Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Chapter 125

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"What are we supposed to do about this?"

"At this rate, China will take over the world."

"Damn it. I can't believe we fell for the item trap with such horrible side effects."

"It's our fault for falling for it."

"Since we already fell for Samchunkyo's trap, we have no other choice."

The vibe inside the meeting room was so heavy it was suffocating.

At that moment, a shadow appeared with the sound of the tent flapping.

All eyes moved toward the person who entered through the door.

At that entrance was one woman.

It was Ji Yoo Kim of Korea's Central Institute.

As soon as the world hunters saw her, they felt complicated emotions.

Ji Yoo Kim allowed the world hunters to stare as she walked inside. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

She then sat at the end seat of the meeting room.

"As long as Samchunkyo is trying to take over the world, we mustn't get dragged along with it. From now on, we have to find a way to avoid this problem."

In response to Ji Yoo Kim, the South American commander sighed.

"It's impossibl