Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chapter 39

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Frantically running after the champion, Ho Sung had finished off the monsters that had been incapacitated by the champion. Paying no attention to his level or how much experience points he had earned, Ho Sung had focused solely on keeping up with the champion. Of course, the process hadn't been without peril. Ho Sung had found himself on the brink of death several times. However, it hadn't been the champion who had saved him. Instead, it had been Bowl, the champion's pet Lich Doll. After that, Ho Sung became genuinely grateful for the Doll.

'I'm sorry, little guy. I've been a jealous, spiteful jerk. I'll treat you better from now on.'

If it hadn't been for Bowl, Ho Sung would've died long ago. He would've definitely never reached level 200 and become an Aura user.

'I still can't believe I'm an Aura user now. This is crazy!' Ho Sung thought while driving with a silly smile on his face.


After selling the loot, Min Sung came out of t