Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32

Translated by: ShawnSuh

Edited by: SootyOwl

Among the five men and women that barged into the pub, one particular man, bald and sporting a dragon tattoo, drove his sword into the table with an intimidating look on his face. Disrupted by them, Min Sung furrowed his brow with the still-full shot glass in his hand. On the other hand, Ho Sung, with his eyes darting back and forth between the champion and the mysterious intruders who were clearly looking to take over the pub, placed his hands across his face and sighed. The five were all wearing insignias that indicated they were soldiers from the Central Institute.

Recognizing their insignia, the customers paid in a hurry and rushed out of the pub. However, instead of making a run for it, the manager put on a forced smile and ingratiated himself with the five, who glared fiercely at the champion and Ho Sung, who were clearly not heeding their warning.

At that point, the manager, breaking out into cold sweats, rushed to Min Sung and Ho Sung's table and said, "Uh, sir? I am so sorry that I have to do this, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. I won't ask you to pay."

Hearing that, Min Sung put his glass down audibly.

'Here we go,' Ho Sung thought, shaking his head as if having given up.

Since the champion remained silent, the man with the dragon tattoo snorted, pulled his sword out of the table and approached him, pushing the manager away violently. Then, looking at Ho Sung, the man curled his lip into a condescending smirk and said, "The Head of the Diamond Clan, huh? You've got guts for a thug."

Hearing that, Ho Sung, looking at the man with the dragon tattoo, let out a small sigh, rose from his seat and said, "I'm not sure what's bothering you, but do you think you and your crew can leave us alone? We'll be quiet. I promise."

"You must be out of your damn mind. Do you not know who we are?" the man said intimidatingly, his eyes gleaming with hostility.

"I'm very well aware of who you guys are. It's just"

At that moment, a beautiful brunette came over to the man's side and said to Ho Sung, "You see, my friend here is having a really shitty day, so I need you and your friend to show yourselves out while you still can. You can read the room, can't you?"

Looking at the champion, who sat there quietly, Ho Sung said, scratching his head, "I'd love to Except, it would beSigh, how do I say this?better for everyone if we stayed here."

"Ahahahahahahaha!" the man with the dragon tattoo burst into laughter, his voice roaring throughout the pub as if amplified by magic. Upon hearing that, Ho Sung was seized by fear. Then, glaring piercingly at Ho Sung with bloodshot eyes, the man said, "That's more like it. A hunter's gotta have the guts to stand up for himself. Even a thug like you."

"Again, I really don't know what kind of misfortune you've been through, but this is really not a good time. Sigh" Ho Sung said.

To which, the brunette replied with a bitter smile, "One of our friends here slipped and fell on his way here. If I were you, I wouldn't get on his nerves. On that note, I advise you take your friend and leave. Better now than later, trust me."

"Shut your mouth!" the man said, glaring fiercely at the brunette, who put her hands together, looked at him playfully and said, "I'm sorry, but I say we let these guys go. Besides, it's embarrassing to pick on some minnows like these two."

"What do you think I'm doing right now? I said get the hell out while you still can," the man with the dragon tattoo said.

Then, Min Sung rose from his seat slowly, scanning the five Central Institute soldiers. There was a subtle tension in the air. As the five fixed their gazes on the champion, Min Sung parted his lips and said, "I have to ask you something."


Puzzled, the five stared at the champion.

"Did all five of you genuinely agree to kill us..." Min Sung dragged on, his eyes turning ice-cold, before adding, "... if we don't leave?"

"Weren't you listening? Are you two high on something? Maybe you forgot to take your medications?" the man with the dragon tattoo said, biting on his lower lip, smirking and glaring fiercely at the champion as if he was about to strike him at any given moment.

"I asked you a question. Did you and your friends agree to kill us?" Min Sung repeated himself.

"Ha! You hearing this?" the man said to his crew, who also chuckled condescendingly. Then, the brunette let out a small sigh and said, "Look. We're not some thugs, all right? We're from the institute and we wouldn't just go around killing civilians. Though" she dragged on, her expression turning serious, and added, "... we're gonna have to teach you a thing or two if you don't know how things work around here." Then, looking at the man with the dragon tattoo, she said, "I don't think they get it. They're not even flinching. Tae Su, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think you have yourself a couple of punching bags here. Keep it at an arm and a leg or a combination of those two things though."

Hearing that, the eyes of the man with the dragon tattoo, Tae Su, flashed, and he said, "All I wanted was to have a drink, and you two just had to show up and make things difficult. Actually, this doesn't have to be a bad thing. I can just beat the living hell out of you two and I'll feel better in no time." Then, Tae Soo walked past the champion. Bumping past his shoulder, Tae Su took the bottle of soju on Min Sung and Ho Sung's table, downed it in a single gulp and wiped his mouth, popping his neck from side to side. At which point, Min Sung glared at him with ice-cold eyes.

"Ohohoho! Tae Su Cho! You downed that thing!"

"What a man!"

Elated, the four shouted playfully.

"I won't use my sword, or any skill for that matter. Do your worst," Tae Su said to Ho Sung with an evil smile on his face, driving his sword into the table yet again. Seeing an aura starting to form around Tae Su's fist, Ho Sung swallowed nervously and backed up.

