Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Chapter 124

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"Thanks to Ji Yoo Kim of Central Institute's help, we were able to get the helicopter easily. Even rich people take at least 2 years to get a helicopter, but we were able to get one right away. This is all thanks to the general of Central Institute."

Ho Sung Lee explained the helicopter like a businessman.

"As for the model, this is the latest helicopter"

Ho Sung Lee listed all of the specifications of the helicopter that most people didn't understand.

Min Sung listened as he looked it over.

The outside was all white.

And the inside was all beige with five seats and luxurious equipment.

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In response, Min Sung nodded.

"Make it so that I can get my helicopter and car licenses as soon as possible."

"Yes, Sir. For a car as well?"

In response to Min Sung's gaze, Ho Sung Lee quickly looked down.

"I'll get that done, Sir."

"Put a sports car near the Warp Gates all over the world. The cars were pretty slow."

"Oh, sure."

In response to the large-scale demand, Ho