Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Chapter 131

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[You've sustained fatal damage.]

[Passive Skill open.]

[You're transforming into Berserker.]

[Limit maximized!]

[You will inflict additional damage due to rage.]


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Wang Wei stared at Ho Sung Lee in shock.

Ho Sung Lee's hair grew long, and its color turned red.

Ho Sung Lee's eyes were filled with blood, and his teeth grew into fangs.

On top of that, his muscles enlarged, and his blood vessels stuck out.

His magic and stamina power increased exponentially.

After that, rocks and dirt started levitating around Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee wobbled up to his feet while clenching down his teeth and opened his mouth.



Wang Wei covered his eyes and stepped back.

The reason for that was because the strong energy radiated from his body.

"What's that!?"

Ho Sung Lee took out the Death Knight Sword from his stomach.

And then.


Ho Sung Lee ran toward Wang Wei at high speed.

A very high speed.

He also waved his Death Knig