Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Chapter 126

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The world hunters including those of America received a message telling everyone to gather at the assembly.

The sender was Samchunkyo.

Since they had no choice but to obey if they wanted sedatives, the hunters gathered at the specified time.

As soon as hundreds of world hunters arrived at the assembly, the sound of a sports car could be heard.

The world hunters showed nervousness, rage, and fear in their eyes as they waited for Samchunkyo's hunter to arrive.

A moment later, a red sports car parked in front of the assembly.

And from the driver's seat, the robed man got out holding a bag of documents.

When the robed man looked around, the hunters avoided his gaze.

The robed man slammed his door shut and walked toward the meeting tent.

The commanders followed behind him.

As soon as the robed man sat down, so did the commanders.

While the hunters watched on, the robed man took off his hood.

The commanders flinched at the robed man's face.

He was missing an e