As soon as those lights appeared, the tree began to move as if it was alive.

Wriggle, wriggle-!

The tree moved back and forth while the leaves fell to the ground.

Min Sung continued to watch the tree in shock.

The mysterious tree wriggled around as if it had muscles, and then it grew at an incredible speed.

Min Sung continued to watch with his chin propped up with his hand.


He could hear the roots of the tree extending, and the tree became so tall that it was above the roof of the house.

As soon as the purple lights disappeared, the tree remained silent as if nothing had happened.

Min Sung looked at the tree with knitted brows.

"A tree that grows a lot quicker. The Demonic Realm Devils, Devil Gods, Black Tower"

Min Sung mumbled with his eyes fixed on the tree, but the look in Min Sung's eyes looked as calm as usual.

He didn't know what was going to happen.

Min Sung sighed. He finished his iced Americano and then laid on the bench.

He bathed in the sun shining through the tree leaves, making him want to take a nap.

Min Sung then fell into a nice afternoon nap on the bench like a little baby.


The Devil Gods and Demon King Veld trembled with rage as soon as they returned to the Demonic Realm.

If it wasn't for the Black Slaughterer, they would have accomplished their goal.

Veld grabbed his head with both hands and groaned loudly.

"You stupid bastards!"

Veld was grieving the fact that the Devil Gods failed to follow his orders as they were supposed to.

This was their only chance.

Getting a military together and attacking the human world could be put off until later.

However, there was a reason why they had to attack the human world right now, and the reason why they couldn't reveal that reason was so that they could monopolize on holding authority over the human world.

"Damn it"

Veld's head felt like it was going to explode.

He grabbed his head. He fell on the ground and clenched down on his teeth.

He couldn't give up just yet.

If he lost this opportunity, his own ambition, as well as his position in the Demonic Realm, were going to be flushed down the toilet.

Veld was conflicted.

Did he have to take a risk so that he could monopolize on the authority all on his own, or was it better to tell the truth, get a military together, and come up with a plan?

Veld stood on the crossroads between those two choices, unable to make a decision.

Time continued to pass, and Veld thought some more in a cold-hearted and calm manner.

And once he made his decision, his eyes sparkled.

There was no answer if he went against the Black Slaughterer.

In that case, there was only one way.

Veld's eyes shined with greed regarding his far future.


Ssol, who was distracted because of the tree in Min Sung's yard, suddenly remembered the promise he made to Ho Sung Lee.

As soon as it came to mind, a gold exclamation mark popped up on top of Ssol's head.

Ssol immediately ran into the house as if he was possessed and looked for Ho Sung Lee.

When Ssol found Ho Sung Lee doing dishes in the kitchen, he punched him in the butt.

Ho Sung Lee looked back from doing the dishes with a curious look on his face.

"Hey, Ssol. What is it?"

"Produce 101. Blind date," Ssol said shortly.

In response, Ho Sung Lee dropped the plate he was holding.

As a result, the sound of plates breaking inside the sink could be heard.

Ssol looked at Ho Sung Lee and tilted his head.

Ho Sung Lee began dripping in sweat with an awkward look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Ssol asked Ho Sung Lee.

"O-o-oh yeah. Blind date. I agreed to do that for you, didn't I?"

Ho Sung Lee was paralyzed, unable to move, and he stumbled while dripping in sweat.

"When are you going to do that for me?"

Ssol asked with sparkling eyes.

Ho Sung Lee remembered making that promise to Ssol just to get him to join them, which made his head go blank.

"It'll take some time, but I'll do it for you, so don't worry."

Ssol flashed a smile and swung his arms in the air. He ran back to the backyard at lightning speed.

Ho Sung Lee remained standing in front of the sink with a blank look on his face. He closed his eyes shut and let out a sigh.

"Where do I get 101 goblins from?"

Ho Sung Lee looked at Ssol, who was playing around the trees in the backyard and sighed deeply.


Ho Sung Lee also became famous around the world as a hero who saved mankind.

Ho Sung Lee went to find Shadow Guild, the best intelligence agency in the world, but when he arrived, he saw the building surrounded by reporters.

Every time he moved or even breathed, the cameras flashed.

And every time that happened, Ho Sung Lee felt sick.

You're weak.

Both your mind and body.

People don't change.

Every time the flashes went off, he felt like he was being stabbed by Min Sung's words.

'Damn it.'

He didn't like that the reporters and citizens were calling him a hero, and he was in no place to feel superior because of that title.

He was nothing but Min Sung's pawn, after all.

When would he be able to meet Min Sung Kang's expectations?

He couldn't think of a way, making him sigh over and over again.

With that thought in mind, Ho Sung Lee headed to the lobby desk and fill out an application.

When the female employee handed him the application, he was also told that he could proceed without taking a number.

Whatever the case, Ho Sung Lee liked the fact that Min Sung Kang's fame made many things convenient in his life.

Although, he had to endure so many near-death experiences that he wasn't so sure if he liked this kind of life

"You can enter through this door."

The employee knocked on a door labeled 'VIP' and opened the door for him.

As soon as Ho Sung Lee entered, a cute and young woman smiled as she led him to a comfy couch.

Ho Sung Lee sat down, and the employee in charge asked him what brought him here.

And in response, he said, "Please find me a female goblin," in a low voice.


An awkward silence took place between Ho Sung Lee and the employee in charge.

"You want a female goblin?"

The employee in charge asked once more just in case she heard it wrong, and Ho Sung Lee naturally nodded.

"Yes, a female goblin."


There was another awkward silence.