Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35

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Dumbfounded by the champion's attitude and statement, Ho Sung stared at him in a daze. Then, looking down at Bow, he thought, 'What the hell!? This isn't what we agreed on!? This wasn't what I was looking for!'

At that moment, Min Sung glared piercingly at Ho Sung and said, "Well? What are you doing standing around?"

Ho Sung swallowed nervously, and the words he was itching to say faded from his mind.

'Of course Why did I ever think that lazy bum would lift a finger to help me out? Ha What was I thinking?' he thought, looking down at Bowl, who looked up at him to rush him.

'This little guy was level 1 not that long ago. I can't believe I'm getting a boost from this tiny little thing,' Ho Sung thought. However, he soon came to terms with the reality of it all.

"... I'm goin' now," he said, following Bowl with his drooped shoulders.

"Make sure to bring back all the loot," Min Sung replied.


"Huff! Egh!" Ho Sung let out, sho