Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Chapter 144

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"It will start soon."

Min Sung looked ahead of him and continued,

"I'll go first and get through the devils, so I can get to Shaman. While I take care of the rest of the devils afterward, eat Shaman."

He then took out his Orichalchum Sword and walked forward.

Ho Sung Lee felt weighed down as he watched his spirit.

He felt like the air was being compressed.

He felt frustrated and pressured.

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At that moment, the tower began ringing.

The devils were coming.

The sound was dark and sloppy.

It was a familiar sound.

Min Sung accepted what he sensed with a cold look on his face and kept walking forward.

He sped up.

And then the devils poured out from the darkness.

Min Sung unleashed his demonic powers.

As a result, the devils disappeared, and a path cleared up.

Min Sung ignored the rest of the devils and ran through the path at a high speed.

He had to find Shaman and kill him first.

If not, a war could break out.

Even if he