Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Chapter 143

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Following the meeting, Jae Hyuk Han disappeared and the Samchunkyo hunters spoke amongst themselves.

"Will they really be able to clear the Black Tower?"

"Who knows?"

"If they do"

"The best-case scenario is that they die in the Black Tower. But if they do clear it we'll have to do as our leader instructed."

"The world hunters are just imaginary. They're nothing but paper shields. What's important is that they clear the black tower, and we attack when their stamina is low."

"But things could end differently depending on how we use the paper shields."

"You should do your best even when catching rabbits. We're up against a dragon. We have to go in with our best strategy."

The wind at the assembly changed directions.

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It grew darker as soon as they got to the 15th floor.

Their footsteps grew faster, and they became tenser as they went further.

Of course, that tension only existed between Ho Sung Lee and Bowl.

Meanwhile, an unpleasant sound could be h