"What's the matter? Where's your dignity? You're the head of a clan, aren't you?" Tae Su said sarcastically, approaching Ho Sung slowly, who was eventually backed against the wall. Looking back at the wall, Ho Sung licked his lips nervously and looked at Tae Su. At that moment, the champion started walking toward the door. Standing in front of the door, he slowly raised his hand and locked the door to prevent other customers from coming in.


Hearing that, Tae Su turned his head toward the champion with a furrowed brow. Similarly, the remaining four looked toward Min Sung, chuckling and giggling.

"Wow! That was like that one scene from one of the Kingsman movies!"

"Great movie. It's practically the same situation too. Wait a minute. Does that make us the villains?"

"Haha! I wanna act out a scene from a movie!"

"Hahaha! Hey, kiddo, just so you know, movies are NOTHING like real life."

"Maybe something really is wrong with his head."

Laughing, the four soldiers mocked the champion loudly. After locking the door, Min Sung turned toward them and analyzed the group.

'One dragon tattoo. One brunette. Three males. Five targets in total.'

Then, opening a drawer, Min Sung took out five forks.

"Ahh! He's gonna fight with a fork!"


"Oh, my gosh! This is gold!"

"Somebody take a video of this guy!"

Taking out their phones, the four soldiers started to record a video of the champion. Paying no attention to them, Min Sung walked toward Tae Su, who snorted condescendingly and said, "On second thought, I don't think I wanna waste my aura on small fry."

Then, as soon as he got close enough to the man with the dragon tattoo, Min Sung picked up a wooden chair and tossed it into the air. However, Min Sung was far from ordinary. While the chair was still in midair, he punched it, and the chair exploded and scattered into dozens of pieces. At which point, the four lowered their phones and looked at the champion with widened eyes.

"You won't die, just like your friend said earlier. Except"

At that moment, before Min Sung finished his sentence, Tae Su punched at the champion. Tilting his head ever so slightly to the side, Min Sung dodged the soldier's fist, grabbed the man's shoulder with his left hand, which didn't hold a fork, and drove the fork in his right hand into the man's side. The fork penetrated the soldier's side with ease.

"You'll sober up in no time," Min Sung whispered into the soldier's ear. Then, he pulled the fork up to his arm, ripping his side open.

"Aghhh!" Tae Su screamed in pain, blood gushing out from his side. Then, with his left hand still on the soldier's shoulder, Min Sung pushed the man, sending him flying across the pub, slamming against the wall and falling to the ground. At the shocking sight, the four soldiers rose from their seats simultaneously.

"No freakin' way!"

"I thought he was a civilian!"

"What the hell?!"

"How What!?"

At that moment, Tae Su, bleeding profusely from his side, got up to his feet, pulled his sword out of the table, and charged toward the champion. As the blade imbued with a blue aura came down upon him, Min Sung parried the blow with his fork, reflecting the wave of energy up to the ceiling, causing an explosion that cut through the wooden ceiling.

After witnessing the unbelievable phenomenon of a person blocking his blow with just a fork, Tae Su's eyes widened with shock. Without a moment to spare, Min Sung strode toward the soldier, grabbed the man's chin with his left hand, drove the fork into his throat and pulled the fork down. With blood gushing out of his throat like a fountain, Tae Su staggered in place. Then, just as the crew, who had been watching in a daze, was about to charge toward the champion, the brunette shouted, "Stop!"

While Tae Su backed away with his hand on his throat, the crew looked toward the brunette.


"I can't see his name. Yet, he's ripped Tae Su to shreds with ease. That means"

At that, the soldiers stared at the champion in shock as the situation started to dawn on them.


"A miscellaneous type!?"

"That's impossible!"

Just like Tae Su, who stared at Min Sung bewilderedly, the crew stared at the champion in a daze. While they were still in that state of shock, Min Sung walked toward Tae Su.

"Wait!" the brunette shouted, but the champion paid no attention to her. Soon, before Tae Su even had a chance to resist, the champion's fork penetrated the soldier's chin and up to his mouth.


With a little m.o.a.n, Tae Su's lifeless body fell to the ground. Then, Min Sung turned around and walked toward the remaining soldiers without delay.

"W-wait! Let's, let's talk!" the brunette shouted desperately, stretching her hands out toward the champion.

"That train left the station long ago," Min Sung replied with ice-cold eyes.

Realizing that negotiating wasn't an option, the four soldiers opened their inventory and armed themselves. However, by the time they had pulled out their weapons, the fork had already left Min Sung's hand and pierced through the brunette's shoulder like a bullet.

"Aghh!" the brunette cried out in pain, staggering while clasping her shoulder. Seeing that, the three soldiers behind her charged toward the champion simultaneously, only to be brutally wounded by the champion's punches and sent flying across the pub. Walking toward the brunette unhurriedly, Min Sung grabbed her by the neck and picked her up.

"Ugh!" she let out, choking while locking eyes with the champion. She was terrified. Then, Min Sung threw her on the table unrelentingly. Laying on the shattered pieces of the table, she m.o.a.ned in pain. With that, the pub became silent, and looking at Ho Sung, the champion said, "Well? Are you just gonna stand there?" and walked unhurriedly toward their table.