Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Chapter 102

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Ji Yoo Kim leaned over to Ho Sung Lee in the driver's seat.

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"Tell me about the tower. I know this man won't tell me anything no matter how hard I try."

In response, Ho Sung looked over at Min Sung.

"I'm not sure if I can tell you"

Ho Sung Lee trailed off.

"Is it okay?"

Ji Yoo Kim looked at Min Sung and then turned her eyes back on Ho Sung Lee.

"It must be okay. Tell me."

Ji Yoo Kim pressed him.

Ho Sung Lee minded him once more and then started his story about the tower.

As the story went on, Ji Yoo Kim's smile grew stiffer.

The top hunters from all around the world were annihilated except for those of China.

By one devil at that.

But Min Sung defeated that devil.

By himself.

In one go.

How strong was he?

Kim Ji Yoo looked back at Min Sung.

When she ran into him and realized he woke up, she smiled because of a sense of relief.

A dreadful tower came about in the world, but the fact that a man like Min Sung Kim existed gave her a sense of relief.