Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Chapter 120

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In response to Woong Jang's suggestion, Min Sung scoffed.

'I can do this.'

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Min Sung began to cook more egg rolls with much confidence.

Just as he did before, he prepared the ingredients and added salt and pepper to the egg rolls.

Despite having done it the same way, the result was much worse.

Min Sung stared down at the egg rolls with glaring eyes.

He didn't want to believe that he made them.

Min Sung felt frustrated at the thought that there was a problem with his cooking abilities.

The egg rolls showed patches of burnt spots and even the areas that looked all right irritated his tongue with saltiness.

Within Min Sung's eyes was a look of hatred.

"What's wrong with me?"

In response to Min Sung's utterance toward the egg rolls, Woong Jang smiled and opened his mouth.

"Sir. I'm afraid I might be crossing the line if I talk to you about cooking."

"That's okay. Say it."

Woong Jang thought for a moment before he continued,