Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chapter 21

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Translated by: ShawnSuh

Edited by: SootyOwl

Arriving at a dark, abandoned factory, where the air felt damp and dusty, the clansmen of the Dark Horse Clan threw Ho Sung on the floor.


Covered in blood and wounds, Ho Sung looked up at the head of the Dark Horse Clan, Man Sik Choi, who was snickering ominously. Although Ho Sung was provoked by his smile, he simply wasn't in a position to fight against him and his clansmen. Looking around, Ho Sung realized that he was at an abandoned factory. The windows were small, keeping the light from getting in. On top of that, the factory was quite large, which would make running away difficult. Finding himself in a tight spot, Ho Sung's heart started to race. At that moment...

"Now! Mr. Lee, head of the Diamond Clan," Man Sik said, clapping. "I'm sure you know why we're here, am I right?" he asked.

"Let me guess. My nightclub?" Ho Sung asked, disgruntled.

To which, Man Sik smiled and replied sarcastically, "That is correct!"

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