Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Chapter 133

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The reason was because he wondered how long it would take to train such useless bastards.

"Keep your guard up, or you'll die."

Min Sung managed to utter a few words.

"Yes, Sir!"

While Ho Sung Lee answered loudly and pulled out all of his attack skills, the Legendary Pirate Captain opened his mouth wide.

His eyes turned dark, and an explosive power flowed out from within him.

As the blue Aura of the Pirate Sword turned black, the level of his strength exploded, which Min Sung could sense.


The Pirate Sword went through Ho Sung Lee's stomach.

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Ho Sung Lee spat out thick blood.

Both his pupils and body shook.

Min Sung watched Ho Sung Lee and clenched back on his teeth.

He didn't expect Ho Sung Lee to be so easily brought down by a foolish monster called the Legendary Pirate Captain.

Min Sung sighed and took out his Orichalcum Sword from his item window.

And then...

Min Sung disappeared into thin air.

In the blink of an eye, Min Sung appeared again with his Ori