Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Chapter 117

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From this point forward, devils appeared, not monsters.

Since the hunters had run into devils before, they kept their eyes wide open with great anxiousness.

The 9th floor seemed just like all the other floors, but the way the hunters felt about it was completely different.

They sensed a cold air, and they dripped in sweat.

But the thoughts between the American hunters and the other hunters were also different.

They had confirmed that they became more powerful after ingesting the item from Samchunkyo, and they became even more certain after slaying the monsters within the tower.

So they wanted to see just how strong they were by taking on a devil as well.

And not long afterward, a devil appeared.

It had a face and body similar to that of humans, but the devil's body was black while its eyes were red like blood.

Once the world hunters spotted the devil, they prepared to attack.

Meanwhile, an Aura light spread out, signifying their state.

They decided to attack first.

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