Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Chapter 113

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It was just as he said.

She was incapable.

She did her best to fulfill her role as the general of Central Institute, but nothing changed.

The more time passed, the darker Korea's future got.

Kim Ji Yoo, who was slumped over with her hand on her forehead, slowly opened her eyes.

Although she was miserable and in pain, she still had responsibilities as the hunter general.

She wasn't in a position where she could just give up.

'I can't just give up because things are hard.'

It was true that she was in the wrong.

'I'm lacking in a lot of ways.'

'But that doesn't mean I can give up.'

Ji Yoo Kim got up with widened eyes and walked in order to head back to the assembly.


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"That was amazing," Min Sung said as he put his spoon down.

Gary Gold smiled and bowed.

"Thank you."

At that moment, the American hunter master, Ethan, entered the tent.

In response to Ethan's signal, Gary Gold whispered to him that Min Sung was satisfied.

Ethan nodded and ordered h