Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Chapter 139

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Do you have an appointment?


What's your name?

"The meeting is reserved under the name, Min Sung Kang."

I see. But the prince is currently a fair distance away from here. There's a memo here asking you to meet him there.


Ho Sung Lee thought he heard it wrong.

"Go where? He should've told us earlier."

You should tell that to him

"Sigh So where is it?"

The housekeeper told him the address.

When he checked on his phone, it was a few hours away from where they were.

Ho Sung Lee sighed and knocked on the car window.

The window was lowered half-way revealing Min Sung's face.

"Sir, apparently, the Arabian prince is somewhere else, and he wants us to meet him there. What should we do?"

"Break through."

" Pardon?"

"Break the door."

Ho Sung Lee gulped and walked over to the big door made of iron.

Ho Sung Lee breathed in and out to gather his strength and then kicked the door open.


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"Um Sir. I think the door is possess