Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Chapter 137

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Ho Sung Lee had to hire someone to carry their items, but he wasn't able to find a suitable candidate, so he ranted to Woong Jang.

That's difficult.

"Jeez, if I don't get this done, Min Joon will scold me for being useless. I mean, how am I supposed to find someone when no one's qualified?"

In response to Ho Sung Lee's complaint, Woong Jang laughed.

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Ho Sung Lee asked with widened eyes.

Gold Goblin.


He sprung up from the bench.

He began to feel hope from deep within.

"You're right! There's the Gold Goblin!"

Ho Sung Lee exclaimed in excitement and then realized something.

"ButI've only heard rumors of it. There are no real videos of it, so people say it's a lie."

The Gold Globin was a goblin monster with an entirely gold body.

The pouch connected to the Gold Golbin's left wrist was also made of gold.

Inside that gold pouch that he was born with, like a Kangaroo, was a space that was large en