Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41

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Translated by: ShawnSuh

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"You, sir, have what it takes to bring the Diamond Clan back to its prime. If you decide to bring the clan back, I can promise to bring you at least ten more people with me. Besides, you're the highest level among all the clansmen in this field."

"Hm" Ho Sung moaned, deep in thought. Having been preoccupied with cleaning up the champion's mess, Ho Sung had long forgotten about his clan. Now, as the idea of rebuilding his legacy entered his mind, his heart started to beat with excitement.

Typically, hunters in the streets made their living by offering protection from monsters to civilians, which often came with praise and admiration from business owners and a large group of followers. At level 200, Ho Sung and his clan taking over the city wasn't completely absurd.


The four-letter word seeped into Ho Sung's mind.


"Sir, I've put together a list of restaurants." Ho Sung said, handing the champion a thick stack of paper a